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10 Mobile Apps & Online Platforms that are Going to Boom in the COVID 19 Era

List of mobile apps and online services that are getting more growth even during the Corona impact

10 Mobile Apps & Online Platforms that are Going to Boom in the COVID 19 Era

Friday May 08, 2020,

4 min Read

The impact of COVID19 outbreak is shaking almost all the industries across the world. Even the developed countries have scene the worst days in their economic graphs. Researches say that it will take at least couple of years to over come the after effects of this pandemic.

There will be many visible changes in the customer behaviour as an influence from these dreadful days from Corona. As a result many job sectors have already gone through certain evolutions and adaptations from the situation. Here we are discussing some mobile app and internet based business segments that are making more growth during this COVID 19 days.

1. Online Learning Apps

Online learning applications and platforms are getting more acceptance in these 'stay home' and 'social distancing' time. There are two types of platforms in this segment, first one is services that provide learning courses and content for students, and second one is service that facilitate a platform for connecting students and teachers for seamlessly handling virtual classrooms.

2. Work from Home Management Apps

Many companies across the world have adapted the work from home culture for the safety of their employees from the wide spreading pandemic. This new work style has made huge demand for apps and platforms that help users seamlessly manage their work from home efficiency. Apps that help cross platform integration of workplace communications, ticket management, task pipelines, conferences, webinars, etc are witnessing high demand.

3. Virtual Doctor Consultancy

Outbreak of highly contiguous Corona Virus has been a threat for elderly members and treatment on-going patience who have comparatively weaker immunity system. Situations are not easy for them to continue their regular checkups and doctor visits like before. This is where the relevance of virtual doctor consultancy based apps and platforms come in.

4. Pickup and Delivery Management Apps

Apps and services that provide home delivery of food, essentials, and medicines have been already flooded with big brands. But an app that helps local shop keepers to take their products virtually available for within their serviceable area is a new thought in this segment. These apps have different options like order placing, pickup / delivery scheduling, online payment, etc.

5. Online Pharma / Medicine Delivery Apps

Similar to the increasing demand of virtual doctor consulting platforms, acceptance of online delivery of medicines and pharmaceutical products are also getting increased. Compared to other normal eCommerce startups, services that offer online delivery of pharma products have more complex laws and regulations involved in each country.

6. Health and Fitness Apps with a COVID Twist

On going social distancing and quarantine practices have drastically changed the health and fitness culture across the world. People started thinking gyms and health clubs are not a safe choices at least for the next couple of months. Users are now searching for apps that can guide them stay fit and healthy using the limited resources available within the house.

7. Freelance Job Finder Apps

COVID 19 out break is creating drastic impacts in financial and job sectors of almost all the countries across the world. Freelance job platforms are getting more signups at this tough time of economic recession. Niche based freelance job finder services (content writing, digital marketing, designing, data entry, marketing, etc) are going to have more demand from the job seekers and employers.

8. Investment and Equity Apps

As a reflection of financial recession and unemployment, people are looking for new sources for income. Online courses and YouTube tutorials on share market and equity based money making practices are getting more followers on these days. Apps that mentor and enable users to generate earning from share market and equity based investments are already on the toppers chart.

8 Play and Earn Apps

Apps and games that offer cash prizes and perks for the users are becoming popular these days. These apps help users with multiple benefits like providing engagement and earning perks at the same time. Developers of such apps should be aware of the rules in each country regarding the prize and betting related regulations.

10. Virtual Dating Apps

During these days of stay home and social distancing, virtual dating apps are becoming more popular. The whoppingly increasing number of virtual dating apps and its active user statistics in Google Play and iTunes are showing the popularity this app category. The more the genuine users and engagement, higher the earnings and benefits founders rollout from these apps.