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Top 10 AngularJS App Development Companies in India - 2019 [ Updated List ! ]

Are you seeking for the trusted AngularJS App Development Companies in 2019? These are the most searched Top 10 AngularJS Apps Development Company listings. We have researched and prepared this rating based on the companies adequate knowledge in Mobile Software, technology stacks, and reviews.

Top 10 AngularJS App Development Companies in India - 2019 [ Updated List ! ]

Friday August 02, 2019,

4 min Read

Top 10 AngularJS App Development Companies in 2019

This list of Top 10 AngularJS App Development Companies are trustworthy enough to help you decide on choosing the right technology partner for your AngularJS App Development Projects.

Most of Web Apps companies are adapting to systemic AngularJS Framework for its quality driven web app environments. Moreover, AngularJS helps them to build modern user-experience app design and progress towards data dominated dynamic apps. Therefore we thought of generating a list of Top 10 AngularJS App Development Companies in India, especially for you attention. Given below is the Top 10 AngularJS App Development Company ratings:  

1.   W2S Solutions

2.   Arka Softwares

3.   Algoworks

4.   Concettolabs

5.   Techuz

6.   Appnovation

7.   Code Brew Labs

8.   MindInventory

9.   Konstantinfo

10. Esparkinfo

1. W2S Solutions

W2S Solutions is a Web and Mobile App development company that have produced over 100+ portfolio apps. We have numerous years of experience in building web apps and creating the best of innovation and demand among our clients. Our AngularJS Developers are highly proficient in designing customised mobile apps that promises to be ideal in performance.  

2.Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares Solutions is a Web App development company that collaborates with businesses to deliver winning results. We choose the AngularJS Framework for it can provide the data binding capability for all the basic HTML coding software. We have quite a number of AngularJS developers who are virtuoso at creating interactive single page web apps.

3.Algo Works

Algo Works is a renowned & bespoken AngularJS Mobile Application Development Company having its presence in India. We provide the latest of DevOps Services in order to optimize the performance of business apps. We follow the Agile Methodology for developing AngularJS mobile apps and then meet up with every requirement of the client satisfactorily.

4.Concetto Labs

Concetto Labs offers top-quality AngularJS development solutions for enterprises that run on cross-platforms. We build intricate custom design web app solutions so as to get the high return on investment. Our AngularJS developers are well versed in developing dynamic apps that ensures to high speed and performances. You can hire them on hourly basis and pay only for the time AngularJS developer works.


Techuz is a top mobile app development company that provides web & mobile app solutions to transcend your business. Techuz Teams found the AngularJS Framework to be a Top-Notch for designing feature rich applications and create competitive edge. We choose Angular 6 for providing end-to-end solutions that supports a robust backend architecture for any web apps to perform excellently.


­­­­­Appnovation is an AngularJS App development company that proves to be the one-stop option for businesses to get applications for Web, Mobile, Cross-Platform and Enterprises. We have the technology competence towards building cutting-edge and data pack applications using AngularJS Frameworks. Our Appnovation developers are well known for their ability to build web apps that contributes to high functionality and scalability.

7.Code Brew Labs

Code Brew is a highly acclaimed AngularJS App development company for it can deliver quality driven products for clients across the globe. We have a complete in-house AngularJS Team that creates the reputation for maintaining integrity and consistency throughout the project finish. Code Brew has published more then 300+ apps across many different categories that includes Fintech, Healthcare, Mobile Games, EduTech and Social Networking Industries.


Mindinventory is a preeminent Web and Mobile Apps Company that caters to a wide spectrum of IT projects. We offer AngularJS development services that can be swiftly transferred over the range development. Our company has extremely dedicated and hugely experienced AngularJS developer’s that works towards building high quality apps and software’s.

9.Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is a top-rated web apps development company that have served many Startup’s, SME’s and Enterprises. We try to take advantage of the AngularJS development service by designing amazing data-binding abilities across stunning User Interfaces. We build high-end web apps that resembles a lot like near-native apps and then develop it to a large website.


eSparkBiz is a custom web application development company that has built 500+ mobile applications in iOS and Android platforms. We choose AngularJS Framework for its easy integration achieved across React Native, Ionic and MangoDB and then enhance the browser access. We have employed AngularJS developers who work in delivering contemporary solutions and would never give up for any mediocre result.


This list of Top 10 AngularJS App Development Companies are trustworthy enough to help you decide on choosing the right technology partner for your AngularJS App Development Projects. We have drafted this AngularJS App Companies rating based on the portfolios owned and clients handled. If you know an AngularJS App Development Company that is not part of this listing then do not hesitate sending it to us.