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10 Tips to Help You Build a More Inclusive Recruiting Pipeline

Today a number of IT recruitment companies in Dubai get queries about workplace diversity. It is due to a number of benefits.

10 Tips to Help You Build a More Inclusive Recruiting Pipeline

Friday March 20, 2020,

5 min Read

Diversity in the workplace not only makes the place lively but also benefits it in a vast number of ways. This has led to a good number of companies to shift from monotonous recruitment to a more inclusive recruitment option. 

But it is not easy to build an inclusive recruiting pipeline. It needs proper strategies to be implemented. 

Before knowing about the ways to build an inclusive recruiting pipeline, it is better to know its benefits. 

Today a number of IT recruitment companies in Dubai get queries about workplace diversity. It is due to a number of benefits.

Broader Ideas: When you have people from different groups and communities, you can come up with diverse ideas too. Also, they may see things from different perspectives and this is again another benefit.

More Talent Options: When there is a diversity quotient, you can have different people with different talent options available such as people speaking diverse languages.

Increased Productivity: A diversified work environment is already quite interesting and this makes the employees much happier. When the employees are happy and are boosted up, there are higher chances of increased productivity in the work field. 

Building a More Inclusive Recruiting Pipeline: With so many benefits of a diversified workplace known, most IT companies today look for an IT recruiting agency that can offer candidates from diverse segments. There are some of the amazing tips and ideas that can help in building such a recruiting pipeline.

Not Focusing On One Group: The motto is diversification. Hence, you should not focus on one single category or group. It is quite understood for companies, especially the IT sector to seek young and energetic candidates for their profiles. But at times the older hands can also create history. Thus, in place of choosing from a particular setting such as men, women, youngsters, experienced, and others, it is an ideal thought to go for a combination. You can take help from the IT recruiting agency and can mention your requirements. They will help you recruit candidates who are appropriate for the profile and can also add diversity to the work environment. 

Diversifying Within the Current Employees: This can be possible only when the employees suit the job role in which you wish to put them into. For example, if there is a department, where there are only girls, you can bring in some boys in this department from some other department. But make sure that the candidate whom you are bringing in should be appropriate for the role and should have an interest in it. Also, you should make sure that the process should look natural and genuine and not a strategy of diversifying inter-departmental sections.

Higher Use of Social Media: Social media is the strongest platform today to showcase any big thing. You can make use of the platform to display a number of events going on in the office such as festival celebrations. When you post such cultural updates on a regular basis, this sends a message to the candidates about your diversification and hence it encourages people from different sections to connect with you. This can be one of the best ways to welcome people on board and hire diverse candidates to be a part of your team. 

Go Beyond Ordinary: For this, you need to plan for hiring at least a few months in advance. When you have time in hand, you can search for candidates with different skills and talents apart from the obvious ones. Suppose, you have an upcoming vacancy in the Accounts Department by next year! You can start looking for candidates from now itself and keep them in your record. You may come across a good number of people who may possess the required certification and qualification. But you may suddenly come across a candidate who fits your profile and also has an additional skill of knowing a foreign language. You can always consider this candidate to be in your team. 

Reviewing the Job Descriptions: If you are not getting a proper candidate as per your requirements of inclusive recruitment, you should consider a review of the job description once. It may happen that the job description or the qualifications have some such points that are barring many candidates from attending the interview. If it is a post of accountant, you may not consider fluent English knowledge because maybe because of this, many of the candidates who are great in accounts but not good in English are not applying. 

Broadening the Range: There are many candidates who do not have an issue in relocating. You just need to offer them a decent salary package and then can drop into your office from the next day itself. Hence, always keep your ranges wide open to get the best options. 

Having a colorful environment at the office always benefits in keeping up the positivity factor. Following the right ways such as mentioned above can always help in building a more inclusive recruiting pipeline. Apart from this, contacting the IT consulting companies in Dubai can always help you with this.