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Top 5 Magento Extensions For An Online Store Used By A Magento Development Company

Do you think we need to glorify Magento anymore? Everybody knows that Magento stands as the most popular platform for e-commerce today. Not only in India but the merchants around the world are utilizing the power of Magento to upgrade their online store.

Top 5 Magento Extensions For An Online Store Used By A Magento Development Company

Thursday January 10, 2019,

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Top 5 Magento Extensions

The amazing website of brands such as Nike, Ford, Olympus, Flipkart etc. are built on Magento and when these giants have opted for CMS, is there any reason why we shouldn’t? And, if your aim is to upscale your business the way these giants have done, you can also make use of the top rates extensions of Magento and bestow your e-commerce business with extra functionalities.

Extensions are essential these days. They not only make your website look good but they also provide that extra functionality to your website that makes it convenient for your consumer to complete the transaction. Consult your Magento Development Company in India and head start a new extensional journey.

1. Elasticsearch

If someone tells you to search anything outside Google, it will be no less than a headache for you. Searching for anything without Google is irritating and cumbersome and the same applies to your e-commerce website. Your customer is looking for something and if the search results are not appropriate, he will leave your website in no time. This problem can be sorted with the help of Elasticsearch. This is the best extension to enhance the search results and improve the relevance in the searches.

Moreover, Elasticsearch can be adopted to Magento 1 and Magento 2 both and thus, you are safe to use this.

2. Comments on FaceBook

FaceBook is the most popular social media platform and it has outperformed all the other social media platforms in terms of building contacts, entertainment, virtual reality, business growth and what not. If you provide your customer with an opportunity to comment on their concerns and posts their appreciations on FaceBook directly from your website, they would be on toes to come back to you again.

3. Google Tag Manager

Google is a human’s best friend today and the company has given unlimited tools to ease the life of a human on earth. Magento is also lucky to get some tools from Google and that is the Google Tag Manager. It is essentially an extension that lets you use the other important tools of Google such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords from a single source.

The extension is easy to install and it also improves the performance of the website. It supports remarketing and there is much more you can carve out from this excellent Magento Extension.

4. LiveChat

Today, a live chat feature is a must for your business. Even if an unknown viewer visits your site, with the help of live chat, you can explain in brief about your business and create a personal touch with your visitor. This LiveChat feature for Magento will do the same for you. If your customer is stuck somewhere, with the help of the LiveChat extension, you can come live and help him or her solve the problem in one go. This extension can do wonders for your business and you will be empowered to talk to your customers at any point in time.

5. Special Promotions

We very well know that promotions, sales, and discounts are a great way to boost sales. By adding the special promotions extension, you can provide even personalized promotional deals to your customers. This extension gives you an opportunity to promote your deals on a personal level and get a better conversion rate.

If you have still not thought of adding these amazing Magento Extensions, the time has come when you should contact a Magento Development Company in India for the rescue.