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Top 5 Best Student & Education Feedback Softwares In 2019

There are numerous classroom programs available for capturing feedback. But which ones are the best? We help you make the right choice by reviewing the key features and benefits of 5 leading student feedback softwares.

Top 5 Best Student & Education Feedback Softwares In 2019

Tuesday September 10, 2019,

4 min Read

Getting student feedback can serve several uses: you can learn about your students’ understanding of the course material, get insight on which teaching methods are effective and which are not, and empower students with a voice by assuring them that their opinions are heard and acted upon. Thus, it is essential to make student feedback software a vital part of classroom time and group work.

There are numerous classroom programs available for capturing feedback. But which ones are the best? We help you make the right choice by reviewing the key features and benefits of 5 leading student feedback systems.

Top 5 Education Feedback Software for Schools, Colleges, Teachers & Students

1.  piHappiness

piHappiness is a reliable solution to capture student feedback which enables you to measure student satisfaction. You can spot problem aspects and resolve them quickly for efficient functioning. Further, you can collect anonymous student feedback by setting up kiosks at different places on the campus. With student feedback, you can assess the proficiency of professors and teachers, lecture quality, teaching pace, etc. Management can enhance infrastructure and amenities on the campus. It can respond in real-time to student suggestions and complaints to build satisfaction and trust among students.

With piHappiness student feedback software, you can address feedback issues to enhance engagement and minimize student confusion. Get feedback on your campus cafeteria including valuable inputs on the quality and freshness of food, service, staff behavior, and ambiance.

You can collect feedback 24/7 all through the year to ensure student happiness round the year and clock for improved performance of your school or college. Finally, piHappiness delivers dependable customer support to help resolve your concerns swiftly and enable you to effectively use the software.

piHappiness is one of the best student feedback apps available today for its ease of use yet robust functionality. Further, its prices are pocket-friendly and give you full value for your money as you can not only collect student feedback efficiently but also get insights into it so you can deliver to your students what they need for a better study environment.

2.  Doodle

Doodle is a basic online student feedback app that makes it easier to find a mutually suitable time for a meeting, and it can also be utilized in classrooms. You can leverage it to schedule a class field trip or as a polling application by inputting the needed text in the query boxes. Premium features cost extra in this software. An advantage is you and your students don’t need to register to use Doodle. All you need is an email address to identify yourself and you are good to go.

3.  Crowd Signal

Crowd Signal is a proven online polling and student feedback system that provides plenty of customization options. You can easily send polls to the required number of respondents, display your institution’s branding, and utilize a custom URL for your surveys. Do not get limited by email and provide your students with a link to your survey to poll any number of students multiple times. This makes Crowd Sig an excellent student survey tool for classrooms and teachers.

4.  Kahoot

With Kahoot’s web-based student feedback software, you can deliver online surveys and quizzes to your students. Instructors can utilize drag-n-drop functionality to produce surveys/polls/quizzes and push them to student gadgets. Alternatively, the professor can verbally ask questions, or show them to students on the board and they can respond to utilizing the system. In addition, you can allow students to put forth their own questions which can be answered by other students. This makes Kahoot a highly interactive tool for the student community.

5.  Socrative

Socrative is a widely used and popular student feedback app that offers robust tools and features. You can produce questions in a range of formats such as exit ticket, space race game, simple fast question, quiz, and more. The software’s interface is easy to utilize for both students and teachers and allows you to get answers and feedback in real-time.

Benefits of Education Feedback Software for Schools, Colleges, Teachers & Students
  • A quality student feedback solution enables schools and colleges to capture feedback in an efficient, consistent, and scalable manner across all units and departments.
  • Your institution can bid goodbye to paper processes and upgrade to an online system to streamline the data gathering and assessment process.
  • Students are thus encouraged to provide in-depth, thoughtful feedback instead of arbitrary ratings and answers.
  • Further, your school or college can use the feedback program to establish consistent policies for feedback and analysis to improve performance across the board.