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True Factors Regarding Money worth Less, Time worth More

Thomas N Salzano: Time is more valuable than money

True Factors Regarding Money worth Less, Time worth More

Wednesday January 15, 2020,

4 min Read

People generally talk about the worth of money and time says Thomas N Salzano a motivational speaker and a famous blogger. The debate about what is more important: time or money has taken a professional form as this topic is commonly raised in group discussions and interviews.

Value Time as it waits for none

Time and money both are important but as our ancestors said: “Value Time as it waits for none.” Now it's time to support the statement that “Time values more” and below is some reasons listed by Thomas in support of the above statement:

You need time to earn, spend and value money

This statement needs no explanation as you all are well aware of the fact that you need time to earn money, spend it on your needs and of course you realize the value of money with time. The real-life example is that you invested your whole childhood to study and generate value out of it when you started earning you hardly get time for your desires and wants and when your parents especially your grandparents want you around you don’t have time for them too as per your busy schedule. You realize the value of money with time as the spending on things that were once important for you are no more in your priority list.

Time Creates More Memories than Money

You all have some good memories right? Now analyze which memories flashbacks make you feel happy. The answer is your childhood memories or the one with your loved one. Yes, earning your first salary is again one of the best memories but the reality is that your memory related to your salary only has a worth become you invested your whole month to get it. Time creates memories and time cannot be recreated only the memories can be recreated whereas money lost and be earned back.

You need time to spend money

At the age of 40 when you have earned a lot and have invested enough for your retirement plans, you wait for the right time to spend it. We are too busy earning that we hardly get time to spend on the right things, sometimes our desires need to wait as we don’t have time to fulfill it. For example, I love traveling but my busy schedule and priorities do not allow me as I don’t have time for my desires. Same is the case with you all, you don’t have time for your family as you are working, you don’t get time for your friends as you are busy with some important project, you had to cancel a trip with your partner as you had an urgent meeting at the office. So the bitter truth is you need time to spend money and the need of the hour is to manage your time well.

Value Time as it waits for none 1

Time is priceless, money is not

You can earn money by investing your time to do so but you cannot buy time from the money that you have earned. It is pointless to have money if you don’t have the time to spend it. Here you can relate the time with your age, the older you get the less time you invest in yourself and the people that really matter to you.

Time is a great healer, not money

This fact about time is true and you all will agree on this. Whenever you are pissed off and even shopping does not make you feel better, what is the other thing you do in this case? You sit alone and spend time with yourself, even an injury after being operated with your money needs time to heal. You need time to figure out who you really are and who you want to become so do give priority to your time.

According to many physiological experts, the importance of time and money depends on person to person, age and surroundings. A person who is too attached to his/her family, for example, your grandfather will prefer time over money but for your dad, it may be a different case as right now the priority for his is you and your career.

Thomas N Salzano says that "life is all about priority if money is your priority now you will not value time until and unless there comes a situation in life that makes you realize the importance of time that cannot be earned back."