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Top 10 IT Consulting Companies in This World

List of Best 10 IT Consulting Services & Companies in USA, India & UAE

Top 10 IT Consulting Companies in This World

Wednesday June 03, 2020,

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Many numbers of small and medium scale businesses do not have money for investing much in the in-house or full-time IT department. These could lead to more technical problems, administrative problems, and more. Without having in-depth technical expertise based on the dolman, it is quite difficult to carry out certain business activities. Most of the small and medium businesses are looking for hiring IT consulting services for IT-based work.

In the year 2020, the IT consulting industry has contributed more than Trillions of Dollars in the global economy. Projections of growth in the IT sector influence on the global economy to the highest point. It also shows the major shift in the consulting industry in the upcoming years. To improve the business tactic in the digital world, it is important to choose the best from Top 10 IT Consulting Companies.

Functional consultants:-

The Functional-consultants understands the problem from a business point of view with making the right architecture for business. Functional consultants have solid business fundamentals in the field that includes supply chain, customer relationship management, and finance.

Technical consultants:

Technical consultants are well-versed in the coding that includes JAVA, ABAP, and many others. The team works on keeping the system running with the requirement of the business.

Top 10 IT Consulting Consulting Companies in USA, UAE & India

Top 10 IT Consulting Services

1. Myriad Consulting Services:

Myriad Consulting Services is the leading IT Consulting Firms and leader among IT consulting firms in Miami-Dade, Florida. Myriad Consulting Services is well versed in offering the professional it projects consulting services. The Myriad Consulting Services comprises of the Myriad Consulting Services based on various technologies that include the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and many others. Many number of companies are under pressure in driving a better competitive advantage with growth. The professional team is ready to help you to achieve better benefits. With the use of a holistic approach, Myriad Consulting Services offers the complete design and execution of the strategies in a unique way.


  • Creating strategic imperatives
  • Digital transformation
  • Understanding current business processes
  • All IT dimensions
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Execute strategies


Mindtree is the top software consulting services delivering the transformation and technological service from the goal setting, ideation, and execution. With having more than 2000 Global clients, the Mindtree outperforms the competitive world. Mindtree believes in taking on the agile and collaborative approach to the maximum level of creating the most customized solution. Being one of the top it business consulting services, Mindtree offers unique features for the customer across the world. Mindtree is ready to give exceptional and professional service with deep expertise in the infrastructure. Mindtree enables the true and collaborative partnership to the highest level. Mindtrees offers the collegial environment with every perspective of the clients.


  • Collaborative Spirit
  • Turns IT into a strategic asset
  • Customized solutions
  • Digital value chain
  • Robust skills
  • Solve customer challenges
  • Use proven knowledge
  • Offices across 18 countries

3. Bsquare

Bsquare is leading to offer the cloud-first approach with unique Agile development processes as well as functional test engineering. Being the top it consulting software development company, the bsquare provides a unique service for the customers. Bsquare firm especially endeavors on providing a unique quality service with the most astounding consultative approach. The leading business firm offers a wide number of services for the customers, it attained a massive reputation. Bsquare has the in-house capability for providing unique IT software solutions as well as consulting. It includes the following such as IT feasibility study, Users requirement mapping, Technology mapping, industrial practices, and incorporating global features.


  • Focus on advising businesses
  • Assistance in the fields of modifying and testing
  • Supporting software
  • IT feasibility study
  • Technology mapping
  • Users requirement mapping
  • Industrial practices
  • Achieves better results

4. Leverage IT

Leverage IT is well versed in the process-driven approach in the modern IT sector. Leverage IT is the best it consulting Services Providers in the country with offering a vast number of IT support services. Experts team analyze the technology with helping the business to process more. With more than 18 years of operation, the team understands new technology and assures to provide a prominent solution without any hassle. Leverage IT offers the clients with a better small business consulting services. Leverage IT has developed the best-refilled package with a suitable budget range and ensures to provide a better way of providing the service. Founded in 2001, Leverage IT was led by a team of passionate business as well as technology professionals.


  • Technology professionals
  • Technology-dependent market
  • Dedication to improving clients’ businesses
  • The operation for more than 18 years
  • Exceeds the company’s goals

5.EZComputer Solutions

EZComputer Solutions is the biggest it consulting companies that are ready to help you with the high end strategic IT consulting services. The professional is ready to keep your business one step ahead in the competition. Being one of the top consulting firms 2019, EZComputer Solutions provides software solutions allowing technology to easily save money. With the complete network running smoothly, it mainly helps in freeing the resources and making strategic technology decisions. The use of the proactive and strategic approach of innovative technology gives a better competitive advantage to the maximum level. EZComputer Solutions helps the business to quickly grow with IT support features.


  • A strategic approach to technology
  • Helps grow your business
  • Saves money
  • Increases productivity
  • Provides better service
  • Managing information systems
  • Integrated and seamless support

6. Insight

With the increase in the modern digital era, It has been increased its way of business to the highest way. With complete innovation in the arduous journey helps to keep the light in balance. Insight is ready to help you to easily define, deliver, and architecture the unique IT strategy. Insight is one of the top list of best it consulting services that bridge the gap and managing its efficiency. Clients could conveniently get the cloud and data center services with appropriate assessment and consultation. In fact, it is a much more efficient way to Evolve your data center continuously for advancing the operational efficiency and reduce risk.


  • Consolidation services
  • Migration services
  • IT strategy & assessment
  • IT transformation
  • Reduce cost
  • Promote innovation
  • Advance their technology
  • Proven methodology
  • Produces positive and consistent results

7. Mindtree

Mindtree is one of the leading and best it consulting firms that work on full fledge for the customers. As a part of Larsen & Toubro, Mindtree is considered as the most significant technology and construction giant with $21 billion. L&T is the parent company of Mindtree and gives excellent support in all aspects. Apart from this, Mindtree also has achieved a stronger position and continues its way to the top position in the technology solution. Mindtree uses many Disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, machine learning, and many more. Many clients have gained massive benefits by driving competitive advantage. Mindtree’s IT consulting services understand emerging technologies and establish Agile design principles.


  • Agile design principles
  • Leveraging new innovations
  • Strategic approach
  • Tools and methodologies
  • Innovative strategies and solutions

8. Sphere IT

Sphere IT is the leading Central London based IT Support Company well versed in offering the best solution for business across the world. Sphere IT is the largest it consulting firms devoted to supporting a vast number of companies in the highest range of productivity. Turning the business in the right direction for reaching the top position becomes the main priority of the team. When you like to get the enterprise-grade IT Support, then choosing the Sphere IT is a unique choice. Whether you are self-managing and require to choose it project consulting services, then here is your better option. Sphere IT is well known for its reputation in the field and assures to offer complete service. Experts Support team provides the 100% assured personal level of service, which the bigger competitors could not able to meet.


  • Central London based IT Support Company
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Enterprise-grade IT Support
  • Cost-effective
  • Friendly IT Services
  • IT Support Plan offerings - Core, Premium and Premium Plus

9. ScienceSoft

Having more than 31 years in the field of IT, the ScienceSoft is the leading consulting company in India. ScienceSoft offers an advanced IT strategy for creating, system integration, information security assurance as well as digital transformation. The expert team assures in improving the digital customer experience to the maximum level. The main goal of the professional team is to focus on strategy as well as the long-term goals of customers. ScienceSoft is ready to equip the business with the most agile and reliable technology. Implementing the concise IT strategy mainly aligned with the business goals, could be a daunting task. ScienceSoft works on providing the best IT consultation with innovative strategy. The professional team develops a new technology agenda by increasing the business strategy.


  • Geographical expansion
  • New products and services
  • Better Business continuity program development
  • Disaster recovery procedures development as well as coordinating and testing
  • Remote work planning
  • Training and assessment


  • Takes more deployment time

10. IT Horizons

IT Horizons offers the most remarkable and affordable IT support with years of experience in the field. Being one of the top indian it consulting companies in usa, IT Horizons works on striving to attain the top position. When you are looking for the best extensive IT strategic planning and get the complete initiatives, then choosing the experts team is an excellent option. IT Horizons accompany with the high end IT strategy development with the execution of the business scale. IT Horizons works on the business scale for improvement in the market competitiveness. The system integrator used mainly clears the focus on the technology-enabled solution. IT Horizons offers both professional and consulting services for the business of all ranges.


  • Outstanding result on projects
  • Affordable IT support
  • Best project management team

How to choose the best IT Consulting Company?

Most business owners have been struggling to find the best it strategy consulting firms for assisting all the IT requirements. Managing the daily challenges in business is also quite a difficult task. Choosing the top IT Consulting Company for getting proper assistance in business is the unique option. Finding the right IT consultant having appropriate knowledge and experience in the field is quite an efficient option. But there is also no guarantee for making the right choice. Below are some of the primary characteristics that you need to look for while hiring the company.

1. Plenty of real-world experience:

Many numbers of IT consulting companies are available in the modern-day. Managing the issues in Information Technology requires the appropriate experience in the field. IT consulting firm has plenty of real-world experience gives you a suitable choice. Choosing the well experience and expertise in the field for the job is quite an important option.

Hiring the new graduates for the IT consulting service could be difficult as it requires to have the appropriate experience in the field. It could also result in performance issues and other problems.

2.Up-to-date knowledge and certification.

Hiring a well established and reputed company is quite necessary for the modern-day. Make sure that you hire the top it technology consulting firms with the up-to-date feature on the latest advancements. Checking whether the company takes part in any kind of continuing education program is quite important. It shows that the team is high enthusiasm to stay ahead of the IT trends of modern-day. Hiring the companies having the appropriate certification on the latest technology and features is important. Choosing the top it technology consulting firms offering ongoing training with the certification gives the better option for the employees in the right aspects. In fact, it also mainly shows the important aspects of commitment in the field.

3.A solid reputation:

Upon outsourcing the business to the external entity, it is quite important to be aware of all the detailed information about the firm. IT consultancy firm mainly become an extension for the modern-day business. Credibility and reputation are mainly linked to each other. Choosing a professional consulting company is quite an important aspect of ensuring that the prospects have the best reputation in the field.

Whether you are a small or mid-range business prefers to outsource the company, it is quite important to be cautious about the consultants or the contractors. When you are outsourcing the IT work for your business, it is important to check on the expertise and skill level to the highest. Choosing the IT consulting company with a good reputation is mainly helpful for increasing the stability in the work.

4.Reasonable pricing:

Budgetary plays an important role in every decision making process. Therefore, the business is required to make certain compromises. Outsourcing the work in the Information Technology field is one of the most amazing money-saving features for the business. In fact, it is a much more cheaper option for hiring the consultant outside instead of recruiting full-time employees.