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The Top Mobile App Development Trends You Need to Watch Out in 2020

 The Top Mobile App Development Trends You Need to Watch Out in 2020

Saturday June 13, 2020,

4 min Read

Mobile apps have become one of the most necessary digital accessories in today's smart tech world. You have at least one app for fulfilling your personal needs- be in fashion or food or any type of entertainment. The apps are evolving with the latest tech and in this 5G era, the apps come with their latest feature. 

From iOS to wearables- here are some amazing app trends that will be dominating the respective field in 2020.

1.      Cloud-based apps

The cloud-based apps are becoming the first choice against native mobile apps. It is because these apps do not require the storage space of a mobile to run. Instead, they rely on cloud storage. Additionally, a user can also access these cloud-Based Apps from the web browser and even do not need to install them in their device.

App developers have already started to gear up by releasing more cloud-based apps for both iOS and Microsoft OS. Clod based apps can change the scenario and offer a user a great experience. Cloud-based apps are easy to develop and maintain. Additionally, they can be better than the native apps in many situations.

2.     Apps integrated with wearable devices

As wearable devices are becoming one of the popular accessories, integrable apps are also on the rise. In 2020, wearables will have a large selection of apps to support. Wearable complied apps will help any user to use the app on the go, without their main devices, I.e. their smartphones.

3.     IoT

IoT has been in the scene sometimes, but 2020 will be a new era of it. Smart assistants and intelligent A assistant s are becoming popular and now devices like Alexa are common in homes. In 2020. There will be a rise in the IoT enabled devices and machines will start to become friendly with IoTs on a larger scale. Nt just your smartphones, almost every mundane household devices will start to be IoT compatible. For example, a voice command enabled coffee maker, an intelligent virtual assistant in your washing machine, etc.

The consumer and industrial IoTs will be one of the major trends and will provide users with amazing experience coupled with the latest technology.

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4.     More usage of Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality will be the most prominent trends in the case of app development. Earlier, AR and VR were used in-game developments. But with time regular apps will embrace these two techs and developers will work hard to provide a realistic experience to the users. Maybe these two are the initial steps fo the technology towards the much-coveted extended reality theory.  

Pokemon Go and ARKit from Apple were some of the finest developments until now. But, in this new decade, you may see a shopping portal app offering you realistic views of garments and apparel through AR or VR. It is possible. And, not only the E-commerce sector, the travel sector, education (especially online education portals) and the healthcare industry will be using AR and VR better than ever.

5.     On-demand apps

Although On-demand apps seem luxurious, it will be one of the main trends in 2020. As users are aware of their personal and exclusive needs, they are now comfortable in making personalized requests through the app platform. Therefore, on-demand apps will be in trend.

It is a very simple yet effective idea. With on-demand apps, a user can make personalized requests for a service or a product in an open marketplace and a service provider will fulfill their request.

According to experts, the services that require skilled personnel will become one of the striking features of On-demand apps.

Here are the top five possible trends that will rule the app development sector in 2020. Since mobile phones; especially app-based phones are now a regular gadget; surely, the latest techs will be developed to support mobile users. This, in turn, will create a new scope for app developers to create intelligent and new apps and technologies to improve the user experience and to counter the demands of the smart device users.