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The Importance of Fresh Content to Rank Your Website

Adding fresh content to your website and updating is the very first step in encouraging Google to rank your website

The Importance of Fresh Content to Rank Your Website

Thursday April 25, 2019,

4 min Read

The internet is regularly emerging, and so are search engines. The chief target of a search engine is to give the common related information based on user-provided search queries.

In order to assist search engines thoroughly understand what people find appropriate, Google uses an algorithm that prioritizes fresh and frequently updated content against old web pages. This is because nobody likes stale and outdated content and so does Google.

Google is intelligent. It identifies specifically what pages of your website were refreshed and when. And if you believe that appending a brand-new headline or a photo to your homepage will do the job then you are wrong.

So let’s discuss the importance of new and fresh content and how it can improve your website rank higher in search engines.

First of All, What is Fresh Content?

New content means fresh content. Sounds quite simple, isn't, it?

Adding fresh and new pages to your website and updating the current content is the very first step in encouraging Google to rank your website higher. But, placing new content without recognizing your target audience would be as worthless as not updating your website at all. This is where the importance factor evolves. You should always acknowledge what your ideal consumer or web visitor gets relevant and provide your content to their interests and requirements.

Fresh content is appropriate content. It should be focused on trending issues, news, and with latest web development techniques and platform. If you possess a significant update or interesting news to share, share it with the rest of the world!

Also, you should be aware that not all websites require fresh content to rank high in Google search results. Some websites get ranked higher in the search engine's result page even though they don't update frequently. Such websites are termed as authority website as they took time to develop their reputation with Google. As long as these domains survive, they will continue their dominance until someone else gives information that is more relevant to a particular search query.

How Do You Prepare Fresh Content?

Provide your website visitors what they are searching for. Write effective, communicative and clear content. Write engaging pages that perfectly describe your topic and how it can help people meet their needs. Study about the words that your target user would type to locate your website and optimize your website content around those keywords.

Linking others website with yours

Links support Google crawlers locate your website. Recognize about links as a means for one website voting for another. When a high-authority website lists a link to your website on its webpage, Google will mark your website as a relative domain and will be more likely displaying your pages first.

Content should be Keyword-centric

If you want to manage Google search results from the point of view of Search Engine Optimization, optimize every page of your website for a relevant keyword, but such keywords should not be repeated over and over again. An organically integrated Keyword content sounds natural and appealing to the visitors and also to Google.

Content created should be more user-friendly

If the user does not find what he intends to search nor does he find a solution to his problem, then he will not read your content nor will they transact with you. This event is termed as higher bounce rate in terms of google analytics and that should not happen. Content that interests, fascinates and delights will create a world of difference.

The effect of fresh content can be extremely great when leveraged perfectly. Constantly updating your website with new content will not only assist you to win trust and loyalty from your visitors but will also earn authority with Google.

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