Tips From The Best Ted Talks Speakers

Tips From The Best Ted Talks Speakers

Tuesday September 10, 2019,

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TED Talks are always a cut above any other business presentation that you can find anywhere else.  The experience of listening to the top TEDx speakers in the USA is always memorable and compelling.

Some TED speakers are better than the rest. Needless to say, they have some characteristics that make them the best public speakers ever. Let us examine the techniques they employ to create those compelling talks. 

Use Humour

Use of humour helps to lower the guard and disarms the speaker. Specifically, these speakers use self-deprecating humour interspersed in the talks. Poking some amount of fun at themselves makes the audience more comfortable they say.  Such lectures are never boring. 

Share Personal Experiences

When the speaker shares personal experiences, the speaker helps to bring himself into the midst of the community. This makes him one among the audience and they can establish a strong rapport with the attendees. The audience will then take in what he says more deeply.

Make The Audience Take Action

The speaker’s capability lies in the ability to make the audience decide to do something, get them up from their places physically. This creates a feeling of momentum in the audience that would make them do something with their actual lives.

Create Suspense

The TEDx speakers usually create suspense that they would be revealing something later in their speeches. This makes the audience lock in their attention to what is being said and spurs interest. 

Be Passionate

The speaker needs to be passionate about what he/she speaks. Then the audience is seen to pay rapt attention. The energy and focus are important factors in capturing audience attention and interest. IT is in these conditions that the speaker delivers maximum value to the audience. 

Set The Right Amount Of Expectations

The speaker needs to build up the right image in front of the audience and deconstruct any extra preconceptions the audience has about the speaker. The speaker has to deliver the kind of speech that best fits his/her personality. 

Keep It Simple

Public speakers’ bureaus are known to promote speakers who dare to keep their talks simple. Simply presenting a complex idea is by itself a great talent. They promote speakers that are masters at reducing complexities into something that is easily understood by the audience.

In most cases, master TEDx speakers discern themselves from the rest in just the first few minutes of their speeches.