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13 Genius Ways to Increase Restaurant Business Sales

13 Genius Ways to Increase Restaurant Business Sales

Thursday November 07, 2019,

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A restaurant online food ordering system is no more a choice. Rather, it has become a necessity. The number of orders placed via online channels like mobile apps, or websites, has seen a huge increase in the last few years. So, there’s no choice left with the restaurant owners but to invest in a restaurant online ordering system. But that’s not all. 

Earlier, the online platforms were mostly used to find the location of a restaurant. However, time has changed. Today, you can run your business online, even if you do not have a physical store. 

There must be some essential features in your system so that it can help you run the business in a profitable manner and maximize your sales. In this article, I have explained some of them. So, read along!

Here are the 13 genius ways to increase restaurant business sales:

1. Handle online orders on your website

You know how promptly restaurants work, so you need to provide your guests with the fastest way to place their orders. And how can this be done? It can be done through online ordering. 

Avoid extra fees and take orders on your site. This way, you can save 30% that needs to be given to third parties, if you use their services. An order that is placed on your restaurant website will fetch you more revenue than an order placed on a third-party site.

2. Add a promo code to your restaurant receipts

If you take an order through a third party ordering site, then you can add a promo code to your restaurant receipts. For instance, you can offer your customer “30% off your next order- if you place an order via our site with code next30.”

This way, you can leverage the established food ordering platforms, but also directing customers back to your online ordering site. If customers happen to avail of the offer, you get direct profit, and your profit margins will eventually increase.

3. Use an email address for remarketing

An easy way to increase your revenue via an online ordering system is to collect email addresses and contact information of the customers when they place their orders.

Email marketing is powerful. In 2017, global email users reached 3.7billion.

Incorporate every email into your restaurant marketing and send discount coupons, promotional offers directly to your customers. You can also direct your customers to follow you on social media. Also, encourage them to visit your location.

4. Sync with your POS

It is important to sync your restaurant POS system with your restaurant online ordering system. It is the best way to reach customers at the right points of your sales pipeline.

Use POS reporting metrics:

You can get an accurate picture of your business via reporting metrics. For instance, you will be able to figure out :

  • Your top sellers
  • Which products cost your restaurant the most money
  • What products sell the most and during which shift.
  • Which day is best for restaurant orders

5. Leverage Digital platforms

People prefer getting their food delivered to their respective places and at their desired time. Most of the consumers are turning to their phones and the internet to order food online. So, it is a good idea to create a food ordering app for your restaurant.

As a restaurant owner, you can take advantage of the online food ordering platform and send marketing material to your customers based on their personal information. Also, focus more on promotional deals and discounts on items that customers usually buy.

With your restaurant app, you can take your online ordering system to the next level. Hire some skilled professionals who can design and create an app for you. 

To speed up your restaurant online food ordering system, take advantage of various digital platforms and social media channels. Market your business over multiple platforms to reach a large audience.

6. Configure Your Restaurant in Google My Business

List your business on  “Google My Business”. It is a powerful tool, and you can modify how your restaurant’s site appears in Google results. This can increase your sales and enhance your online presence. Once you list and submit your business information on Google, a person searching for “food near me” will more likely see your hours, reviews, address, and other insights. You can the opportunity to convert these people to your regular customers.

7. Use appropriate keywords

To rank high in the search engines, you need to incorporate appropriate keywords like food near me, food that delivers around, cuisines names to maximize your search engine optimization.

8. Create a URL with your restaurant's name

You need to offer online ordering to your customers to double your profits. Create a URL with your restaurant’s name, this will help you in establishing your branding. Make sure you get valuable traffic to boost your rank in the search ranking. Your URL should be simple and easy to remember.

Once people will be able to find you, they will start placing more orders, which will double your sales.

9. Enable social sharing

People interact with their family and friends over social media. You can use those connections to market yourself. Set up links and when a friend or family member uses that link, they get incentives. Also, the original customer gets bonus rewards for spreading the word. Viral sharing is a great marketing channel for your restaurant. Your customers get great discounts, and you get more customers.

10. Use paid social media

Social media marketing for a restaurant business plays an important role in boosting brand visibility. Social media is a great channel to market your business and interact with your customers. Publish your menu to social media platforms such as Facebook. Also, allow them to order directly through Facebook. This will help in reaching thousands of new customers. It’s a great way to strengthen bonds with your customers and build loyalty.

11. Optimize your menu

The first thing that people come across when they order from your site is your menu. This is where customers decide whether they want to place their orders or not. So, it’s important to keep your menu organized. Your menu should be appealing so that people get inquisitive about it. You can add detailed descriptions of your dishes along with the food images to engage your guests. It is a good way to get the attention of your customers over other food dishes apart from their favorites.

12. Provide food pre-ordering

Give them the option to order in advance as some people like to place their orders in advance which saves their time. Especially big corporation likes to plan ahead and order in advance. 

13. Include cross-selling

If you want to increase each sale through online ordering, you can try cross-sells. These are the links or pop-ups that come up after the customer selects something. For instance, “Do you know how to make your burger super amazing” and offer them to add a drink. This is also known as suggestive selling. But, remember to not overdo it.

Online ordering is the best way to provide ease to your customers and enhance your restaurant’s presence. You need to adopt this new ordering system and get rid of miscommunication over the phone. The online ordering system has immense potential, but you need to make the most out of it. 

So, use the above points to increase restaurant business sales, and don't forget to share your reviews!

Thanks for reading!