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Top Reasons Why an E-commerce Business should Invest in CRM

Top Reasons Why an E-commerce Business should Invest in CRM

Monday August 12, 2019,

9 min Read

With more than 2 Billion global digital buyers, the eCommerce development company is growing like never before. The rising number of eCommerce stores in recent years, the CRM technology has undergone progressive evolution in the business to customer space. Most of the CRM solution providers have recognized the evolution of this e-commerce industry as one of the biggest business models. These firms are now offering a plethora of features customized for this industry.

If you are an online store owner and want to start your online venture sooner or later, you are in the right place. Here you will learn about the benefits of CRM for eCommerce business as well as various ways CRMs can help in the growth of your online business.

According to the latest research by Innoppl Technologies, it is seen that 65% of sales reps who have adopted m-CRM have achieved their sales quotas. On the other hand, only 22% of reps using non-mobile CRM are able to reach the same targets. The following stats can give you an idea about its importance in generating sales for your organization:

Achievements with CRM


What exactly is CRM?

At the most fundamental level, CRM software helps your eCommerce company to manage business relationships as well as organize the data associated with these partnerships. More precisely, a CRM platform takes a record of all the crucial information of the current customer which are collected in one centralized location. A CRM solution can enhance the internal visibility of the current operation and helps you keep track of the partnerships and potential sales opportunities on the back-end of your business. If your estore platform relies on various other businesses to operate, a good CRM platform can significantly help in organizing a plethora of customer information.

What are the benefits of CRM software for your business?

Owing to the cut-throat competition between estore owners, the need to offer improved customer experience has grown steeply. Nowadays, more and more estore businesses are adopting CRM systems that are customized for online retail. Let’s explore some other benefits of having a personalized CRM for eCommerce Business.

Data Collection

The collection of the crucial data is one of the most critical strategies for any eCommerce business. These data pieces about your potential customers help you to comprehend their likes & dislikes in a better way while catering to their needs. Therefore, it is one of the most important usages & strategies for CRM.

Trend Watch

All the customer data that is stored and collected in the CRM must be put to good use. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a vigil over the trends of the customer. Use the information in the CRM to contact your potential customers regarding their interests, their personal choice, etc. This helps in generating more leads.

Better Analytics

CRM offers a lot of data to its clients that could be used in analytics which is essential in understanding the behavior of customers. This is one of the most crucial uses of CRM in the e-commerce industry. If this data is used in an effective manner, you can create tremendous growth and revolution in your sales.

Task Management

Effective CRM strategies along with good teamwork bring out the best possible results. CRM can be used by companies to assign specific tasks to their employees in the customer care department. A good CRM helps the customer care employee to comprehend the history of the customer, therefore, helping him to resolve problems in a better way.

Routine Task Automation

Sales automation has often overlooked the function of CRM. Although most of the intelligent tasks are always reserved for the human representatives, some routine functions can still be automated in order to boost productivity. Some of these routine tasks include sending a reminder email or changing a deal status. On the basis of pre-configured business rules, you can save a lot of billable hours.

Better SEO ranking

While it does not affect your SEO ranking directly, CRM solutions add up and play a crucial role in your search engine optimization strategy. As SEO dictates whether or not a web app ranks high when anyone searches for the relevant keyword in Yahoo, Google, Bing or similar search engine. Optimizing your content as per SEO standards using CRM will get you that much is closer to your potential customers.

Using CRM solutionsa can also help you curate the website content and organize it into logical categories and segments. Coupled with some tools such as SEMRush and Google Adwords, your CRM can also help optimize the title & descriptions of each product with the relevant keywords. This is really a great practice as you’ll achieve various positive flags with search engine optimization in one fell swoop and attract more potential customers to your eCommerce website.

Room for Experimentation

Last but not least, using a good CRM solution gives you plenty of room for experimentation with your online store. You can implement new strategies for marketing, test new services and goods, as well as to conduct group testing with your volunteers. You can also experiment with new methods of payment, customer engagement processes and data security procedures in a controlled and safe environment. CRM software solution is a versatile tool that will give you a plethora of new ideas so as to solve creative problems of business which would be difficult to manage manually.

Here are some more advantages of CRM in the eCommerce industry:

Advantages of CRM for E-commerce


Here are the top 5 CRM solutions for your eCommerce business?

1. Salesforce

It is arguably the most popular CRM software solution in the world at present. Nowadays, more and more firms want to rely on Salesforce CRM solutions in order to provide better customer experience across their touchpoints. It is integrated with tons of relevant tools like Hubspot, MailChimp, and many more. It offers a simple setup which after implementation your team can follow up on leads and can easily find the key contacts in order to make more effective sales.

It also connects multiple support channels that can be accessed by your experts to resolve the issue as early as possible. With its various deployment modes, scalability, and easy mobile access, it is easily the best in the category.

Pricing: $25 per user per month

Available devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, Web-based

2. Zoho

Zoho CRM is used by small as well as large businesses in diverse segments, including eCommerce. This CRM software offers multiple useful integrations like OneSaaS and MailChimp, not to mention with Zoho’s own wide array of applications.

You can manage and monitor customer accounts from a shared database, and can easily view them across locations, products, etc. You can also use the Opportunity Tracker tool in order to see the contact, status, history, and use that data to figure out how best to craft an effective message which will appeal to them.

Pricing: Standard version starts at $18/user per month

Available devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, Web-based, Android, iPhone/iPad

3. SAP

SAP has robust and scalable CRM credentials. The market share of this CRM software is second only to that of Salesforce. This provides Omni-channel B2C and B2B connections, which is pretty crucial for eCommerce firms now these days. Its algorithms gather crucial data of customers and feed it to frontline sales associates. They use it to generate the best possible leads. It also helps in the planning and segmentation of various marketing channels and gives you a clearer view of your potential customers – their tastes and interests.

Pricing: Quote-based plan

Available devices: Windows, Mac, Linux, Web-based, Android, iPhone/iPad

4. HubSpot CRM

An inbound marketing pioneer, HubSpot is a well-known CRM software solution for all types of eCommerce stores. This software gives you the chance to master inbound marketing and gain robust ground in your eCommerce business vertical. It enables you to create a foundation of trust with your potential customers by helping you create engaging and relevant data that is on-brand. It is a great tool specifically created for eCommerce businesses and online marketing.

This CRM solution allows your business to improve conversions organically by enabling you to come up with advanced marketing personalization strategies on a channelsnt channel, be it your website, blog, or social media.

Pricing: Starter version at $50/month

Available devices: Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad

5. Freshsales

Freshsales is a trusted name in the CRM world and it is highly acknowledged for its easy-to-use and simple interface. But, Freshsales is a lot more than that. There is no need for bulky setup procedures and various integrations that take hours to get finished. It combines all the functions of a legacy system and gives an online store a dynamic solution in order to manage leads from various sources – blogs, Google Ads, websites and many more. It not only captures leads but also verifies, scores, and nurtures them to boost your revenue conversion.

You can also view the history of prospects on your eCommerce site, from cart abandonment rates to the clicked recommendations; you get a comprehensive portrait of the behavior of your customers which will enable you to further enhance your strategies and to successfully target the potential customers with the right campaign. It’s an affordable CRM for any eCommerce companies, but especially for small or mid eCommerce companies.

Pricing: 30-day free trial available; Blossom plan starts at $12 per month

Available devices: iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, Windows

Let’s Wrap Up:

If you want to meet your customer needs and requirements in a precise and prompt manner, you should definitely choose a feature-packed CRM solution. A good CRM not only improves your customer's experience but also improve your overall sales and leads.

You can also customize your own CRM as per your specific business needs. There are various top eCommerce development companies in UAE which are providing customized CRM solutions which can precisely meet your potential customer's requirement in the best possible manner. You can also hire eCommerce developers from a good firm that can help you in integrating this solution to your eCommerce store.