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Top 5 Node JS Developer Tools to Use in 2019

There are many top Node.js frameworks to use in 2019. Let's take a look at 10 of them to use for your next project.

Top 5 Node JS Developer Tools to Use in 2019

Thursday July 18, 2019,

3 min Read

Application development using Node.JS is extremely popular among developers. Node.JS is a cross-platform, open-source, run-time javascript environment that enables developers to execute the javascript code outside of a browser. 

Using different tools of Node.JS, developers can build high-performing, reliable, and scalable applications. The best part of using this framework is that less code writing is required that save a lot of developer’s time. 

With the emergence of new tools, technologies, trends, and programming languages, software development is entering a new phase where application development is much easier and convenient.

Node.js allows developers to create applications on both the client as well as on the server-side.  


Using the following tools.

1. Express.js

Express is a powerful web application framework for node.js that offers an effective set of features for application development. It is a free and open-source software under MIT. Node.js helps in developing the server-side of te application while Express helps to publish the application over the website. The framework has the ability to simplify multiple routing and integrate database to develop robust applications. 

2. Socket.io

Socket.IO is a JavaScript library for developing realtime web applications. The framework has the ability to facilitate real-time bi-directional and event-based communication.  It is divided into two parts: client-side server runs in the browser while the server-side library runs for node.js. 

The framework is known as the fastest and the most reliable real-time engine. It is best for providing instant analytics including charts, logs, counters, and so on. The library is also used by various companies such as Microsoft, Trello, Zendesk as a chatting application. 

3. PM2

PM2 is one of the simplest node.js developer tools that serves as a process manager for building node.js applications. It is highly supported by the developer community and consists of features that are ideal for application production. Features include:


  • Cluster mode
  • Max memory reload
  • Development workflow
  • Key metrics monitoring
  • Source map support
  • Log management
  • Monitoring
  • Max memory reload
  • Watch & reload
  • Hot reload
  • PaaS-compatible
  • Deployment workflow
  • Startup scripts
  • Container integration
  • Behavior configuration

To make the most out of these features, it is advisable to hire nodejs developers who are experienced and have a good understanding of node.js tools. 

4. Webpack

Webpack is widely used by developers due to its ability to bundle and serve assets in a faster and more simpler way, unlike other development tools. Application deployment can be simplified up to a great extent using this open-source JavaScript module bundler. It can also modify front-end assets like CSS, HTML, and images making the deployment process faster and easier. 

The Final Word

Knowing about frameworks and libraries is one thing while using them to build an application is other and for that, you need expertize. In order to utilize these node.js software frameworks, it is essential that you have an experienced team of developers or hire a node js app development services to get the best results in a hassle-free way.