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10 Ways To Create A More Eco-Friendly Workplace

Eco-friendly workplaces are the best way to enhance productivity, improve visitor experience, and bring about a change in the overall aura of the place. Incorporating the aforementioned steps can take your venture leagues ahead of the competition.

10 Ways To Create A More Eco-Friendly Workplace

Thursday November 07, 2019,

4 min Read

Sustainability and a positive work environment are what every business thrive to achieve. More often than not, both of these elements gel together in the form of an optimum working mechanism for the work spaces. And the most efficient way to achieve is by creating an Eco-Friendly workplace that encourages employees to work harder and enhance the visitor experience by giving the visitors a healthy and intuitive environment to explore. 

In this blog, we present 10 ways you can improve visitor management and experience by creating an Eco-friendly workplace.

  • Sustainability Team: Raising awareness and accomplishing the set goals are no easy tasks. With the help of a sustainability team, your venture can not only supervise the implementations of the Eco-friendly rules but also affluently raise awareness among-st the employees and visitors alike. This process can be aided with the help of a visitor management system, which helps in tracking visitors’ activities and detecting discrepancies in the rules and regulations.

  • Investing in Sustainable Products: While your venture’s budget may not allow spending too many resources on buying sustainable products, focusing on important areas where there is more visitor traffic will significantly enhance the productivity of the employees. For instance, the reception can be equipped with long-lasting lights, better-computerized systems, and other necessary pieces of technology. This can essentially improve visitor management, which concurrently enhances the visitor experience.

  • Go Paperless: Trivial and conventional method, but always effective, going paperless can not only reduce the hassle of maintaining the paper trails and also makes it convenient to store information. For one, having a digital reception at your establishment can majorly help in reducing the use of papers. And with a visitor management system, the process of checking-in or logging in the details of the visitors can be made quicker and more efficient to track. 

  • Renewable Energy: Renewable energy in today’s day and age is a very accessible commodity and implementing it is even easier. Solar installations on rooftops or borrowing energy from large scale wind farms are the most preferred options. Choosing a clean energy plan from your electricity supplier is another popular option. Not only is this the right direction in improving the earth’s state, but it also is an optimum route to improve your venture’s image.

  • Maximize the Use of Natural Light: Not only do the visitors love a good Eco-friendly environment when visiting any establishment, but they also prefer to see those efforts carried all the way through. Daylight is the best source of light and designing your work space in a way in which natural light is fully used can bring for a vibrant and spirited change in the workplace for the visitors and the employees. It saves energy, enhances productivity, and according to a recent study by Mckinsey and Company, improves the mindset of people in the workplace.

  • Green Commuting: If you are a larger establishment, you can encourage green commute by having green vehicles in your premises that run on regular intervals for the convenience of everyone in the workplace. This can substantially reduce carbon emissions from your establishment, along with making commute around your area convenient for people, enhancing the visitor experience.

  • Green Challenges: A fun way to set up green goals is by making them a team or individual challenges. Innovative challenges like no plastic usage or least electricity consumption can be set and incentives can be provided for the winners.

  • Air Conditioning: Laying off the thermostat and letting the office’s temperature be moderate is a very healthy step for both, environment, and the establishment itself. Rather than over-air conditioning, you can set a moderate and comfortable temperature to reduce the use of excessive watts and can save hefty amounts of electricity bills.

  • BYOB- Bring Your Own Bottle: Rather than relying on one-time-use bottles, encouraging the use of a reusable bottle for visitors and employees alike can save the earth from a lot of discarded plastic. Moreover, it can also reduce the trash in your establishment.

  • Introduce a Little Green: What better way to be Eco-friendly than actually planting trees or plants in or outside your workplace? A recent study suggested that the presence of greenery around the workplace can improve the productivity of the employees by over 15%. Even more so, it presents a better image of your venture to the visitors.


Eco-friendly workplaces are the best way to enhance productivity, improve visitor experience, and bring about a change in the overall aura of the place. Incorporating the aforementioned steps can take your venture leagues ahead of the competition.