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Top 5 Budding Female Entrepreneurs of India

Top 5 Budding Female Entrepreneurs of India

Tuesday July 30, 2019,

5 min Read

Female Entrepreneurs

When someone talks about entrepreneurship the first thing that strikes in the mind of the majority of people is smart and handsome male. Earlier, no one gave much importance to women gender since they think that women are not capable to run any business. But this is not the scenario in this modern era! Nowadays, women are competing men in every way and no doubt, they are doing much better than males. This article highlights top 5 budding female entrepreneurs of India. Eager to know about them! Let’s get started!

Kashaf Shaikh

Kashaf Shaikh, the founder of the website Dealivore, a reliable website where one can search valid and effective coupons for numerous stores. Those who love online shopping can visit and explore this website. This website allow users to find best deals, coupons as well as offers that generally people search on a regular basis. This incorporate coupons for hotels, recharge websites, grocery shopping, travel and so on.

She became an entrepreneur at a very young age when she realized that just fulfilling the needs of another company is not enough for her. She desire to do something interesting and hence decided to become a great entrepreneur. Moreover, Kashaf give lectures to motivate women who want to become a great entrepreneur in their life.

Aastha Jha

She is the co-founder of the most reliable and reputed wedding planner start-up in the city- Bangalore known by the name of KraftStar Management. She is an expert in event and wedding planning, customer service and is also proficient in Microsoft Excel.

She had completed her graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. KraftStar Management which is one of the best wedding planners in Bangalore offers numerous other services which incorporate Lighting Set-up, Table Decor, Photo-booth, Sound Set-up, Venue Decoration, Entrance Decor and much more. Aastha Jha is an experienced wedding planner that can make someone’s wedding an event to remember forever.

Organizing a perfect wedding, no doubt, requires enough time and patience too. She have worked with numerous high profile as well as NRIs to organize their weddings and other events successfully. Whether a client wishes for a glamorous and luxurious or a simple wedding, KraftStar Management is an ideal option to go for.

Richa Kar

She is the CEO of one of the most famous and well-known lingerie store popularly called as Zivame. This platform have a wide variety of lingerie for women of all ages. Prior to this, Richa Kar had gained much experience in Retail Marketing, Branding as well as Operations.

While studying, she realized that the majority of women are not comfortable buying lingeries from stores and therefore, she started Zivame; a place for women where they can browse different styles of lingeries according to their budget. This way, they can buy lingeries without any kind of barrier and shyness. In addition to this, to make women feel more comfortable, Zivame delivers a product with proper packaging without showcasing the product description from outside.

Zivame is now considered as one of the top lingerie store where one can find lingerie in more than 5000 styles and almost 50 brands.

Surabhi Dewra

She is the co-founder of MeraCareerGuide, one of the largest career guide platform for students. Started in the year 2008, it’s an educational platform that allow students to clear most of their queries regarding their career. This platform helped students to decide their career and to get connected with their desired institutes. One can access this portal anytime and anywhere by just sitting at the comfort of their home. She realized that many students in India need proper career counseling so she decided to start this platform for helping students.

Aditi Gupta

She is the founder of the platform Menstrupedia, which educates women about menstruation. With the help of this platform, she tries to educate all girls and women about menstrual cycle. It’s a platform that guide girls about the period and how to stay healthy as well as active during the menstrual period. She believes that the menstrual cycle is a change in the life of every girl. She has pursued her post-graduation from Ahmedabad.

Factors that play an important role in the growth of Women Entrepreneurship in India

Growth of digital lenders: Earlier one of the major obstacle that women faced a while setting up a business was insufficient capital. However, with the rise of numerous online lending platforms, getting a business loan to start a business and fulfill their dream has become easier. Today, women who wish to become an entrepreneur won't have to depend on someone for monetary support.

Online selling: This is the second reason that persuades women to become an entrepreneur. The world has taken a new phase as now one can easily sell products from their home. Online shopping has made the task of selling products easier as now entrepreneurs can send items anywhere and at any time. What all it requires is to set an attractive e-commerce website to hold the attention of customers.

The popularity of social networks: Thanks to social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on. With the popularity of numerous social networks, an entrepreneur can spread information about their products easily. With a proper business page on social media along with informative content, one can take their business to the heights of success.

Wrap Up

Hope this article has inspired all those women who desire to become a successful entrepreneur in their life. Our country ‘India’ needs such inspiring women entrepreneurs. All the above are successful female entrepreneurs everybody must be proud of and follow.