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Thesis Writing: A Hard Nut to Crack (A Student’s Experience)

Thesis Writing is a tedious task for a student. One needs to know the subject matter thoroughly to explain every research question related to the paper.

Thesis Writing: A Hard Nut to Crack (A Student’s Experience)

Thursday March 07, 2019,

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Thesis Writing

The online thesis writing is, regarded as a scholarly contribution that elucidates scientific questions. The research topic must address the issues. The approaches used to answer the thesis research must be, mentioned in the paper, which is, provided by the university. The solutions derived after considering the problems are, needed to be and explained. Lastly, the thesis paper required to be, expected with a conclusion. Writing it is a tedious task for a student. One needs to know the subject matter thoroughly to explain every research question related to the subject matter or content of the research paper.

The reflection report describes the experience of the student while they are conducting thesis research for their university education during their one-year tenure.

Choosing the genre of research

The notice related to the research paper made me worried as I have always depended on the professor's presentations to study my subject. I aimed at choosing a proper and recognised topic, which would be easy for me to do. I even discussed with my friend’s regarding the particular research topic. After rigorous thinking, I chose the Curriculum Research Centre (CRC). I also took my professors assistance in selecting the one best theme for the Curriculum Research Centre (CRC). I came to know about two facets that are related to the Curriculum Research Centre based on with the particular topic can be chosen. The two aspects are, written language and the other one is the spoken language. I made a firm choice to conduct research on written communication.

Narrowing down the area of the research

From the library, I extracted a photocopy of the associated with the topic. I also depended upon online platforms to draw relevant information in regard, to the question. I also took the help of newspapers, magazines and journals. Consulting the supervisor also helped me to write pertinent information in the content of the paper. The structure of the entire paper was also, provided my professor. I referred Himalayan Time for my research information. I focussed on a few advertisements such as Pond’s Beauty Cream and Fair & Lovely. The second advertisement claimed that the product would provide a moonlight skin fairness to the young women in just seven days. I chose the topic of my research paper to be a “Critical Disclosure Analysis of Beauty Products Advertisement”. I also have to know about the Faircloughs Critical Disclosure Analysis model. I also depended upon international papers related to the research to take proper guidance.

Writing a Proposal

My professor suggested Fairclough's Critical Disclosure Analysis book of 2010 edition (latest). After writing the proposal of the report, I was again, called for a meeting with the professor. I was surprised to see that 80% of my writings were red marked. My English language is weak.

Preparation for Viva – Proposal

After discussing again with the professor, I encouraged myself to conduct the research properly. I went back to my room did extensive research on the topic. I revised the sources to find exact information related to the subject. I changed the initial portion of the proposal with relevant information. It was a little bit complex on my part to understand the book all by myself. This insisted me to go through the book repeatedly. I prepared the first draft of in the four months duration time. I also took the feedback seriously that I received after sending the first draft of the paper.

The entire process of sending the research draft and receiving feedback continued three times. This made a way out for my research paper to get the confirmation. I also managed the viva. I also conducted fieldwork. I visited various stationery shops and publications regarding newspapers and local magazines. I collected journals such as The Kathmandu Post, Himalayan Times, Nawanari, Nari, and Family, WAVE, WOW from 2016 to 2017. From the assembled magazine, I chose a hundred beauty product advertisements. I also interpreted and evaluated the received data. I investigated the discursive procedures that display an identification of women.

The fourth chapter of the research paper was, done by the Tihar vacation end. After sending the fourth chapter, I started research on preparing the conclusion for the research paper.

Reflection on the one-year journey

The research journey taught me to have self-control and patience. Research is a stepwise and systematic technique. I have learnt to construct various ideas, paraphrase and think critically. To step the academic world and achieve a Master degree, my research work has provided with excellent knowledge of my subject. I feel that I have done justice to my education and university course.

A student can pursue a Master’s course from any university under the proper guidance of the professors. Friends also provide assistance in gathering information. Collecting relevant information is the most pertinent part of the conducting a research on any particular topic. Doing research on the Critical Disclosure Analysis of Beauty Products Advertisement was the most enthusiastic part of my entire student life. I got to know many things and interacted with many persons. This helped me to provide a stable ground to my paper, thus maintaining to conclude it successfully.