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The use of mobile apps in the field of Agriculture is in the bag!

The use of mobile apps in the field of Agriculture is in the bag!

Wednesday October 03, 2018,

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Agriculture, whenever we read this term images of tractors, bullock-carts, and people working hard on the fields come across our minds. However, the time has changed and now technology has seeped into the agricultural sector. Starting from high-tech ways to find out the best quality seeds to best agriculture processes, there is a lot that can be done using the power of technology. At the same time, even the revenue of the farmers is expected to increase with the use of technology. Now, when it comes to technology, advanced machinery, world-class tools to even some software’s are being used by the contemporary farmers to enhance the quality of their farming. However, one of the best, and the most useful integration of technology is the advent of mobility. 

How has Mobile communications technology impacted the world?

Mobility has rapidly become the world’s most used techniques of transmitting data, voice as well as various sorts of services in the world today. As the use of mobiles is increasing at an exponentially high rate, therefore, even the companies are starting to explore how they can make most of the mobile technology to enhance their business. The best way to deliver information and services to the clients, is certainly the use of apps. Mobile applications allow the companies to reach a wider audience, in a more cost effective and personalized manner. Be it retail, banking, or healthcare, the mobility has transformed each and every sector, and now is marching towards the Agricultural sector as well. 

Are Mobile apps the apt technology that the Agricultural world needs today? 

The world is overwhelmed by the volume of mobile applications which are there in the market! Starting from the retailers who are looking forward to make use of their phones for business purposes, beyond just talking or texting to the modern age farmers who use them to search for needed information, there is a lot that a mobile is capable of doing. 

Some of the recent studies are clearly showing who is using which service, and what the demands of the users are. The mobile app developers are understanding how a particular service will fit into the farmers’ lives. Therefore, they are building apps with services which will be very beneficial for the farmers. One of the examples is the costing information for various sorts of markets, if an app is able to provide such information, then it will surely be highly advantageous for the farmers to know about the best market. 

Some of the mobile applications are also designed to help the farmers in a plenty of manners, like horticulture, crop management etc. Also, some of the mobile applications also tell the farmers about weather related data, the opportunities in agricultural field, suggestions from the experts, answers of the queries of the farmers etc. Apart from all this, some of the applications also offer dedicated details related to the quality of soil, the utilization of fertilizers etc.

Mobile applications have become an inherent part of the lives of the farmers 

Many farmers are able to perform their day-to-day activities using mobile apps. When it comes to the agricultural field, the introduction of mobile apps has shown very useful benefits, starting from better land management judgements to quality yield. Farmers have even started using different type of mobile applications to review the health of the yields during crop-cycle. Also, there are some of the latest mobile apps, which are being used to make necessary farming decisions related to the use of fertilizer and pesticides. Now, the farmers have got the advantage of making decisions based on advanced results rather than only intuition or tradition. 

The advent of mobile application development has allowed the farmers to work in a more efficient manner. Also, they play a major role in lowering down the costs involved. Mobile apps also enable the farmers to grow better crops, and in turn get better revenues and improve their livelihoods.