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Top Online Business Ideas for Startups Worth Millions

Top Online Business Ideas for Startups Worth Millions

Wednesday July 10, 2019,

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Top Online Business Ideas Worth Millions

Top Online Business Ideas Worth Millions

Have you been wondering for a while how to start a small business? Although it’s not that difficult but certainly you need certain ingredients to achieve success in your business. For example, first of all you need a unique business idea without which you can’t go further. After that you require a competent and committed team. You also need an initial capital to setup resources and to put infrastructure in place and finally you need a strategy to execute and implement your plans properly.

The secret of success in any new business is that you should focus on one of the many problems people are facing in their daily lives and try to provide a reliable solution for it through your services and products. With this basic approach, countless of million dollar companies can be started.

One of the best thing which has happened over the years is the easy availability of fast internet connection across all regions, and another one is the increased usage of mobile phones, especially smartphones across the world.

These developments have led to the birth of many new multi-million dollar businesses which have successfully tapped this consumer market by providing numerous new services in innovative ways. For example, incredible number of businesses now totally run either from their websites or just through their mobile apps. Internet and mobile applications have redefined entrepreneurship. From virtually anywhere in the world, companies can now launch their businesses and reach their target audience.

Now the answer to how to start your own business is not that difficult. Technology has actually lowered the barrier to entry to start a business, although there are still a number of problems which need to be addressed. With so much of ideas and support out there in the market, you only need a bit of luck and some patience to get success. You just need to get started, and for that, we are giving you some great web and mobile app ideas which carry lots of untapped opportunities. Most of these ideas can be started even from a one-room office provided you have internet access, and you have hired a software development company to build your software application around your idea. You can choose any one of these ideas to get started.

Small Business Ideas for SMEs and Entrepreneurs: -

· Healthcare Related App

Healthcare App Idea

Healthcare App Idea

Healthcare app can be one of the most creative small business ideas. Healthcare is one of the most general but vital aspects of anybody’s life. There is a massive demand for such healthcare-related mobile apps or websites which can make people’s lives easier. For example, such kind of an app can contain all the records of the past medical history of a patient so that the doctor can give him the right prescription. Also, you can use AI to predict future diseases which can affect the patients so that they can prevent them in a better way.

· Local Dating App or Portal

Local Dating App or Portal

Local Dating App or Portal

A dating app can be one of the best new business ideas for entrepreneurs. Although there are already many websites and apps for this service, but online dating is such a hot area nowadays that almost any good website or app will become successful. It is still one of the most emerging app ideas. Most of the existing apps mix the cultures. You can start a dating website that focuses on connecting people from the same culture or the same local area to get a good response and definite success.

· Graphical Restaurant Reservation or Booking App

This idea has not been tapped fully yet. Hence you can either develop a website or a mobile app for graphical restaurant reservation/booking. Through such an app, people can book their seat in the restaurant before arriving as per the number of visitors and their time of arrival. People like such an application as no one wants to wait in the queue for a table and they just want that as soon as they arrive at the restaurant, they get a table and the food is served to them as quickly as possible.

· Local Food Delivery

Local Food Delivery

 Local Food Delivery

Although there are already some mobile apps providing such services but this idea has a lot of potential hence it can be one of the best business to start with. You can build an app which provides local food delivery with minimum delivery charges. Through this app, you can provide cheap and best food delivery service to millions of people in that local area. To use this service, the users just have to fill the required information like the choice of food, delivery location and contact details and if the food is available, then the ordered food is delivered to them in the least possible time.

· Cab-Booking App

Cab-Booking App

Cab-Booking App

Although there are already some big players in this area like Uber, Taxify etc. but this field is vast, and the opportunity is so big that still there is plenty of room for new players. So many people now want to book a cab from their phone sitting at their home or office as this saves their time and money. You can provide more features in your Cab Booking app then presently available and witness the success of your app quickly. In this app, you need to manage the fleet of cars and it’s not going to be a small business idea. These cars will be third party vehicles and you just need to develop a feature rich mobile app which will be connected to all the drivers and customers.

· Shopping App

Shopping App

Shopping App

We all love to do shopping. In today’s fast-paced world, now millions of people prefer to shop online or through mobile apps. That’s why online platforms like Amazon, eBay and more are selling billions of dollars worth of goods through their websites and mobile apps. The market is vast; hence you too can take a swift entry into it if you too develop your website and mobile app for shopping. For quick results, you can provide more features in your app like more discounts, best deals, weekly discounts, free home delivery, and so on.

· Tutor Service Web App

Most of us are aware of so many online video tutorials available on YouTube and on many web and mobile apps built specifically for video tutorials, and we must have learnt many things from them. Hence the market is huge, but the problem with these apps is that if a student has some doubts, then there is no tutor to clear them in real time. Hence you can tap this gap by providing tutor service from your app. Local tutors can register at your app and students can avail their services as and when required.

· Chatbot or Digital Assistant

Building chatbot is one of the best small business ideas for SME’s. Chatbots are replacing chat support which has till now been provided by humans. If you can build a chatbot or digital assistant which can answer the queries of users accurately, then it can certainly attract attention of various online businesses. The application development company which you will hire to build a chatbot will have to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to make it highly effective and reliable.

· Fitness Equipment and Gadgets Selling App

Fitness Equipment and Gadgets Selling App

Fitness Equipment and Gadgets Selling App

If you are looking for successful small businesses ideas, then this can be one for you. Children love any kind of gadgets. Gadgets like fitness trackers and smart bands are in huge demand these days. Hence you can ride this trend if you can develop a web app or mobile app to sell such kind of products to worldwide people. You can also place fitness products and gadgets age wise on your app, making categories as the different age group of children and people may like different kind of gadgets. You can also provide discounts for registered users.

· Social Networking App

In today’s world, each of us wants an online presence through social networking apps so that we can remain in touch with our family and friends and communicate with them easily. Although there are already few highly popular such apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc. but if you can provide some innovative features into your app, then you too can attract lots of users. This is a key trend for this year and expected to remain one in coming years also.

· Online Laundry Service Web App

Most of the people now work in private companies, and they have long office hours. They have become so busy that they don’t get enough time to wash and iron their clothes. Therefore, a web app and mobile app for online laundry service is a great business idea to build an app for in 2019. Using such an app, customers can set a time at which the app agents will pick up the clothes from their homes and the time when the washed clothes will be delivered. You can provide features like exclusive membership for customers and discount for regular customers.

· Second-hand Products Selling App

Although there are already some web and mobile apps selling second-hand products, but there is still a vast untapped market for this. In the market, the demand for old items is even more than that for new ones. Hence you can build an app to buy and sell old products like vehicles, books, furniture, electronic items and home appliances and more.

· Job Search in a specific niche

There are always some people looking for jobs and companies looking for employees. Hence you just need to build a platform of web or mobile app where employers can meet their prospective employees. There is a massive market for this. You can provide a feature like a job search for a specific niche, and also feature of availability of local jobs and local people as most of the bigger apps provide jobs in bigger cities and bigger companies. You can create such a job platform which will be loved by both; job seekers as well as job providers.

· Ticket booking website or App

To save time, most of the people nowadays prefer to book tickets for movies, show, events, conferences, sports and more online. This is an evergreen area; hence, you can build a web or mobile app to allow users to check the availability and book their choice of tickets online. You can tie up with various organizers and also provide discounts for regular customers.

· Price comparison sites for Transport and Travel

There are several websites and apps nowadays which offer bookings for air travel and bus travel. As per the trends, most of the people prefer to book these services online. Hence you can provide people with a platform where they can compare fares and services of many providers and select the best and cheapest service for the travel needs. You can even provide a fully featured web or mobile app from where not only they can compare but book their choice right from your website or mobile app.

· Repairing Services App

Lives of people have become so fast and hectic that they don’t have time to visit any repair shop to hire a mechanic or plumber to do repair work at their home. Hence you can build such a platform of web or mobile app from where the users can hire a mechanic, plumber or electrician online and give a specific time for their visit at their home when they are available.


In this digital age, people’s preferences have changed. Now they prefer to do all of their tasks and look for solutions for their requirements online. Hence in 2019 small entrepreneurs can leverage this shift by choosing a creative idea and building a website or mobile app around it. By this way they can reach the huge online market. If you liked any of the above ideas, then you can contact a web development company or mobile app development company and build an app for you.