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Top 10 Software Outsourcing companies In 2020

Top 10 Software Outsourcing companies In 2020

Wednesday February 06, 2019,

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With every business aiming to establish its presence across various Internet platforms, software development services have witnessed a tremendous demand over the years. However, software development requires a lot of attention and costs in managing operations and resources. Thus for many companies, covering software development in-house isn’t a viable option.

This is where Software Outsourcing companies come into the picture. The demand for outsourcing services in software development has been constantly increasing over the years. Outsourcing these services offer companies a lot of advantages such as the comfort of having focus enabled on the core business, effective cost-cutting in resources and hiring in-house developers and most importantly, access to a higher intellectual capital.

However, the true value of these significant advantages can only be availed when you choose a good company for your software development outsourcing needs. I have already done the research, and have listed a few of the top software outsourcing companies in 2020 based on specific parameters which include:

  1. Google Keyword Analysis
  2. Contacting the clients of companies to analyse customer satisfaction rate
  3. Reviews on sites such as Clutch.co and Good firms
  4. Work history and current portfolio
  5. Analyzing each companies’ expertise in various web development & software development technologies.

Here’s the list of the top companies to be preferred for your Software Outsourcing Companies needs :

1. WeblinkIndia.net

Weblinkindia is top software outsourcing company in India having over 18 years of experience in Web & software development and holds a promise to design websites which make visitors stay. The company has over 1500 satisfied clients served by the company’s 1,000+ employee workforce. It has covered over 6000 projects since its inception and has provided its services to companies across 50 countries.

Technological Expertise: PHP, Java, ASP.Net, JavaScript frameworks

2. PixelCrayons

Since its inception in 2004, PixelCrayons has created a reputation for itself in the software development space. Having served over 4800 clients across 38 countries, the company has 16 years of expertise in web, mobile and software development space and employs developers proficient in the latest technology stacks.

Technological Expertise: Java, .NET, AI/ML, LAMP (PHP/MySQL), SharePoint, Python, JavaScript frameworks, IoT development, Blockchain development, App development, etc.


They provide high-quality applications and develop solutions related to website & software development for adding value to other companies. Opt for professional, tailor-made, affordable & effective services from this software development company in India to build web/mobile apps & softwares with all kind of modern technologies required to build a custom software applications for small to mid-large scale businesses.

Technological Expertise : Best for Outsourcing Software Development, Blockchain Development, Web Development, Hire software Developers etc.

4. PBO (Profit by Outsourcing)

PBO is software consulting company which covers all aspects of software & web Development. Its USP is its claimed expertise in all major tech stacks. The company mainly serves clients in the regions of USA, Europe, Australia and Asia, and its core focus is on delivering state-of-the-art, innovative and cutting-edge solutions to its business clients.

Technological Expertise: PHP MVC, JavaScript frameworks, Microsoft.NET, Cloud Hosting

5. Macronimous

Since its inception in 2001, Macronimous has provided its software, web, and app development services to over 600 cliens across the Globe. With over 5,500+ projects completed, the India based custom software development company focus on blending innovation and creativity with technical expertise in order to deliver their projects to the best of their clients’ expectations. The company has its sales offices in the UK, USA and Australia.

Technological Expertise: ASP.Net, Wordpress CMS, PHP, Java

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6. KeyIdeas Infotech

With over 10 years of experience in software services, KeyIdeas Infotech has delivered over 2000 projects to 1200+ clients. The CMMI level 3 dev company employs over 50 experts to look after the quality of its services. The end-to-end solutions provided by KeyIdeas Infotech focuses on meeting each and every requirement of its clients through a flexible development approach.

Technological Expertise: PHP, Angular.js, ASP.Net, Laravel Development, CodeIgniter Development, Node.js

7. eLuminous Technologies

eLuminous Technologies has over 16 years of experience in software & web evelopment. Based out of Nashik, India, the company has successfully delivered over 3,695 web apps and employs over 100 developers in its Web Development Team. One of the key USP’s of the company is its dedication to providing its developers with a comfortable and enjoyable working space, which ultimately creates a positive working environment.

Technological Expertise: PHP, JavaScript Frameworks, ASP.Net

8. LOOPINTechies

Loopies Techies is an app, web & software development company in India that prioritizes client satisfaction over everything else. It’s approach towards business has made it easier for the company to gain access to clients established in multiple countries across the world. It strives to bring excellent quality in its operations and services through a three-way focus on People, Process and Clients.

Technological Expertise: CMS, Document Management, E-Commerce, Social Networking sites, B2B, B2C, Portals, enterprise sites and institutional websites.

9. FATbit Technologies

Established in 2004, FATbit Technologies has created a good name for itself in software development outsourcing over the years. Their services and solutions are focused on startups and fueling the aspirations of entrepreneurs looking forward to making a space for themselves in the competitive business world. It has delivered over 2,000 projects to its clients spread across 67 countries. It has gained over 200 repeating customers, which is a mark of its excellent customer retention rate.

Technological Expertise: CMS Website development, E-Commerce website development, Magento E-Commerce development, WordPress Development, PHP Development

10. Oxagile

Oxagile is a web & software development firm headquartered in the USA. It has key expertise in Video Software Development; which has enabled it to develop e-learning platforms for multiple SMEs and large enterprises. Oxagile has completed over 450 projects in its 12 years of business and maintains a decent client retention rate. Its development projects puts key emphasis on R&D and Consulting, Front-end and Back-end development and QA.

Technological Expertise: WebRTC and real-time communication, EdTech and learning, Digital Advertising, Business Intelligence, Java, .NET, PHP and Front-end Development.

Wrapping Up:

The demand for outsourcing services in web, software & app development has been constantly increasing over the years. Outsourcing these services offer companies a lot of advantages such as the comfort of having focus enabled on the core business, effective cost-cutting in resources and hiring in-house developers and most importantly, access to a higher intellectual capital. I hope I was able to help you in your quest to find a top software outsourcing company for your project.

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