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If You’re not Thinking about Solar Power during the Pandemic, You Should Be

If You’re not Thinking about Solar Power during the Pandemic, You Should Be

Friday May 08, 2020,

7 min Read

Solar power is something that you may not have been thinking about before the pandemic, but you should truly be thinking about solar power now that you are sitting at home and dealing with the pandemic. There are a lot of very good reasons for you to use home solar kits, and you should consider all these tips now that you are in your house every day, wondering what you can do to make a difference in the world, and help your family save money at the same time.

Read over these Ten tips when you are on the edge and need a push to get Solar Power and use it around your Home:

1. Start Small With Do It Yourself Solar

You should use solar power on a small scale if you get a do it yourself plan for your workshop or garage. You can power a small part of your house with solar panels, or you could use solar panels when you have a water pump on the property. The best part of this is that you can start with one, get another kit, and continue to add kits until you believe you need to get a system for the whole. 

It is getting warm outside, and you may want to have solar panels on your deck or covered porch so that you can run the AC, fans, and even the heaters for the winter. You can use the solar panels around the porch depending on where you get the best sunlight, or you could add the kit to the front porch because you want to run your fan or electronics on the front porch with a solar panel.

2.  Power Your AC with Solar Panels

You can power your AC with solar panels by connecting the panels to the condenser outside. This is a good way for you to take a look at how you can power parts of the house that use a lot of energy during the day. When you need to turn on your AC during the year, you will spend a lot of money on power. You may, however, use solar panels to ensure that you get the power you need without spending money. You can save money, and you can figure out how to zero out the power consumption for the AC unit so that you are not spending money.

3.  Saving Money Makes Sense

You need to save money for your family by using solar panels because it is really expensive to pay the power bill. If you are not making as much money as you did in the past, you do not want to pay a big power bill. This is a good thing to try to save money because you can erect solar panels around the property that will help you zero out the power consumption for the house.

4.  Your Business Can Make Money

This may sound crazy, but your business can make money every day if you have solar panels on the roof or on the property. You may be closed, and you can make pure profit every day. This is a good way for your company to make some money while you are waiting to reopen, or you could make money from the solar panels while your staff works at home. You need to think outside the box so that you can somehow profit from this difficult situation. 

5.  Solar Panels are Simple

Solar power kits are easy to use and install if you would like to do it on your own. You may also want to have a much bigger solar kit installed on the house shortly. This makes it much easier for you to get the solar panels that you need, and you can get some kind of solar system. You do not need to shut down your home, worry about social distancing, or have any concerns about how long it is going to take to get the installation done. You can also have the panels serviced once a year without spending too much money on repairs.

6.  Solar Power is Clean

You can do something good for the planet. You need to look around and see how dependent we all are on the systems that the world needs workers for. Yes, the power grids are not shutting down, but you may want to take some of that strain off the power system. The only way to do that is to use solar power. You are doing a good thing for the planet, and you are not overtaxing systems that people need every day to survive.

7.  You Can Survive off the Grid

You can survive off the grid. You might be thinking, “I don’t live off the grid right now.” However, the COVID-19 pandemic might have you thinking that you might want to live off the grid. The only way to do that is to make sure that you have solar power when you move to a more remote location. If you do not want to move, you can simply take your home off the grid. You can get a solar powered water pump, use electric heat and air, and make money when you collect more energy than normal. 

8.  You Need More Power if Everyone is Stuck at Home

You need more power if everyone is stuck at home. This is a simple fact of life, and there is no way around it. You will use a lot more power if everyone is at home all the time. This is why you should consider step number one and just add something that will take some of the strain off the power supply for your home. If you are spending a lot of extra money on power, how can you afford to pay the power bill in the middle of a pandemic? You also need to consider how it is going to work if you need to stay in the house into the winter when you will need to switch over the heat. You cannot afford to pay a monumental gas bill if everyone is still stuck in the house. Solar power can quite literally save your life.

9.  Solar Power Adds Value

This may sound a bit silly, but solar panels add value to your home or business. You can make your home more attractive if you were thinking of selling, and you can make your business more attractive if you have solar panels. You could even go so far as renting the space, moving, and making money off the excess power you generate while not charging your tenants for power. In this case, everyone wins. 

Solar panels look good from the road, and people will notice instantly. Some people might want to rent a space in your office building or facility because they have noticed that you use solar panels, and people might be attracted to your home because they know that you care about the environment.

10.  Your Data Is Sacred

You need solar power that you know is not going to stop working when you have sensitive data on your machines or servers. You do not want to suddenly lose power because of rolling blackouts or brownouts. You may not be able to retrieve any of that data, and that will cause major problems for your business. This is often the only way to protect yourself because solar power becomes the ultimate backup system for any business.

Conclusion: You Need Solar Power in Your Life Today

You can add solar panels to your home or business at any time. You might have thought that you could wait to add solar panels because you think they are too expensive or complex. You should start thinking about solar power, adding it to your home or business, and living off the grid to protect yourself and your family. You will ultimately save money, protect your property, and ensure that you can safeguard your electronic devices so that there is no threat of data loss, damage, or a loss of heat and air in the house.