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Top 13 and Interesting Internet Applications

Top 13 and Interesting Internet Applications

Wednesday December 12, 2018,

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The virtual world, the internet is termed to be offering frolicsome opportunities to users. I am thinking of the times when we weren’t able to access it. Life was boring. Now, the internet has made it fun-loving giving a lot of things online. You can play games, create an abstract network on the fly and enjoying unleashing your photographic skills. The Internet provides an ocean of knowledge from all the areas and disciplines of study. Yeah, we all knew it. Let’s talk about something which is uncommon- fun things which we can do on the internet.

1.     Check your knowledge- Taking quizzes for free can help you in utilizing the time efficiently. You can test your skills and competencies of a certain subject and improve accordingly. Also, talking about the fun side, answer questions about Twilight Zone episodes, Renaissance art, advancements in technology, look for the type of pizza which suits your personality the best and many more. The internet is flooded with such absurd clickbait quizzes.

2.     Be a part of the penny auctions- Try your luck at penny auctions. They are more like game shows, where you can play to win expensive gifts paying the very minute amount of money. You would find them very easily over the internet.

3.     “Stationary foreign tour”-Google Street View is there to help you watch your favorite faraway places just sitting at your home. What you need to do is, enter your address and fill the name of the place where you dream to visit. You can visually explore the plazas, streets and other places using your mouse. How cool, right?

4.     Become a meme maker- They have become one of the most amazing things on the internet. There are memes on every field, be it education, politics, or film industry. You can also create your own using simple meme generators. Get your thinking caps on and create thought-provoking, and funny memes. Post on your profile and get famous.

5.     Become a YouTubian- You can also shine like Cory and Coby, the famous YouTube stars. They have a channel, Dude Perfect doing sports tricks and comedy. Pick your camera and start shooting, and pave the way for your online success.

6.     Try your writing skills-There are various writing competitions and seminars in which you can participate and become a part of these writing communities. Also, you can be a part of online essay help providers. You can become an online essay writer, doing the students’ document-writing work.

7.     The ranking game-Give your opinion to a set of things and rank as per your desire. For example, your favorite TV show, dish, or anything else. There are several websites for this such as ranker.com.

8.     Order food-The internet has changed. You can use your smartphones, to order food using many different applications. The examples are known widely, such as Zomato, Swiggy etc. Try them and enjoy food sitting at your place.

9.     Give wings to your dreams- You can plan the trip of your dreams. Google Street View helps you in getting out and seeing the world. How to do? Explore cruises, hotels, excursions, and tours with the help of it. The planning process can be exciting and fun.

10. Get to know about family history- Learn about family history using sites like Ancestry. Some services are available for free. There are premium services as well. If you are looking for free sites, use Family Search.

11. Learn a new skill- One should add a new skill in the skill set regularly,and the internet helps in doing so. Rather than spending on the expensive courses, why not hire your smartphone or laptop and use it to the fullest. There are very few things which the internet can’t teach you, rest, an ocean of knowledge is available to you.

12. Add friends to your list- You can also surf the internet and make your weekend evenings joyful. There are different platforms which help you in connecting with groups of people and plan for movies, hiking and other interesting activities.

13. Discover new music- Why not test the musician inside you? Sites like Pandora and Spotify help in discovering new music and honing musical skills.

So, instead of feeling alone, try these amazing internet usages, and develop your skills.