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The 5 R’s Of Content Marketing

Content Curation is the centerpiece of every digital marketing strategy. The use of five R's will inspire businesses to create better content for their readers and result in a consistent stream of leads as well as sales.

The 5 R’s Of Content Marketing

Wednesday May 08, 2019,

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As children, you must be grilled about the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle in order to cut down the waste we throw away. The same lessons are also used in content marketing. By using 5 R’s of content creation, you can reduce irreverent writing, create more leads and improve your inbound marketing techniques.

The content writing companies use the five R's of content creation. It is necessary for any business who wants to up their content marketing strategy. The article and blogs that do well with regards to engagement with the audience and traffic, they respect the five R's of content marketing.

They are-

•   Relevant – Is the content that you are creating relevant to the business and its audience?

•   Readability – Is your content easy enough to read and understand by the people?

•   Repetition of the core message – what message do you want to convey to your audience?

•   Reward – what are the benefits that the reader will receive after reading your content?

•   Recent – do you have an immediate call to action so that people could connect with your business?

If the customers are reading your content until the end, it means you have created valuable content for them. Now all you have to do is persuade them to take some action by adding a call to action at the end of the article.

If you are intending to create knockout content that will not only grab the attention of the masses on the internet but also engage them, then you need to follow the five Rs of the content creation. Here are some ways for creating content that bolsters your brands' credibility and image with the customers-

1.   Relevant

Relevancy is the most essential part of content curation. It focuses more on the relevant information rather than the recent data. You should know in order to engage readers on the internet merely publishing gibberish is not enough. When it comes to content writing, writing gibberish is called white noise. Just writing anything and posting it won’t get you anywhere. Ensure your content is rounded by the relevant information with reliable material according to your business to the customers. This is a type of evergreen content that never goes out of trend.

The aim of any business for creating content is to educate the audience on topics related to the industry. You can inspire your audience through fresh ideas, new trends in your industry, the latest news, stories and much more.

2.   Readability

How much time do you spend on reading all the content on a website or a blog post? Well, most people hardly stay focused for a few minutes. The Internet is vast with so much information on the same topic that demands their attention every second. According to Statistics, 50% of the internet users spent less than 15 seconds actively reading the content on the page.

So how can you make the audience stay on your web page longer? The answer to that makes your content easy to scan. By utilizing bullet points, small paragraph, heading, subheadings, and numbered lists, you can make your content easy to scan by people.

3.   Repetition

Whether you are a small business owner or a marketer, you should know the core message of your business. Every marketing plan and business strategies are created around the message of your brand. By doing this, you can make your own stand in the fierce competition about your business by making your position clear. Repeating the core message of your business can help to forge a relationship with your customer.

4.   Rewards

After reading the article or blog post, if the people are leaving the page, then you are at a loss. The articles should offer to exciting incentives to the readers. It will help them decide whether to avail for your services for not.

5.   Recent

Users want the latest content with the most accurate information. Always makes sure to publish the most recent news, trends, and updates that are recent in your market’s niche. More fresh the content, higher position your website will get on the search engines.


You can hire a content writer that will provide you with brilliant content. They produce content that is pertinent to what is right now tending in the market today. These web content writing companies can deal with your content for you; enlisting one gives you the opportunity to concentrate more on other vital business advancement procedures. These writers can likewise build your web traffic and high search engine rankings by furnishing you with quality articles optimized with keywords, blog entries, press releases, website content and so on. They provide with professionally written and attractive content in order to increase the readership of a site. This is the reason why content marketing has improved by leaps and bounds.

In 2019, you cannot ignore content marketing. It has over the years become the most important element of digital marketing strategies. You must have heard this mantra "content is king" in search engine optimisation. It will likely to stay that way for a long time to come. If you are looking to create winning content for your audience, then content writing company in India can help you realize your dreams.