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What are the top trends of Android application development

We are certainly witnessing a major shift in the entire industry of Android app development. Android is moving towards a unified and fast-paced experience which is aimed to deliver on a variety of customer expectations.

What are the top trends of Android application development

Wednesday March 11, 2020,

6 min Read

In these years, Android has acquired the majority of the market share of Smartphone OS. It is evident that Android is leading the operating system domain with its latest features and functionalities.

This has propelled mobile app development services to develop Android apps to cater to the demands of people using Android Smartphone's.

Owing to this, there are numerous Android application development trends that are emerging. However, before we look at these hottest trends, it is vital to make certain generalizations.

First of all, if there is something common in each and every successful mobile app, then it is essentially the idea behind it.

However, the idea doesn’t need to be one single aspect or thing. Essentially, there are certain components to consider to compose them into something which can easily be considered as a great idea.

So, before you decide to proceed on the path of Android app development, it is better to answer a few of the following questions such as:

  • What exactly do you expect your app to do or achieve?
  • What certain problems will it be solving for the audience?
  • What is exactly the target audience of your app?
  • What is the best possible way to develop the app?

This is where the mobile application development, as well as Android app development trends, come into the picture.

In case you are perfectly aligned with the recent trends, and what exactly is coming next, then you are well-suited to answer the above questions objectively, accurately and precisely. Let’s have a look at these trends.

  1. Growth of the Internet of Things
  2. Emergence of Cloud-Based Mobile Apps
  3. Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  4. Introduction of Android Jetpack
  5. Rise of Block chain Technology
  6. Seamless Mode of Payment

Growth of the Internet of Things

Essentially, the Internet of Things, or basically the IoT, is quite a novel concept based on the overall inter connectivity of the devices which allow them to interact with each other as they are controlled remotely, and sometimes not.

It certainly paves the way for a wide range of various features, which include:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Enhanced Sensing
  • Connectivity 

In the case of Android application development, IoT is quite an essential factor to consider since we can clearly see the emergence of a wide range of home automation services and companies along with smart devices, smart cars, and much more.

Emergence of Cloud-Based Mobile Apps

Every mobile app development company pays quite special attention to the entire cloud-based technology as there is an increased demand for this technology.

It lessens the overall load to the actual access data and can easily reduce operational costs.

 A few of the major features of cloud-based mobile applications include increased data space, elevated security, along with enhanced flexibility.

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It is perhaps one of the major trends of Android application development. Artificial intelligence is more likely to be among the most discussed topics amongst the people in the technology domain, who perhaps pose more questions rather than answers.

Essentially, artificial intelligence encompasses that a computer system would be able to easily perform different actions that generally require human interaction, all by itself.

It can include a wide range of different things like decision making, speech recognition, translation, visual perception, and much more.

However, chatbots are becoming much more popular, and they are the best representation of the basic AI capabilities.

Also, it is becoming easier to hire android app developers to integrate chatbots on their apps and website easily.

Even, it is much more likely that we will witness chatbots becoming actually like virtual assistants in the upcoming future. Hire Android developer who can implement chatbots in your Android app.

Introduction of Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack needs to be mentioned when we are discussing Android application development trends.

It essentially represents a set of various tools, components along with guidance on creating effective as well as particularly well-optimized and robust Android-based apps.

Among the main benefits of the Jetpack comes from the fact that it readily allows the apps to run on all of the versions of the Android platform due to the independent functionality along with backward compatibility. It also allows cross-platform app development. 

A few of the key components which are associated with the Jetpack consist of Paging, Work Manager, Kotlin Extensions, Navigation, Slices, and different others of the kind.

Rise of Blockchain Technology

This technology is currently creating a lot of buzz across various industries. Essentially, it is expected to evolve much more in terms of security along with public and private blockchain architecture as well as consortium architecture.

The entire blockchain mobile app development market will certainly boom to billions of dollars in upcoming years.

Blockchain app development is rapidly growing in popularity to quite an unimaginable height.

Certainly, it is becoming the key buzzword where a business changes its name as well as a business model as per Blockchain hype, which is leading to much higher profits.

Seamless Mode of Payment

When it comes to app downloads, Android apps have been downloaded more than iOS. But when it comes to revenues, iOS still maintains the lead.

Now, Google is trying to bridge this gap by introducing a new and innovative way for the users in their emerging market to pay for the apps, which is through cash.

Basically, it has launched a new program “pending transaction” which allows the users to pay without any credit card or any other conventional form of online or digital payment.

Also, the non-availability of credit card is one of the significant reasons why users in the emerging markets often prefer ad-supported and free-to-play games along with apps, rather than in-app purchases and paid downloads.

In order to reach those particular users who majorly rely on cash, that Google is rolling out this another payment option.


We are certainly witnessing a major shift in the entire industry of Android app development. Android is moving towards a unified and fast-paced experience which is aimed to deliver on a variety of customer expectations.

Even though Android application development trends come and go, it is essential to evaluate the newest and latest technology updates in order to identify as well as seize the opportunities for your business in order to develop a competitive advantage.