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Top Java Web Development Companies in USA For 2019

Java is one of the most popular programming language right now and it has been so for decades. Therefore, so many businesses look for best Java development company in USA to build their Java project or application.

Top Java Web Development Companies in USA For 2019

Wednesday April 17, 2019,

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Java is used to create web applications and advanced solutions. It was designed for flexibility and allows developers to write code that would run on any machine whatever is its architecture or platform. The latest next generation JDK 12 is released on March 19, 2019. Businesses and developers all over the world now know that Java is unstoppable and it is here to stay for generations. Due to high investmentsin AI, data science and machine learning, so many organizations and enterprises are investing lots of money in developing powerful data driven applications and Java is one of the best choice for most of data scientists and AI developers.

Here is the Best Java Development Companies in USA for 2019:

1.ScienceSoft (Best Development Company)

When you make a list of best Java web development companies in US then ScienceSoft is on the top and it has started developing Java products in the late 90s. Right now it has a team of 30+ Java specialists who are eager enough to accept your software development challenge whether it is Java application development from scratch, migration from your legacy application to a new solution, or adding new modules or components to your existing Java software. Java specialists at ScienceSoft have long experience of developing innovative Java applications which fulfill all of the advanced requirements. ScienceSoft has the ability to use Java in most astounding way to develop significantly more adaptable, secure and versatile Java applications and Solutions. ScienceSoft is expert in developing turnkey software, migration to Java, team augmentation and one-time consulting. They can work on limited budgets and tight deadlines.

Founded: 1989

Location: United States, Finland

Employees: 500+

Services: Java Development, .NET Development, C++ Development, Qt Development, PHP Development, Mobile App development, Development in Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, computer vision, and big data.

Web: https://www.scnsoft.com/services/java-development

2.Xicom (Top Java Development Company)

Xicom was founded in 2002, has a team of 300+ Java developers and is one of the Top java development firm in US. Xicom is considered among the foremost top companies in Java development as it has a high-end track record of excellence and offers amazing innovative ideas to build out of the box Java applications and solutions. Java experts here have many years of Java development experience. Xicom’s clients are from various industry verticals like automotive, banking, Ecommerce, entertainment, finance, real estate, healthcare and more. Xicom’s Java developers use innovative approach to build robust and scalable Java applications. Xicom is expert in custom development, Java web applications development, enterprise portals development, Java maintenance and support and Java software development and testing to provide you high performance and reliable Java based software solutions.

Founded: 2002

Location: US, UAE, India

Employees: 300+

Services: Software Development (Java, .Net, Enterprise), Web Development (PHP, ASP.NET, Ecommerce), Mobile App Development (Android, iOS, Cross Platform, AR), Development in IoT, Big Data, AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing.

Web: https://www.xicom.biz/offerings/java-development/


Artezio is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Java and other technologies custom software development company that provides IT services to companies of all sizes across the globe through its software development centers spread around the world. Its main office is in US and it has 6 software development centers in Europe to serve all kinds of software development and IT consulting needs. Artezio solutions can be integrated into any IT environment and can be based on state of the art technologies and support most of the existing legacy systems. Their team has knowledge of different technologies like programming languages, OS, databases, Frameworks, middleware which help Artezio to create custom and cost effective business solutions.


Founded: 2000

Location: US, Germany, Belarus, Russia

Employees: 250 – 999


Services: Java Development, PHP Development, Web Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, IoT Development, Enterprise App Modernization, E-commerce Development, AI Development, Web Design, AngularJS Development, CMS, Drupal.

4.Lets Nurture (Best Java Web Development company)

When you make list of best Java web development companies then you cannot miss lets Nurture. Lets Nurture allows you to hire best Java developers who are expert and have over 10 years of experience indeveloping impeccably secure, robust, scalable and dynamic, client-centric J2EE, J2ME, J2SE web and mobile applications. This firm has global recognition for providing out-of-the box Java solutions using latest Java tools, frameworks and programming languages. Their dedicated Java development team develops high performing, multi-functional and multi-technology custom Java applications. Their Java developers are master in Java frameworks like Struts,Spring, Hibernate, GWT, Grails, Liferay, RichFaces and more and technologies like J2EE, JSP, Servlet, JSF, JDBC, JPA, RMI, Swing, AJAX, JSON and more to deliver rich, secure, robust and scalable desktop and mobile app solutions. Lets Nurture is a leading ISO 9001:2015 certified company and has implemented Agile methodology to bring utmost transparency in its services. They are expert in developing Java solutions for various industries like Agriculture, Retail and Ecommerce, Media and Entertainment, Automobile and Logistics, Banking and Finance, Education, Healthcare and Fitness, hospitality and restaurant and Food related.


Founded: 2008

Location: US, Canada. Australia, India, Singapore, UK

Employees: 100+


Services: Development in Java, Android, iOS, Chatbot, Alexa, PHP, Python, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, Web App.

Web: https://www.letsnurture.com/services/java-application-development-company.html

5.Jump Growth

JumpGrowth is a Top java development firm based in Dallas, US. It is the best J2EE/Java apps development company that specializes in developing amazing Java software and web applications by using the best Java technologies. JumpGrowth has over 14 years of experience and has a team of over 100 engineers. JumpGrowth has helped so many companies in developing large scale enterprise Java based web applications. They have highly skilled and experienced Java developers that can be made available for any project on demand. Their team can do multiple MVC and MVC 2 framework implementations like Java Spring and Java Struts and can create highly scalable Java web applications that are truly cross platform. JumpGrowth provides services like custom Java apps development, enterprise application development, Android development, Java web application development, Spring development, Struts development, Java/J2EE software development and Java maintenance and support.


Founded: 2005

Location: US

Employees: 100+


Services: Java/J2EE, Development in Android, Struts, Spring, Java Web app, Custom Java app, Enterprise app.


Itransition is a leading global software development company with more than 20 years of professional experience. From business process inquiry and modelling, to systems engineering, they provide tailoredservices to enable integrated digital enterprise, where all systems work as a whole. They develop ECM, EDM, ERP, CRM and custom apps, that solve enterprise integrity, communication and collaboration problems and increase personnel productivity. This company delivers a full spectrum of software consultingand development services to clients from more than 30 countries. They develop software solutions thatdeliver personalized omnichannel user experiences ensuring higher lifetime value.


Founded: 1998

Location: US, UK, Poland, Belarus

Employees: 2000


Services: Java Development, PHP Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development

Web: https://www.itransition.com/technologies/java-development

7.Elinext (Java Development Company)

Elinext is a custom software development and consulting company which focuses mainly on Java, .NET and other technologies and do web, mobile, desktop and embedded software development and also provides QA and testing services. Since 1997, Elinext is bringing digital transformation to mid-sized and large enterprises in Banking and Finance, Telecommunications, Retail, Healthcare and Insurance sectors. Its main domains include e-commerce, enterprise software, IoT, BI and Big Data and e-learning. Elinext Group is actually an alliance of custom software development companies with offices in US, France, Germany among others and main delivery center in Belarus. Elinext has deep Java development knowledge and its developers are expert in creating any kind of Java based web applications with high performance and enhanced functionality which can perfectly serve your business requirements.


Founded: 1997

Location: US, France, Germany, Ireland, Belarus, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong

Employees: 300+


Services: Development in Java, PHP, .NET, C++, Sharepoint, SaaS; Custom Software Development, Enterprise App Development, Mobile App Development, Web Design, Web Development, UI-UX Design, IoT Development, Wearable App Development

Bottom line

We have earlier said that Java has a great legacy and prosperous future as it is being used to develop so many types of amazing, robust and most reliable applications and solutions for all kinds of sectors and industries. But if someone has a requirement to develop a Java project, searching and finalizing the best Java development company is not as easy task. In this article, we have compiled the list of the best and top Java development companies in USA in 2019. Hence if you have a requirement then you can select a company from this list and get your project developed from them. These companies have the Java developers which are expert in Java development and hence can deliver you best quality and most successful Java application or solution which will give you best results in your business operations. If you like this blog then you can share your feedback and suggestion in comment box