Top 5 Business Development trends in 2019

Top 5 Business Development trends in 2019

Thursday January 17, 2019,

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Businesses rely on their business development team for branding their business, increasing sales, communicating their vision with clients and customers. It is important for business development team to be agile enough for aligning themselves with emerging trends and effectively interacting customers.

Web presence

Now businesses are earning more from digital stores than physical stores, it is better to use eCommerce development for business development to sell products as it is cheaper to maintain the eCommerce platform than physical stores as well as eCommerce development spreads the reach of business. Although it is not suitable for some businesses that sell industrial products but they can showcase their product over website to showcase how their product is better than its peers’.

Effective customer interaction

Interacting customers is extremely important for business development, there are dozens of techniques to increase effectiveness of customer interaction. Business development can use following techniques for customer interaction:

Relevant textual content

The business development team can retain visitors and turn them in to customers through relevant information, this content should also be able to reduce the efforts of business development team in answering visitors’ queries.

  • Write relevant content for website.
  • Write blogs to answer relevant questions that a potential customer might have.
  • Write blogs to describe the technology related and behind product.
  • Explain the extra features and edge that your product has over its competitors.

Video content for better interaction

Video content helps business development team to promote the product and change visitors’ perception to lure them to buy the product.

  • Make videos to showcase the features and quality of your product.
  • Teach customers how to use product with videos.

AI bots

Whenever a user comes to website then AI bots will appear on the screen and prompt user to interact with him/her. The AI bot interaction will work as a helping hand for business development team as well as it will improve user experience because it will appear a real time interaction to visitors.

Email targeting

A business doesn’t launch new services, products and offers quiet often, so the business development team should be able to market it on immense scale. The web application shall be able to target past customers and visitors who have signed up for the newsletter.

Workflow optimization

Businesses can use web applications to optimize the workflow of business development and business operations by electronically stamping the work and passing the work to next employee this will eliminate confusion at all levels and provide a transparency over employees’ work.

Customer service policies

To serve customers better the business development team should first focus on making customer policies for different incidents. The policies should clearly state what actions business development team needs to take in a particular situation like who will bear the cost of product that got damaged by customer during demo.

Action on feedback

Visitors and customers hesitate to give feedback because mostly they have a perception that business will not act in accordance with their feedback. The business development team should inform the customers effectively about the actions that have been taken over his/her feedback, this communication will improve the brand’s image and create an emotional connection of customer/visitor with business.

These strategies will help business development team to create an active community of potential customers that can be targeted and communicated effectively with minimal efforts and target user on a broader geographical scale in 2019.