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Top 10 Mobile App development Companies in UAE

Top 10 Mobile App development Companies in UAE

Tuesday June 18, 2019,

5 min Read

Top 10 Mobile App development Companies in UAE- Updated List 2019

Today every business wants to incorporate in its customer’s lifestyle, and that’s the reason behind the escalating popularity of mobile app development. More and more businesses want to acquire new clients, and mobile applications are the best way to do that only when the chosen service comprises the utmost experience in the app development field.

To help you live up your expectations here is a list of top 10 mobile app development companies in UAE.


Cubix is a top app development company, specializes in Android, iOS, and wearable. Cubix helps startups to develop high-quality mobile app development solutions. Working with an extremely professional team of the skilled and proficient individuals who always meet customer expectations. Cubix provides robust, innovative, and engaging mobile app solutions for large, small, and mid-size businesses. Stunning app designs and robust, agile app development is Cubix’s strength. It’s a highly recommended app development company for all industries due to its outstanding design and the use of most advanced technologies.


Celadon creates mobile and web apps for all types and sizes of businesses. The company is amongst the top providers of sophisticated mobile and web application system, AI, and machine learning. Celadon has an excellent team that is able to resolve business challenges expertly. The company always focuses on the most modern technologies and framework that are quite valuable in the tech market.


When it comes to mobile app developement then Techugo is definitely a top-rated option operating in India, USA, Dubai & Canada. Techugo designs and develops high-quality, bespoke mobile applications through an evaluation of each business aspect. The company not only evaluate the business aspects but also put efforts to maximize client growth through digital innovation and discovery. Right now, Techugo works with 150+ developers, designers, marketers & testers.


Mobiiworld is a Dubai-based, full-service digital company that offers outstanding services for mobile app design and development. Mobiiworld is an excellent name in the mobile apps and games realm.

The company also won the Cannes Lions award festival in 2016 along with numerous Dubai Lynx mobile apps awards and SL Magazine mobile apps for creating the best mobile shopping app of the year for Geant Hypermarkets. The Mobiiworld team delivers high-quality work and consistently meets the clients’ deadlines.

Silicon Graphics

Silicon Graphics is yet another excellent place for developing your mobile apps. Silicon Graphics transforms your incredible idea into an innovative solution. Silicon Graphics is a proficient app development company that focuses on the holistic approach and works with clients throughout the app development lifecycle. The company is a great choice for both entrepreneurs and established brands. Silicon Graphics helps your business in moving forward with significant ideation, validation, product strategy, engineering, and continuous maintenance and growth.

Brainy Bulls

Brainy Bulls strongly believes in offering clients with what technology and innovation have best for the digital business environment. In the cut-throat market, Brainy Bulls puts all its efforts to escalate the clients’ growth through its top-class digital services. What makes Brainy Bulls a reliable name in the app development industry is its unparalleled technical skills, creative capabilities, years of professional experience in the related field and advanced strategies to elevate the business.

Global Bridge Solutions

Global Bridge Solutions is one of the most effective Digital Marketing & Web Development Companies. The company provides businesses with well-integrated business solutions. It’s a firsthand choice for small, medium, and large businesses who are looking for a way to get the finest custom software development services. Global Bridge Solutions, comprises a six years’ experience in the relevant field and with its skillful team of developers and designers, the company always successfully delivers the most customer-centric application. In addition, they provide services to individuals, organizations, and small scale businesses. The company is extremely professional and always assures that the final result must completely meet the customer's demand.

Appslure Dubai

Businesses who want to get the most remarkable results in the digital world can start their next project with Appslure Dubai, the top mobile app development company in Dubai, and UAE. They are expert developers of the iOS app, Android app, iPhone app, and iPad app in Dubai.

The company is obtaining a position in this list because of its consistent use of the latest technology that helps businesses to meet exactly what they need to stay ahead in the modern digital sphere.

Appslure Dubai is fully dedicated to planning, designing, developing, and executing extremely high-performing mobile applications to escalate the profitability and growth of clients.

Verbat Technologies

Verbat Technologies is a cutting-edge mobile app development company offering agile mobile app development. The company has been delivering top mobile solutions to enterprises for 15 years.

Verbat Technologies specializes in Microsoft, Open Source, Mobile and Cloud Technologies and create unique software solutions to improve their client's competitive advantage using several technologies including mobile technologies, e-commerce Technologies, Microsoft technologies, and open source technologies. The company offers high-quality digital solutions to ensure seamless and unfailing business growth.

The Intellify

The Intellify is a Top Rated Augmented Reality Development Agency that provides the most sophisticated technologies, including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The company works with a passionate team of developers and designers who always get ready to create the most innovative products for enterprises and startups.

The Intellify works for diversified industry domains from lifestyle to education to healthcare and finance. The company is incredibly moving forward, and in just two years, their team successfully executed 85 projects.

The Intellify builds cost-effective, scalable, robust, and responsive mobile solutions and provides you maximum benefits in return of every penny that you invest.

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