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News app which surely provides unbiased view and background for all who don’t read news daily

News app which surely provides unbiased view and background for all who don’t read news daily

Monday December 19, 2016,

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Launched by an IIT Bombay and IIM Calcutta, Alumni, Kanik Arora, Adractive app, which was launched 2 months ago with incentives for watching video ads of brands in form of recharge or bank transfer has pivoted to news app. Adractive now has a news section which provides news, opposite view and background for each news story. Speaking to founder, Kanik Arora, he said, we have a very different business model compared to other news and entertainment media houses. We have launched Adractive with a small team based out of Mumbai, and are on our way to progressively build services for people of India. on asking him about do people read news in such detail to read, news and then opposite view and then background of each news story, he mentioned, its true, People in general spend less time on news compared to last decade, and that has thrown a new probem, that people either have time just for the headlines or they want to know more, current news article provide information on what, how, why, etc but no one says, wait, one thing this this, but how about you also consider the facts of other side before making up your mind and here is the background to the whole story, in case you are not a daily news reader. So we launched news section with belief that people dont want to just read news, but read other opposite perspectives and background significance of news. Its also pretty useful for people who dont read news daily as well as for the discussions for ones, who read news avidly. Is that going to change industry, yes, slowly but surely.

On how did you start this journey? I consume media like anyone else, including news, entertainment, but there is only one problem (for me), either they ask me to pay subscription for ad free experience or I am bombared with innumerable ads while consuming content. I wanted to present another option to users to consume ads whenver they like, and use the points for entertainment. So user is still paying but not out of his own pocket, (he can if he like, without watching any ad on a side), and watch entertainment without interuptions. If people enjoy this user experience, nothing like it. At the end of the day, a business needs to make customers happy, really happy.

On way forward, our philosophy is sharing the revenue with people for all their actions, as its the same people who help us get those revenues, so whatever we do, either in incentivised Ads, or news or entertainment, we will continue to build services keeping our focus on users in mind

To read more, visit: http://adractive.com/news_launch/

To download the app, visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=adractive.com.adractive&hl=en