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Top 6 Tips to Find a Good Job

Top 6 Tips to Find a Good Job

Monday June 03, 2019,

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Thousands of new vacancies appear on job search sites every day. Finding a job is not so easy. Statistical surveys account for 250 job applications to an advertised vacancy per day. Recruiters look through mountains of resumes every day and often make snap judgments about a candidate from the perspective of nothing more than a glance at their profile.

That is why you need a profile that can distinguish you from other applicants and lead you to the next stage and obtaining desirable work. Several useful tips will make the process of a search easier despite the difficulties and rivalry.

1. Preparation Period

So how to find a good job? First of all, you should find out the key points of future gob, what exactly you are looking for. Let's consider the situation on the practical case - obtaining Tata Steel career.

Psychologists advise to clear up the following matters: area to work in, expectations about job daily round, schedule, salary question (minimum and maximum limits). Keep in mind that in case you want to change the scope of activities, before looking for vacancies you will need to go to retraining courses or even get an appropriate new education. Look through the web site of the company to clear up these points.

2. Proper Resume – an Essential Factor

The main thing in the resume is to clearly indicate the job role you pretend to. Plenitude of hirers will not consider a resume with the wording “any position” or “specialist”.

The application should not be glutted. The good one is a document that fits on one page; can present you to the future employer in the most favorable light; contains specific lights about you, decorated with a photo. The document should also be easy to read with a clear structure.

3. Life Hacks for an Excellent Resume

The competently decorated document will increase the chances to obtain desirable work. It can demand to work on your resume for several hours or you can also compose your profile through the use of resume writing application which also focuses on the industry in which you see yourself.

The previous place of work is also of great importance, so it is advisable to focus on reputable, well-known companies in which you have ever worked. For example, the Tata Steel Company is respected all over the world and gives its employees a unique experience. The presence of such items as "career Tata Steel" or "experience in Tata Steel Company"  in the resume significantly increases the chances of getting a job in the future.

4. Show the Way of Personal Success

It must be clear from the application of how your study and previous career path, soft competencies can contribute to the hirer when you get a chance to build a career in your dream company.

Keep in mind that you should not only notice the fact of connection with the previous workplace but also describe a personal way of development, results that this company obtained thanks to you (invention, models, increasing quality, sales, etc.).

5. The Role of Cover Letter

The good cover letter can add resume value in 20% of cases if it is appropriate. A cover letter gives you the opportunity to show reasons you want to get into a company, you can also refer to corporate values or provide examples of recent news showing the advantages of a potential employer over other market players.

6. What to Expect From the Interview?

Of course, your professionalism provides 80% of success, but the effect that you make on the representative of the hirer during the intercommunication is also important.

Present yourself as an interested and motivated employee, do not be afraid to ask questions about the work of the company. The ideal option is to concentrate on mutually beneficial cooperation, but be ready to explain «why you are willing to build a career precisely in this company», for instance.

Job search is also a kind of job. Set yourself tasks for each day, for example, create a resume, pick up jobs, go for a job talk. Strictly follow the plan, and the result will not be long in coming. Remember that not only firms evaluate you as a future employee. Also, you choose a place and people with whom you will spend part of your life.