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Field Force Management Solution: Future of Managing Mobile Workforce

Field Force Management Solution can smartly deal with your business challenges, and ensure a bright future of your organization. Read more

Field Force Management Solution: Future of Managing Mobile Workforce

Tuesday September 03, 2019,

6 min Read

Field Force Management System

Have you ever analyzed your own buying pattern? Or have you ever realized while purchasing anything, how easily you switch to its substitute for a better choice? We, in today’s scenario, have choices and options available while buying, and hence we believe more in comparative decision making. Before buying anything we make a deep comparative analysis of all the product available in market. If not satisfied with the service or quality of any product, we barely give a second thought before replacing it with a more competent option out there. And this stands true for all products and services across all industries; Alas! For your business too. Don’t stand up to your customer’s expectations, and see them switching over to your competitors in no time. The key to holding on to your customers is giving them higher quality products and better service.

The success for any business is majorly decided by the potential of its interface-its sales and service team working on field comprising of the sales force or service executives. Thus, making such on-field assets deliver more and perform best keeps your business ahead of the competition. Gone are the days of using manual and traditional techniques of sales and service management. The automated software is the need of today as they can help manage, track, control, monitor and outperform your fieldforce. The benefits of such fieldforce management software are immense including:

  • Easy assignment and tracking of tasks and their status
  • Better tracking of fieldforce with alerts on their staying idle, crossing geofence, etc.
  • Enhanced Productivity and optimum utilization with equal distribution of workload

  • Competitive Advantage in terms of cost, revenue, and market share.
  • Timely data and analytics on sales.
  • Amplified customer satisfaction with the reduced response time
  • Efficient customer management and more opportunity winning
  • Accurate sales forecast from past sales data
  • Anywhere anytime access to the daily, quarterly, monthly or annual reports.

However, these field force management software are also going through various changes to embrace the latest technologies. The on-going developments prospect more benefits in tracking and managing your field force.

These future trends promise even brighter future for field force automation making it all the more easier for the businesses to manage their team of on-field executives and elevate the standards of their services. Let’s take a quick glance at them –

· Advanced customer satisfaction

The key to success for leading businesses lies in possessing a satisfied customer clientele. Customer satisfaction proves to be vital for not only retention, but also acts as a tool for word of mouth promotion of your business. A latest survey revealed that about 97% of customers consider customer service as an important factor behind their loyalty towards any brand. Thus equipping your field force with competent management software adds transparency to your processes and provides higher visibility to customers in the sales processes. Now businesses can alert customers about agent meets or support and service visits via phone calls, text messages or emails. This prior notification allows customers to reschedule the visits as per their convenience and availability. Moreover, the customer can also check the location and estimated arrival of executives on service day.

Adding to this, the future integration of AI and data analytics with your field force management software can predict the upcoming service requirements prior to customers’ complaints. Such an automated process will surely be the most important tool for better customer service.

· AI and IoT: Future drivers of industry

As discussed above, the future of technology revolves round the concept of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things). Connected devices and artificial intelligence will make it easier for business in decision making and plan their strategies more accurately and efficiently. The technology will replace the old manual sales and service techniques those were time consuming, and will yield more beneficial results. Various studies estimate that the upcoming scenario will witness almost 20 billion gadgets linked to this IoT and will give hassle-free and quick solutions. So, not just mobile phones but connected wearables can also be seen adopted in the near future, and contributing to make sales processes even better. The technological innovation like Augmented or Virtual reality may become the smart pick for businesses for improved on-site service efficiency and make training process easier.

Such transformations will not only give businesses make a smart choice, but also eases out the sales and service executives’ hectic jobs, thus promoting a happy and friendly environment within the organization.

· Dealing with supreme data

The present scenario has raised the demand for personalized brand experience and engagements. People always compare the level of your sales and service with established and popular brands. The reason behind these big companies winning customers’ hearts lies in this ever widening and increasing pool of data. In today’s times, customer data can be accessed through multiple channels like social media, emails, and other online activities. Thus, companies can roll out targeted marketing plans taking customers’ interests, experience and buying patterns into consideration. Hence, the integration of your field service software with this online data can be an effective and result oriented future trend.

· Using Blockchain 

The Blockchain technology is not limited to dealing with cryptocurrencies. Experts believe that the concept indicates to be a future trend of field force management too. The Blockchain technology can be used to leverage and authenticate the payment systems. Using this, payment verification can be done through alerts, notifications or digital receipts of a transaction, enhancing the customer experience. This could replace the tradition payment collection methods ensuring an easier and safer payment model.

The ongoing technological revolution indicates the rapid growth of industries and hence confirms these above mentioned tools and trends to be applied very soon. Such positive changes and integrations will help your business bloom and develop a trusted and loyal clientage. Thus, the choice of field service management software becomes crucial. It’s a onetime investment and nothing less than best should be acceptable. Partner with Basecamp Scout, the best-in-class field force management system. The software, along with possessing a wide range of features, is all set for all sorts of future technological transformations and compatible with all integrations.