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Top 25 Free And Useful Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Successful Blogger

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

Top 25 Free And Useful Blogging Tools That Will Make You a Successful Blogger

Tuesday July 23, 2019,

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Are you ever worried about maintaining an engaged blog audience? The work does not end when you hit publish. You should be able to attract your readers time and time again to your site and keep them engaged. If you’re trying to make money by blogging, you need to promote and drive traffic to your website through an online marketing strategy. Add these 25 tools to your blogging arsenal to create quality content and accomplish your marketing goals.

Blogging isn’t easy.

There’s a common misconception that bloggers just write. And as a full-time blogger for your own site or maybe multiple clients, you know that writing is just one of many responsibilities.

According to a survey report by the Food Bloggers of Canada, the average blogger spends 6% of their time reading news and other blogs and only 4% actually creating new blog content. It’s little wonder that most bloggers aren’t getting the results they want on search engines

If you want to stand out, then you’ve got to spend more time creating useful content and promoting the same to the right audience. That’s how to grow a business through blogging.

Writing tools

Google Docs – If you want to create and manage your documents online, instead of offline, use a tool such as Google Docs. It allows you to access your files from any computer, and from any location. All you need is to log in to your Google account. Sharing documents enables you to work with a team online.

Draft-This web-based word processor is an excellent alternative to Google Docs or Microsoft Word if you’re looking for a distraction-free interface. The draft has many cool features (view them all here) including the ability to share your documents with other users and accept or decline their changes. And like Google Docs, your work is all backed up online. 

Evernote- Evernote is a software program that syncs digital items across all your devices. For example, suppose you are at the office and you want to consult a website that you viewed on your desktop last night at home.

Grammarly-Of course, we couldn’t list our favorite writing tools without mentioning Grammarly! Grammarly’s products do more than identify grammar and spelling mistakes; they also offer detailed writing enhancements focused on clarity, conciseness, and tone. You can install Grammarly as an extension for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox web browsers for free, or check longer pieces of writing in Grammarly’s online editor

Organization Tools 

Toggl - Toggl is a time logging tool enabling you to track your time spent writing. Toggl is a tool designed to help you track your time better.

Just type in what you’re working on and hit start, then stop the timer and your task will be stored along with your time spent on the task.

Toggl can be used on the web, on your desktop or on your mobile with the ability to support teams and generate reports.

MavSocial-It’s a full social management platform which makes it easy to schedule, publish and monitor your social media efforts.

Paid plans are available but the free plan allows you to connect 50 social profiles and covers 6 different social networks. That’s amazing considering it’s free.

Graphic Design 

BeFunky - BeFunky offers three major sections for photo editing and graphic design, which include a photo editor, collage maker, and designer toolset. Besides the tools, you can find a lot of useful resources with tutorials and creative tips. 

Canva - One of the most popular design tools, Canva offers a variety of templates, free and paid image library, and a lot of editing tools enabling you to create stunning designs without any experience as a designer.  

Embed CodeGenerator - This tool is handy if you are creating original visual content such as infographics. It allows you to create a code that can easily be copied by the blogs or websites that want to share your content. The good thing is that when they copy the code, it automatically links back to your blog. 

Social Media Tools

Buffer - Buffer is a social management platform, helping you unify your social media activity and successfully track it from one place. Features such as post scheduling, link shortening, social analytics, calendar, etc. are all very helpful for bloggers to promote content on social networks. 

IFTTT - Short for If this then that, IFTTT is a free platform that helps you enhance the options of your apps and devices. The platform offers a variety of features that integrate the apps to automate a lot of repetitive tasks, one of which is publishing on social media. The platform functions through triggers which you set up from your account.

MeetEdgar - This tool allows you to create your own content library and to categorize the content inside it. You then schedule content by category, and the tool publishes content automatically, recycling old updates based on the publishing schedule. It works on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Research Tools For Bloggers 

BuzzSummo - This tool can help you get ideas for your blog. It shows the best-performing content related to the search term you enter. It is also great for looking for bloggers and influencers who would be interested in sharing your content.  

First, it can help you find the most popular content for specific topics. While I personally enjoy using this feature to find competitor’s top-performing content or just come up with topic ideas for my own sites, 

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator- You sit down at your computer and stare at it for 30 minutes. You’re experiencing a bad case of writer’s block. The creative juices aren’t flowing.

To break through this mental barrier, try using Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. This tool will help you brainstorm blog ideas fast. Type in a few terms in the form. And voila! The generator produces a week’s worth of blog topics.

Awario -Awario calls itself a “social media and web monitoring tool”. But part of that “monitoring” actually includes features that you can apply directly to influencer research.

Feedly-Feedly is an RSS aggregation service that collects blog articles, YouTube videos, and other online content for users to access in one place. Bloggers use it to look for new content ideas or find popular content types.

Google Trends-Are you interested in finding content that is currently trending either in your industry or as a whole? Do you want to create content that’s relevant and timely? Of course, you do.

Google Trends is the tool for you no matter how you approach blogging. Google Search is the most popular and powerful search engine, so its trends service can be of high value

Email marketing tools  

Sortd- It’s difficult to stay productive when you receive hundreds of emails per day. Without even noticing, a few crucial emails might slip through the cracks, causing more chaos.

Sortd maximizes your productivity by turning your inbox into an organized workspace

HubSpot Marketing Free - This is a tool that helps you convert visitors into leads, using contact forms and pop-ups. The tool also comes with detailed reporting about your visitors helping you increase conversions.

MailChimp - You will need an app to handle your email campaigns and newsletter, and this one is very popular. It helps you create, customize, and monitor email marketing campaigns with lots of email template designs, and automation features.

Cake Mail- CakeMail’s tools have your email campaign covered. One great feature is split A/B testing for example, to help determine the most ideal mailing list or Spam Assassin to make sure your emails don’t end up in spam. There’s Google Integration as well to let you view detailed stats on how each campaign is faring.

Convert Kit- This tool helps you create and manage your mailing list, with lots of handy features such as customizable forms, automation rules, sequences and plenty of reporting tools. The tool is particularly designed for bloggers, and it includes features that help them grow their business through the mailing list.  

 Optimization & SEO Tools

Within this group, you will find tools and apps that enable content optimization. These are mostly SEO tools because one of the essential parts of search engine optimization is the optimization of content.  

CoScheduleHeadline Analyzer - Try boosting your blog performance with better titles. Use a tool such as this one to optimize your blog titles based on suggestions or use them to get even more ideas. 

nTopic-You know what your main topic is and you know what you want to accomplish with your content. Have you managed to complete the task successfully, 

however? nTopic will let you knowAll that you have to do is enter your domain and a keyword of interest. The tool will run an analysis and let you know whether your website’s content is relevant. You’ll get a relevancy score that can be used to do an even better job in terms of focusing your content in the future

Varvy -is a great SEO tool to assist with complete website analysis, including page speed, accessibility, etc. When it comes to content optimization, these tools can detect issues such as the validity of HTML, image optimization, page headers, etc.

Yoast SEO-The tool provides real-time content analysis with features to optimize your WordPress website and the content you share on the blog.  

Here is the deal: Tools alone won’t solve your problems, but they will help you get things done more efficiently. Tools are essential, but time is the magic elixir.

I hope these 25 free blogging tools can help you get through some tough times like they did for me.

This Is Not The End I Have Plan To Share More Blogging Tool In Future Article.

Over to you! What blogging tools do you use? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If I have missed any important tools, feel free to share them in the comments below.

Article By Soumodeep Sikder