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Top 6 Identity Theft Protection Services to Protect Against ID Theft

The best identity theft protection services offer a reliable solution to help you keep safe against various threats. Let’s discuss these 5 best tools here.

Top 6 Identity Theft Protection Services to Protect Against ID Theft

Thursday May 23, 2019,

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While the threat to your identity is looming large, the advancement in identity theft protection services has offered a reliable solution to keep you safe from numerous threats effectively. Using these powerful identity theft preventive software tools, you can monitor and avoid multiple threats to keep your identity safe. While there are tons of these tools available in the market, here we have discussed 5 best identity theft protection services to protect against identity theft.

Advanced Identity Protector:

Advanced Identity Protector is one of the best identity theft protection services that offers tons of useful features to keep your security intact. Here, it deep scans your system storage to find and protect all identity traces in a secure vault. During the scanning process, it scans files & folders, Windows Registry, email clients, web browsers, and other important locations on your device. You can use this powerful tool to protect passwords, credit card details, bank details, and other important data effortlessly.

Advanced Identity Protector

Intellius Identity Protect:

Intellius Identity Protect sends you 3-bureau credit reports to help track your credit history. It helps you find out who has been looking at your credit reports with regular credit alerts. Under identity theft protection feature, it offers a $1 million identity theft insurance and identity recovery kit to keep you safe from possible identity breaches. Under credit & public records monitoring, it helps you monitor changed to your credit report & public records. It sends you regular alerts when it finds signs of potential identity theft. You can use this powerful identity theft protection service for comprehensive security.

Intellius Identity Protect


myFico offers 3-bureau FICO scores and credit reports & updates based on monthly and quarterly periods. It sends you 3-bureau credit monitoring and FICO score alerts to keep you updated about the possible security breach. Working on advanced techniques, it performs dark web surveillance to keep you secure. With fraud resolution and $1 million ID theft insurance, it helps you cover all possible losses caused due to identity theft. Here, you also get access to monthly and quarterly credit reports to know your creditworthiness. In other features, it offers scores for auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, reasons that are hurting your scores, identity theft monitoring, SSN monitoring, 24/7 fraud resolution, and more.

Costco Identity Protection:

This smart identity theft protection service delivers the highest results by keeping you secure against numerous threats. It offers extensive information monitoring and regular credit report updates to keep you safe all the time. It works on a multi-layered security system of identity restoration service to offer accurate results. It offers 3-bureau credit monitoring and reports, monthly credit update, annual three bureau VantageScores, credit alerts, and more. In other features, it offers dark web surveillance, financial account takeover, payday loan monitoring, criminal record monitoring, mail change alerts, non-credit identity monitoring, SSN identity monitoring, child monitoring, and more. Under restoration services, it offers 24/7 access to support team, $1 million ID theft insurance, lost wallet replacement, assistance, and more.

Costco Identity Protection


IdentityForce being one of the best identity theft protection services works restlessly to keep you and your identity safe 24/7. It monitors your personal information 24/7 and sends you alerts when it finds something suspicious. It works on innovative identity theft protection technology where it protects your personal, financial, and credit information from being illegally sold or traded. It offers broader coverage for all your sensitive data for effective results. It provides an early warning system where it sends instant notifications when your personal information is at risk. Here, it sends you instant alerts to your mobile, tablet, or computer. It gives you complete control over your credit with regular credit reports and updates. Furthermore, it offers 24/7 recovery services and $1 million identity theft insurance policy to help you recover your losses in case something goes wrong.



LifeLock offers comprehensive security for your identity traces. It offers annual 3 bureau credit reports with detailed credit scores to help you monitor your creditworthiness. It also offers SSN monitoring and security protection for up to 5 devices. Here, it sends your bank and credit card activity alerts to avoid monetary losses. It also sends alerts on crimes in your name and 401(k) & investment activity alerts. Working with Norton Security it keeps you safe from ransomware, phishing, spyware, viruses, and more. In other features, it offers credit file activity reports, unauthorized USPS address change alerts, online PayDay loans details, dark web monitoring, and more. This powerful identity theft protection service keeps you safe 24/7 from numerous threats effectively.


So, these are a few powerful identity theft protection services you can use to keep your identity safe. In addition to the above-mentioned tools, if you know more such solutions, then feel free to comment below.

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