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Latest Trends & Challenges in Journalism Media Industry

Latest Trends & Challenges in Journalism Media Industry

Tuesday September 10, 2019,

3 min Read


Traditional form of journalism is slowly getting replaced by the new digital era wherein journalism is much more competent and requires accuracy with speed.

The digital growth and global connect has changed the need and technicalities of journalism. In the current era, journalism faces multiple challenges but yet formal education on journalism and mass communication is producing excellent journalists who are able to handle work under tremendous pressure.

Some of the evolving changes in the field of journalism are –

1. Content has to be produced for multiple platforms – Printed version, web version and if necessary then blog version.

2. A news needs to be covered and updated at jet speed competing with global news agencies and other electronic or digital media platforms. ‘Breaking news’ is the need of the hour.

3. Social media is of utmost importance. An incident that might not look that important otherwise may become a trending topic on social media. Things go viral in the speed of light and one has to get comfortable with the speed and trends of social media.

4. News no longer is associated directly with the newsmakers. Now there are a lot of middlemen who handle the communications of their clients. They are PRs or celebrity managers and it becomes often important to cater to their needs also. Meeting their unending demands may come across as a difficult task.

5. Lastly, the newsroom is much more chaotic now. With numerous amounts of press releases pouring in from different sources, it’s essential that a journalist understands how to screen the important ones out of them. Picking the right news for your coverage or headline and touching the pulse of your audience is an art that journalists now need to become expert on.

Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, Shweta Singh, Rajat Sharma are some of the noted journalists in India who changed the trends and face of journalism.

They are the pioneers of Indian journalism who are known not only for their strong words but also for acknowledging the ever changing media platforms.

You will find them in print, on TV and digital platform.

To become an excellent journalist or to start off as an impressive journalist, it is essential that one is aware of the current trends and the existing challenges in the field of journalism.

This is no longer the era of learning while working. This is the era of working while learning.

And in order to make yourself industry ready and polish your journalism skills, it is essential that you enroll yourself in one of the journalism courses.

There are many journalism colleges in Kolkata that provide great practical training and expose you to real situations to hone your skills in journalism.

Good journalism courses sharpen your mind, enable you to understand your surroundings, teach you the process of newsmaking and also develop your personality.

 So in case you want to become a journalist in future who wants to make a difference to the society, the first step will be to enroll yourself in iLEAD Kolkata, one of the best journalism colleges in Kolkata to understand, learn and hold on to the legacy of the great profession.