Top 10 Alternatives to Freshbooks For Small Businesses

Top 10 Alternatives to Freshbooks For Small Businesses

Monday January 21, 2019,

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Freshbooks alternatives

FreshBooks is a very popular accounting software that offers a range of useful functions for both individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. If you want a broader choice and want to look at other reliable apps, we've created top 10 FreshBooks alternatives for you. These accounting applications offer similar functions and some unique features that can benefit your business. We compare their characteristics, prices and native integrations to inform you about exactly what you can win with any software solution.

What is Freshbooks?

FreshBooks is a popular cloud-based finance and accounting software for small and medium businesses. Currently, it is at the forefront of our accounting and financial software charts, based on its core functionality, quality of customer support, and other key features.

This solution is currently used by a million companies to streamline customer billing and time tracking. Many freelancers also use it to speed up their sales cycle and collection, and to give their documents an individual brand to be more professional.

Apart, from the useful features that Freshbooks is providing, if you are looking for more business specific features, we are here including a list of top 10 best freshbooks alternatives. Freshbooks is currently used by businesses all over and even interests freelancers. But, the app is somewhere bound just to accounting and you might want look up for more online invoicing softwares that gives a scope for you to manage your 360* business activities.

It is one of the popular cloud accounting app that offers a wide range of features including quick expense tracking, streamlined finances, faster payments and more.

Here is the list of top 10 freshbooks alternatives Online Invoicing Softwares for your business:


One of the best online invoicing software for small business owners, enterprises, and freelancers. It is equipped with the amazing invoicing features for faster processes and payments. It is integrated with 30 online payment gateway solutions to manage global clientele easily. No additional software installation required. This online invoicing software meets the functional requirement of its domain. Easy to access with an unlimited 30-day free trial or choose an upgrade for forever plan.


One of the powerful accounting and online invoicing software. It is ideal for small and medium business owners, sole proprietors and other eminent users. Zoho invoice lets you to manage, create, send and monitor invoices from the same platform. It enables the features of multicurrency and multilingual support alongside customized invoices. This well-designed system allows you to create forms and generates invoices, adjust settings, setup taxes and tax groups, upload templates and logos, personalize email users and more. This freshbooks alternative for small business can be easily adjusted according to the type and need of your business.


Hiveage is an online invoicing software with well-designed intuitive interface, simple to use and supported by a secure cloud-based platform. It offers users flexibility, functions, and pricing to scale and meet customers’ growing business needs. Hiveage focuses on the modern flat design style. This free freshbooks alternative is simple and easy to use, but is restricted to a little less features.


InvoiceBerry is an online invoicing software that allows you to create, send and manage invoices within seconds. It allows you to download, email or post invoices directly from your account. InvoiceBerry can be used by people with all business types such as freelancers, web designers, small and medium sized businesses, creatives, musicians, producers and more. This free freshbooks alternative for small business offers 100% free plan to manage up to 3 clients. Upgrade to manage more clients and options. Invoiceberry offers integration with the stripe.


Invoice Machine is a preferable choice for businesses and freelancers. It comes with a billing timer. It automatically sends thank you notes and reminders emails. You can easily customize your invoices and impress your clients with professional looking invoices from this alternative to Freshbooks. Create new invoices and set options like taxes, currency, shipping, discounts, language, notes and more.


Harvest, the best time tracking and online invoicing software with faster speed for billing needs. It supports Google Apps integrations. It is a simple tool that analyzes and run reports on billable and non-billable time for specific tasks, staff, and projects. One disadvantage of this free Freshbooks alternative is that it costs a little expensive compared to other plans with no customizable templates.


Wave Apps, the accounting and online invoicing software for freelancers, businesses, real estates agents and other small businesses with few staff members. The features include customized invoices, credit card payments, accounting, payroll up-to-date all the time. Wave’s prominent features generate invoices automatically, calculate taxes. The primary drawback is it does not offer audit trail and makes it difficult to fix things when mistakes are made.


It is an accounting and bookkeeping option available for every business needs. Quickbooks online runs on Windows or Mac operating system to control the user’s outlook. It produces business trends reports, organize everything in one place from creating invoices, email invoice, monitor and track the receivables, send payment reminders and payment receipts online, create recurring invoices and more. Also, with this Freshbooks alternative for small business you can easily access business reports, get the real-time insights, balance sheets, graphical view of cash flow and control the user’s outlook. Upgrade to the monthly packages to adopt for the amazing features.


Xero, the accounting software provides support & reliability for the business growth. It lets you manage your cash flow and connect with the customers automatically. Some of the additional features includes CRM, inventory, timesheets and job management that will help you in day to day smooth working. It has the unique features of bank feeds to import and categorize bank statements, credit card, and PayPal information automatically. Also, Xero supports 160 currencies and provides up-to-minute foreign exchange rates. Xero is mobile friendly and automatically provides an ongoing free version to the customers.

10. Simple Invoicing

This open source invoice generator has a “Print Mode” that allows you to preview and print out your invoice. It is a simple online invoicing software that allows you create effective invoices easily. It is a beginners online invoicing tool that is restricted to just basic features of invoicing. But, works efficiently for small scale businesses.


These were the top 10 free Freshbooks alternatives online invoicing softwares. Every software apart from the basic need of invoicing that it fulfills, also has unique features attached to it. Be it Zoho, Invoicera or others they all help you manage your business efficiently. Employee management, task management and client & vendor management has become easy with online invoicing softwares.

You can easily pick the one that you feel suits your business needs completely, and shift to the world of online invoicing.