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10 Free SEO Tools You Should Definitely Try

10 Free SEO Tools You Should Definitely Try

Wednesday October 16, 2019,

6 min Read

SEO is one of the best digital marketing tactics out there. The best thing is that it’s free. All you need to know are a few strategies and a few dedicated hours every day. One of the greatest advantages of SEO is there are tons of free tools available at your disposal if you are a new SEO service agency.

Here we list 10 best SEO tools you should definitely try if you wish to boost your online traffic. 

So let’s begin…

1)  Answer The Public

Answer The Public

Find 100+ topics related to your niche in seconds. Most SEO tools get their data from google’s keyword planner. But Answer the Public gather’s its data from forums, blogs and social media sites.

We all know that the majority of the people make a google search to gain some information and hence the phrases they type are generally a question. With tools like Answer the Public, you get an in-depth idea of what question your target audiences could possibly have. You can create a content strategy to provide a valuable answer to your target audience. As an SEO service agency, it is difficult to create different contents topics for different brands. Answer the public is a great tool to start your content research.

2)  Yoast SEO

SEO By Yoast

Running your website on WordPress? Then Yoast SEO should be your best friend. The first thing you should do after getting your site ready is installing a Yoast SEO plugin. It helps you optimize your title tags, meta tags, meta description, alt tags etc. It also helps you submit your sitemap and connect your website to Google search console.

3) Ahrefs Backlink Checker


Ahrefs has many awesome tools under their belt. But this backlink checker is absolutely free and give you an insight into the website’s backlink network. As an SEO service agency, you could use this tool to keep an eye on your competitor. You could check the keywords and websites they are receiving the highest traffic. You could target those websites and keywords by identifying the content gap.

4) Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Technically, an analytical tool but every team member of an SEO service agency must be thorough with this free tool. Google Analytics allows you to analyze your website performance and determine how well your SEO and content strategies are working. It gives you metrics like page views, bounce rates, most viewed pages, keywords used to access your content, location etc.

5) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Majority of the world use Google as their primary search engine. So what could be better than a keyword suggestion tool right from Google’s database? Google Keyword Planner is a free Search engine optimization tool from google which allows you to extract keywords related to your niche at absolutely free cost. It also gives you information about the competition you might be facing and the volume of searches per month for that particular keyword.

6) Ubersuggest


As a new SEO service agency or someone starting just starting out to learn, SEO could get overwhelming, If there is one tool which could give you multiple options and make your learning easy, its ubersuggest. This tool comes free from Neil Patel, one of the most prolific digital marketer of the world. The tool has multiple features like content topic suggestions, backlink analyzer, keyword planner, competitor analysis and many more. Ubersuggest has gone quite extraordinary changes in the last few years and some big changes are yet to come.

7) Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile Friendly Test

With Google using user experience and website’s page loading speed as a website ranking factor, this tool will help you check your compatibility of a website with mobile devices. If your site isn't optimized for mobile devices you are in big trouble. You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to make your website optimized, just copy-paste your URL in the tool and it gives you a compatibility score. It also warns you about the issues troubling your website. 

8) Coshedule Headline Analyzer

Coshedule Headline Analyzer

If you are just starting to learn search engine optimization, let me give you one advice. A headline is the most critical part of your blog post. It is the headline which determines whether the user is reading your content or not. Coshedule’s headline analyzer helps you determine the attractiveness of your headline. It has various parameters around which it analyzes your headline and gives you an appropriate score. The tool’s database has analyzed millions of headlines and based on those signals it gives you suggestions to make your headline better.

9) Siteliner


Siteliner is a free website tool that lets you analyze your website content and identify issues that affect the quality of your website. Duplicate content is something which can haunt even the most experienced of SEO experts. This tool help you identify any duplicate content existing on your page. It also analyzes any broken link present and prevents you from giving your audience, a bad user experience. SEO service agencies could create a detailed downloadable report for their client’s website using this tool.

10) Robots.txt Generator

robots.txt generator

Robot.txt files are something which should be exist on every website. It tells the search engine bots to easily crawl your website. It also instructs the bots which pages to crawl and which they shouldn't. This tool allows you to create a properly formatted robot.txt files. More advanced websites specify special instructions for various pages, subdirectories and login pages.


During the initial stages, SEO feels overwhelming for many SEO agencies. There are too many factors to take care of. But as time proceeds and you get acquainted with these tools, you start approaching SEO in an expert manner. The great thing about these tools is that they are absolutely free.

As a new SEO service agency, if you cannot afford to buy premium subscriptions, these tools are enough to get you going. I hope this article demonstrates, that even with free SEO tools you could still achieve a lot.

Are there any tools that I have missed?

Or any tool that you love but haven't seen on the list?

Or you may have any questions related to the blog post.  

Either way, just leave a comment below right now.