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The Secret to Being a Successful Fashion Entrepreneur

The Secret to Being a Successful Fashion Entrepreneur

Wednesday August 21, 2019,

4 min Read

You have flair to design things and really want to break out and carve a niche for yourself in that field. However, things need not be as rosy as they seem to be on paper. A successful fashion entrepreneur has as many things working in his favor as going against. There is a lot of scope of growth in the field as the fashion industry moves to become a 3 trillion market soon. In order to make a strong foothold here are some secrets that need to be followed.

Thinking like an entrepreneur

Once you have decided you would want to be a fashion entrepreneur it is crucial that you start thinking and acting like one. Come out of your shell and start interacting with other people that are related to this field. From manufacturers to buyers and suppliers you must have an idea of what each of them wants. For example, if you are venturing into the saloon business you must get down to knowing what hairstyle trends are going on in the market. Getting the groove of the market is essential to guarantee quick success.

Client base

According to designer Marc Jacobs “The customer is the final filter. What survives the whole process is what people wear.” Research what your client base is going to be like. Find out what kind of colors, patterns and design trends that these people like. Apart from that their demographics and purchasing capacity is another factor that you must not ignore. Once you get the answer to your questions you can hope to get a dependable customer profile.

Start small

Never rush into the scheme with loads of new products in the market. Always start small with one or two products and see what the audience reaction is like. If the customers like your offerings you can expand into a variety of other styles and designs. On the flip side if you see an unfavorable response you must find out what is wrong and start afresh.

Setting apt prices

Just because you are in the fashion industry does not mean that you have to be overpriced. Especially if you are starting off being a little on the downside would get more customers your way. Hence fix prices bases the purchasing power of your customers. Once you get an idea of how much pricing they would be able to pay you may fix your prices accordingly. Later when the customers have started loving your offering they might pay the price that you want them to.


It is easy to undermine the importance of a website but if you are a fashion business getting one is absolutely necessary. Here you can share your collection and even reach out to your customers by sharing interesting content about your brand. You could also convert it into an eCommerce site from where the customers can pick your products with ease.

Brand identity

You may first have to set up an interesting logo which is visually relevant to the brand you have created. Next work on creating a brand identity which would revolve around the logo made. Your thought process regarding the brand should be easy for your employees to understand so that they all can also strive to achieve the same.


Carolina Herrera a famous designer once said: “Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas but what makes it new is the way you put it together.” Success in this industry would come slowly because it demands uniqueness. If you are able to offer an exclusive benefit to your customers nothing can stop you from achieving the impossible.