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20 Rupee Note: Have The First View Of New Rs 20 Note @RBI

Long-awaited 20 rupee note is here... YES, RBI to introduce new Rs 20 note in New Year is HERE a little before.

20 Rupee Note: Have The First View Of New Rs 20 Note @RBI

Friday August 30, 2019,

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20 Rupee Note

20 Rupee New Note

Hurrah, the movement is here...

RBI has introduced the new note of Rs 20, they announced it on -- 26 April 2019.

Needless to mention, grab the first look of 20 rupee new note.

Certainly, movements after movements are here -- #New Note Movement, #Article 370, 35A Removing Movement, and what not.

Don't you think so that they are creating new movements, a day after.

Also, a day after demonetization, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 note got replaced with new notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2000. 

This was also a big movement...!!!

However, after changing the high-value notes the  government did not stop here. And, after changing low-value notes of Rs 100, 50 and 10 as well. Now they came up with the new 20 rupee note. 

An address to this, reserve bank of India announced to introduce the new 20 rupee denomination banknotes in April, 2019.

Wherein, the series didn't changed that much and the new series of also contained; Mahatma Gandhi pick as well.

but, the change was for sure, that change was reflected in the signature.

Yes, the new 20 rupee note this time was bearing a signature of “Governor -- Shaktikant Das".

Moreover, on the backside, of the new denomination has a pattern of Ellora Caves which represents the cultural heritage of India. The base color of the new 20 rupee note is yellowish-green.

Also, the new 20 rupee note has other design geometric patterns from both  sides. The dimensions of the note will be 63mm*129 mm. However. RBI in the earlier series will continue to be legal tender.

A few more things to know about the new 20 rupee note are as follows:

Colour: The colour is to you #Mangoes.

Design: The design contained the Ellora Caves -- which are symbols of our pride and much more to India. "2019; 0 Years Ago"

Completely different to predictions.

Predictions are to be putted no where, it is completely different.

Have a look of the back side of Rs 20 note:

20 Rupee

20 Rupee New Look

Literally, the versions of note is not a bit same.

Well, Bappu (Mahatma Gandhi) seems to be gone no where but the backside of the note along with the colour is complete changed.

Being continued, additional features are here...

Features Of New 20 Rupee Note

Feature involvement is the best thing to carry with. And they did with that --

Well, here the features are subsumed to only the changes in comparison of the old 20 rupee note.

Let's conclude each side to sustain the features of the note; have a look...

Front Side

  • The front side on the new 20 rupee note is completely unique from the old one. To which, the front side of the new note contains the Latin image with the numeral and Devanagari version of the same.
  • A  see-through register with denominational numeral 100.
  • The center of the front side note is a portrait of Mahatama Gandhi. And also in the micro letters “RBI” , “India”, “Bharat”, “20” is written.  Along with with it a guarantee clause, the Promise clause, Governor’s signature and there is an RBI emblem on the right-side of Mahatma Gandhi portrait.
  • There are an Ashoka Pillar emblem and electrotype 20 watermarks on the right side of the portrait. 
  • A numbered panel on the top left and bottom right will appears with numerals growing small to big.

Back Side

  • The backside of the note on the left-hand side note carries the year of printing.
  • On the reverse side, it also contains the  language panel which displays the denomination of the note in the 17 official languages. 
  • A Swacchh Bharat logo with the slogan is also placed in reverse.

This was somewhat all about the new 20 rupee note.

Well, the royal credit goes to LeadingFile, they helped me a lot in evaluating all the information about the mentioned topic. A big thank to them, they are really a supportive innovation. Right back, they also started a board on Pinterest over -- Jammu and Kashmir: If there is haven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here...!!!

Must have a look board...!!!