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Top 10 IT Outsourcing Software Development Companies India, USA 2020

By Matthew Sirianni|6th Jun 2019
Looking for solid outsourcing software partners? Read on to this sorted list of best 10 IT outsourcing software development companies in India/USA to watch out in 2019.
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Top outsourcing companies | software development firms in India | 2019

In commencing of 2020, the best outsourcing software companies in India are driving innovation around the globe or say expanding their wings day by day. India has remained the focal point for developing software over the past decades. The ample amount of skilful people, service-based economies and public policies that act as an upthrust for foreign trade are all the main reasons that make India a pioneer in software development.

Whereas, these leading companies have proffered software solutions not just to Indian client but a plethora of overseas clienteles. So, if you are looking for experts to track projects, maximise resource efficiency, turn the cost corner or resolve any other IT demurs, all you require experienced and the best IT services companies in India.

Here-in, saving your research time, I have prepared the list of best outsourcing software development companies in India & USA to finish among the top 10. Look for the company that proves to be the best bet for your next technology project. Moreover, you are at the right place to find companies that actually move the needle for you without breaking your budget.

But, to fill such list is not an easy job. I took the task of evaluating IT companies that work at the global level with cost-effective option. And, look what we got, the final list of the best IT outsourcing software services provider.

Are you still thinking?

Let’s dive into the list of the best IT outsourcing services in India for Entrepreneurs and SME’s in 2020.

1. Xicom Technologies (Best Outsourcing Software Development Services Provider)


Pricing: $25-50/hr

Employees: 300+

Location: India, US, Dubai

Xicom, the pioneer in outsourcing software development company in India and known as the focal point for off-shore software development services. With the proven track record, they have been serving clients globally with the motive “inspire the next”. Their experts dwell with comprehensive knowledge, tried-tested methodologies, and expertise in software developing.

They cater to SME’s, startups, organizations, ticking the boxes of their specific needs. Also, their cost-effective, dedicated, an IT Outsourcing Software Companies In India, client-first approach make them sail through the flooded option of the sea.

2. Code Brew (Top IT Outsourcing Software Development Companies In India)

Code Brew

Pricing: $80-100/hr

Employees : 201–500

Location: India, Dubai & USA

Code Brew is the right place to transform your business with the proper technology. The company’s core motive is to provide excellent IT solutions to its clients globally, which help them craft their place in the top IT outsourcing software development companies in India. Moreover, they continue to offer the best outsourcing services at the prices that are second to none in the industry. Code brew is bench-marked to deliver the best business application for your firm meeting the deadlines. The entire in-house team of experts ensure integrity and consistency throughout the process completion.

3. Resourcology (Among the Top Software Outsourcing Companies)


Pricing: $50-55/hr

Employees : 100+

Location: Canada

Resourcology is among the top outsourcing software services in India and Anglosphere. Rooted in 2016 in India and Canada, they promise to deliver state-of-art IT solutions and innovations to sky rocket your business needs. They have been serving the spectrum of startups to fortune firms with their deep technical knowledge and experience. Their experts focus on the value they provide to their clients.

4. Magneto IT Solutions (Top Outsourcing Software Development Service in India)



Employees : 100+

Location: India, USA, Bahrain

Magneto was established in 2009 to push technology and conventional thinking. The team at Magneto work with a passion for drawing the rough sketch of your ideas into a beautiful reality. The experts here consider every day a fresh challenge and adhere to the milestone they have achieved that help them stay in the top outsourcing software development services in India.

5. Appentus (A Leading Business Outsourcing Companies)


Pricing: $50-79/hr

Employees : 100+

Location: India

Appentus, the best outsourcing software company in India, is a name known for web and mobile application development with branches across India, UK, USA and UAE. Simultaneously, with continuous efforts, they have been renowned as a leading B2B provider for startups and big firms. The company focus not on having big names as their client but having a customer friendly surrounding, which makes them the best among business outsourcing companies.

The company provides with a plethora of web services in the field of Education, Health industry, manufacturing, and lot more.

6. Sphinx Solutions (Best Outsourcing Software Development Services in India)

Sphinx Solutions

Pricing: $45-65/hr

Employees : 150+

Location: India

Sphinx Solutions is one of the best outsourcing software development services in India for proffering specially designed error-free IT solutions. The company strives to craft its niche in the already established hierarchy in just seven years of tenure. The team at Sphinx has in-depth knowledge and expertise in working with new emerging IT technologies.

7. Intelegain Technologies (Top outsourcing Software Company in India)


Pricing: $50-70/hr

Employees : 250+

Location: India / USA

Intelegain is worth remembering the name with its 15 years of experience in IT sourcing services. They have clients across the globe with a significant number of 350 in more than 25 countries that makes them one of the top outsourcing software development services provider.

Moreover, their expertise is known for digital engagement, and business values to startups with IT services like cloud computing, web applications, mobile applications.

8. Net Solutions (Best IT Services Companies In India)

Net Solutions

Pricing: $50-60/hr

Employees : 200-250

Location: India / USA

Net Solutions is among the top outsourcing software company in India, that help companies and startups to develop, design, and perform. Their experts engineer to create meaningful and specially crafted customer experience for myriad of IT services including mobile, web, E-commerce applications.

9. Cabot Solutions (Best IT outsourcing software services provider)

Cabot solution

Pricing: $49-65/hr

Employees : 200

Location: India / USA

Cabot solutions is known for its strong and dedicated team of technical wizards having expertise in software development. Their team is well versed with advanced technological solutions and always put their best foot forward that proffers them to stay the best outsourcing software development company in India. .

10. Trigent (Top Business outsourcing Companies)


Pricing: $50-55/hr

Employees :150+

Location: India

Serving for more than two decades, Trigent, among the top Indian outsourcing software companies in India has delivered hundreds of products, and occupies the leading position in the list of business outsourcing companies in India. They have their clients from the different spectrum of healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, E-commerce, and the list goes on. Being at the top, Trigent was named by Clutch as a global leader.

Hopefully, the list will assist you to with the right bet for your next technology innovation with top Indian outsourcing software companies.