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Top 5 Data Aggregation Platform Development Services Companies in 2020

Top 5  Data Aggregation Platform Development Services Companies in 2020

Wednesday December 18, 2019,

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Data aggregation is the process of searching,collecting data based on user provided information and given output based on user business needs. 

In this post, discuss about what are the companies doing data aggregation services and which industries they experts.

Ionixx Technologies

Ionixx Technologies offers data aggregation platform development services. They are presence  in USA, India, Canada and Singapore. They provide blockchain apps development services, web and mobile application design and  development , UI and UX Design Services, Product design services with various industries like FinTech, Banking, healthcare, shipping, Social media and Entertainment, Gaming, Logistics, supply chain etc. They are leading B2B services and complete solutions providers. The team of experts will guide to build complete application according to your business and they give ideas , new features adding, which technology should be best etc. Schedule a free consultation and get a free quote today.

data aggregation service providers ionixx tech


CMOTS are product and services based company located in India. They offers data aggregation services including website design and development, staffing, infrastructure and building customized software application etc. They mainly focus on Financial industry. They are leading financial information solutions provider in India and Global.


Mobius Services :

Mobius services one of the data aggregation platform development service providers, They are Product and services based company located in India, USA and UK. They offers digital marketing, data enrichment, retail content services, research and consulting. They mainly focused on industries like information providers, Oil and Gas, Travel and hospitality , Finance, Ecommerce and Retail , real estate and Shipping. 


Tink : 

Tink is a product based company who offers solutions like autofill, direct debit, credit scoring, KYC, invoice settlement etc. They located in European countries and has 250 employees who target on 12 European markets. They have a products like Account aggregation, data enrichment etc. They mainly focus on industries like Fintech, Banking and financial solutions.


3idatascrapping :

3idatascrapping is a service based company who located in India and USA. They offers data aggregation services, web scrapping, web data extraction, web data scrapping, web data mining, data capture, email scrapping. 


Conclusion :

Hope you enjoyed the reading about leading data aggregation development service providers companies by 2020. These companies build data aggregation platform for your business needs. If you are looking to develop data aggregation platform , it’s great time to go through the list and choose one of them to your business need and budget.