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TikTok is waiting. Promotion through life hacks

So far, the only form of payment for advertising is CPM, cost per thousand impressions, that is, the price per 1000 impressions. From the settings ..

TikTok is waiting. Promotion through life hacks

Sunday May 17, 2020,

3 min Read

The last bastions are down, and last week Apple announced its TikTok account. So if you haven't seen TikTok as an advertising platform yet, consider it.

In this article tells you how to advance in TikTok with the help of lifehacks.


Repetition is the mother of teachings.

The audience of TikTok is mainly generation Z, whose age is 13 to 22 years.

As known tiktok followers are on average twice more active as in instagram.

Therefore, the application provides unlimited opportunities for promoting youth brands.

So far, the only type of payment for advertising is CPM, cost per thousand impressions, that is the price for 1000 impressions. Targeting settings - age, gender, location, interests, etc. Advertising can be placed in TikTok itself or in related applications.

The main way to interact within an application is with hashtags. Hence the most unusual advertising format - Hashtag challenges. The brand can buy out and brand a hashtag for itself and motivate the audience to create another madness.



Why them?


This tag has 5 billion views, think about the advertising opportunities it offers. It is clear that although the media write articles "20 TikTok lifehacks that changed my life", without 99.9% of these lifkhaks humanity can do without. And some, like smearing the lens of a camera lens with hygienic lipstick, should be banned by law. But there's something so sticky in these videos that you can't help watching them. So as a way of promoting them, they have a right to life.

Almost every commercial company is able to come up with some kind of life jack to reveal its properties or just stupid with its products. If the brand already has a certain fame and admirers in social networks, then you can learn what they do with their products, and take inspiration from the abyss of folk fantasy.

How do you make a lifejack video that has a chance of hitting the trend?

·        Look at what's already in the trend for the #lifehacks tag and related and mimic (at least in part).

·        Use the TikTok effects. This is also a question of mimicry.

·        Video should be kind, light, funny or neutral. Generation Z does not like evil pranks and cruelty.

·        You have to be in 15 seconds.

·        Use the music. Unlike users of "old-style" social networks, tick-tockers are happy to disconnect from the outside world with headphones, so use this.

·        Make vertical videos (this is obvious advice, but still).

What better not to do?

·        "Video Sellers." It's a failure.

·        Looking for inspiration on YouTube. If this video service had made the Z generation so happy, why would they all break into TikTok?

Take advantage of the platform

Include in the hashtag clanji, it increases the number of views enormously.

Join the Challenge of other brands if it fits your views on the subject and format.


The choice of hashtags for TikTok is important and crucial. It's not enough to promote your video #livehacks alone. To select them correctly for your post, you should use special services to select the most popular (right now) hashtags, rather than relying on your own creativity.