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Tips for Designing Your Calendar in a Unique Way in 2020

Households and offices both require calendars to keep a record of important events. It is a great idea to use the calendar as promotional collateral for your company.

Tips for Designing Your Calendar in a Unique Way in 2020

Sunday February 02, 2020,

4 min Read

Households and offices both require calendars to keep a record of important events. It is a great idea to use the calendar as promotional collateral for your company. Though there is nothing special with a calendar, it can act as an affordable promotional tool also. For instance, a well-designed calendar can change the dull appearance of your office desk. When clients or customers will visit your office, the calendar placed on the reception table will obviously grab their attention. Thus, you must do something to keep the calendar attractive for its yearlong lifespan. Innovative design is one such way to have an eye-catchy calendar. 

In case you are planning to change or add a new design to your calendar then, printing services will be necessary to fulfill your requirement. You should not go to a local printing service Instead of that, select one who has a good reputation and years of experience in the industry. 

Tips for Having a Compelling Printed Calendar at Your Desk:

Do you want your calendar to grab customer’s attention, then have a look at the following tips:

1. Choose a Theme

Try to choose a theme that will be binding both your company and the calendar that you will design. Images, graphics, or whatever color you using must bear an association with your company and its objectives. It will then offer an additional benefit if you can put your company’s mission and vision into your calendar design. Though the calendar will represent your brand, it must not be too corporate. It’s because the calendar must be attractive enough for the persons visiting your company. Next, choose a theme that will offer a consistent look and feel for the current month. 

2. Use Selective Images

Try to choose high-quality and high-resolution imagery that will be appealing to your audience. Your calendar might look distracting and messy if you pack it will multiple images. So, if it is harder for you to find suitable images then, visit some free stock image sites. You can search for your preferred images and download their high-resolution versions. Finally, use the downloaded version for pages of your calendar. Moreover, if you get the right, then you can utilize these images on posters, leaflets, and brochures. You can thereby retain a strong and consistent identity of your brand. 

3. Make a Portfolio

If your company offers a wide range of products or service lines, then showcase each of them on every page of the calendar. Thus, the entire calendar will serve as a fantastic marketing opportunity for your business. 

4. Design a Functional Calendar

If you enquire, then you will come across multiple calendar formats. Make sure to choose a more unusual format that will keep your calendar functional. Ultimately, the main purpose of a calendar is to display the time of the year. Thus, it is necessary to have a clean appearance so that the dates are clearly visible. To make it more interesting, you can highlight key events and dates for your company. 

5. Be Sustainable

Like all pages of your calendar, the front and back cover also need a page for every month. If you want to save your cost, then opt for a double-sided print. It will half the number of pages you need for your calendar. Moreover, you can select a sustainable paper stock to make your business environmentally friendly in front of customers. 

6. Include Your Contact Details

Try to highlight your contact details on the calendar so that interested persons can easily get in touch with your company. In case you have a list of potential customers, then send tent calendars to them simultaneously. 

7. Choose the Best Finish

Try to impart a high standard finished touch to your business calendar. For example, you can give uncoated, silk or gloss or any other premium finish to your calendar. Printing your calendar on silk, gloss or uncoated with lamination options helps to enhance its durability. So, if you are focusing on a tent calendar, then both portrait and landscape design will be applicable.  

Concluding Words…

Remember that whatever you will do will aim at positioning your brand in the minds of customers. Therefore, consider the given above explanation to make your calendar a useful feature piece.