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12 Emerging Startups and Entrepreneurs (With Unique Ideas) In Bangalore

In this article, I’ll talk about some emerging startups and entrepreneurs (with unique ideas) In Bangalore.

12 Emerging Startups and Entrepreneurs (With Unique Ideas) In Bangalore

Monday September 23, 2019,

8 min Read

Six months back, I moved to Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore.

Yes. The city of startups and entrepreneurs. Home of some BIG players like Flipkart, InMobi, and Mu Sigma. 

We have also seen a lot of Bangalore based startups making India proud. In this article, I’ll talk about some emerging startups and entrepreneurs (with unique ideas) In Bangalore.

1. Piggy Ride

PiggyRide is an evolutionary mode of transportation exclusive for kids which ensures the safety of your kids during the ride. 

It’s a Bangalore based startup founded by Mr. Manish Tewari, an IIT Varanasi alumni working as a serial entrepreneur & co-founder of Koovs and Pokkt along with Mr. Rohan Kaushal an IIT Delhi Alumni with over 9 years of experience of working closely with startups like Ola, Jaypee capital, Koovs and many more. 

They aim to help parents to manage their crazy schedule by allowing them to schedule cabs for their kids who are traveling to their schools, coaching institutions or other academies for extracurricular activities. 

They use cutting edge technologies to ensure the safety of the kids such as 

  • Live Video Surveillance inside & outside the vehicle
  • GPS Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Panic Buttons
  • Vehicle immobilizers 

They also provide insurance for every kid traveling with PiggyRide and makes sure that all their drivers get onboard after passing a strict verification process which includes their background and Police verification. 


PiggyRide is looking forward to helping the parents of the other cities of India soon. 

2.  Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward conduct personal finance workshops across schools, corporates and other interested groups. 

While there are courses to teach corporate finance and economics we do not have any "course" to teach us an important life skill like personal finance. Its neither part of the educational curriculum nor part of a dinner table conversation.

Pay It Forward set out on this mission to educate people on understanding the very basics of personal finance. Idea is to teach a subject that has been much ignored, and also make it fun in the process. So they use games and case studies and quizzes to teach some basic concepts. They also break lot of money myths and stereotypes and show people what the common money mistakes they can avoid.

Their USP is that they don’t sell any financial products and they are pure educators. Idea is to objectively teach a subject that is not taught and to help people have a smooth financial journey. 

Founders: Preetha Wali, Anu Seth, and Vinita Jain

3. What Parents Ask

What Parents Ask (WPA) is an online and offline platform makes parenting a guilt-free and fun experience. 

The platform, founded by Dr Debmita Dutta MBBS, MD – a doctor and a parenting consultant - helps parents find expert answers to their questions on parenting, health and nutrition through its workshops, articles and videos. 

she created the platform to help urban parents who were unnecessarily anxious and guilty all the time because they could not find credible answers to their questions. Parents using the platform say, that knowing that expert answers are just a click away, has liberated them from parenting stress.


TIR Global helps companies optimize the way leaders and teams engage and thrive! 

Caroline Cares FernandesI founded a five year old community vibha for Inclusion, initially for women entrepreneurs, now it has presence with a global community of women and men. They curate online and offline experiences for the community.

Caroline is a community builder, an empath and a self leader with 20+ years of corporate and startup experience.

5. Cinnamon Circles Productions

Cinnamon Circles create a communication framework for Corporates in order to sustain the ecosystem by offering solutions to overcome communication challenges with prospective clients and customers.

Sunitha Vardhan started this bootstrapped venture Cinnamon Circles in 2017 which helps corporates give a voice and face to their stories through creative visual media.

The vision behind this is to educate and convince the audience through convincing and connecting the story-telling process. On the other side of the spectrum, it also helps in soft employer branding of any firm or company. 

Cinnamon Circles aims to help companies present their value propositions in a unique way by establishing a stronger connect with the audience through impactful visual content. 

They strongly believes that the culture and workplace of every firm are unique and has to be told in a certain way that it attracts the right talent and adds value to the firm's vision and future plans.

6. Stoned Santa

Stoned Santa (Founded by Shashank Shekhar) is an IIM-Bangalore incubated art based startup that works with artists and creators to create Personalized Handmade Art and enables them to earn and get recognized for their work.


Shashank struck on Stoned Santa's idea when he was unable to find gift ideas for his parent's 25th Anniversary. Since its inception, the company has grown bootstrapped and helped over 2000 people find smiles through unique gifts. 


They currently work with over 100 artists and is building a community of artists to enable creation and collaboration.


7. Moshi Moshi


Moshi Moshi  (Founded by Ajay Bothra) is an Independent Multi-disciplinary Advertising agency, that works closely with Startups and MNC’s to deliver engaging media creatives and actionable online strategies with brand originality at its core. 


Right from giving a brand its name to envisioning its brand communication, to devising its online penetration strategy to developing communications that work in the digital world, 

They help brands stay in trend with the 21st century customers.


They own digital Signage screens across 30+ tech parks in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Gurgaon, Delhi and Mumbai. 


These signages are inside companies like, Amazon, WeWork, Accenture, mindtree and a lot of other such companies. With this media, they have a direct reach to about 200000+  tech park employees across the country. They work with brands on very corporate specific advertisement campaigns for these media spaces. 

8. Neha Tripathi Talk Show

Neha Tripathi run her own Talk Show "NehaTripathiTalkShow" which is a virtual platform to share the exclusive journey of Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders from across the industry to support in building a Version 2.0 of themselves. 

When she started her entrepreneurial journey she was clueless on how to begin with. Thereafter she jumped from one networking event to another and to another. She hopped from city to city meeting people and researching on their entrepreneurial journey.

In that process she realised if she runs a show where I could invite there experienced professionals from different domain, she might help someone who is investing time in figuring their HOW.

And this is how her adventurous journey began!!

9. Chiranthana

Chiranthana, founded by Rachana Prasad, who wanted to learn about education that went beyond the traditional academics. Education that filled a child’s psychological and emotional needs, and included a personality development component, clearly missing in the standard curriculum measured by standard texts and outdated testing methods.

Chiranthana helps youth and children with special-needs develop life skills and artistry. Operating as a non-profit, Chiranthana opens up a whole new world for these children through a wide array of programs that make a significant difference in their lives. 

Rachana is mother of a child with special abilities, dreamt of providing an inclusive set-up for students to collaboratively learn, perform, act and most importantly express without the fear of failure or rebuke. 

It was then that she started her work with specially abled children and graduated from Spastics Society of Karnataka on Inclusive education. She believes that theatre provides children with tacit skills that no other education does.


Mothers motivation to be a part of their Children’s Education but who are unable to do so the way they wanted, thats where the need of new end STARTUP’S is getting involved!! 

STUDIO TARANG was born as a result of this in the year April 2013 (Founded by Rashmi Kulkarni). TARANG helps the women from Rural Areas who are not so literate but have skills to do what Is taught to them to create a sustainable environment. 

It supports them with raw materials and get done various stuff like paper bags, boxes which is supplied to Corporate Industry for various gifting needs. 

They are helping underprivileged children by educating them thru medium of Art. This startup believes that Art breaks all the barriers and also a child is able to understand the whole concepts easily thru medium of art in any form.

TARANG has been awarded as The Homepreneur of the Year 2019 by WEFT(Women Entrepreneurs For Transformation) Foundation in Bangalore.

11. Anivee Media Services

At Anivee, they focus on creating premium animation services, corporate videos and explainer videos at minimal budget.

Founded by Arun Kumar, a graphic designer with 8 years of experience, they help startups and big businesses to leverage the power of video marketing at its best, at an affordable price. 

They have a wide arena of expertise in providing corporate videos, explainer videos and promotional videos.

12. BumChum Diapers

Bumchum BDiapers is a healthy and rash free diaper that does not break the bank! They make diapering easy with the comfort of cloth and the convenience of disposables. Bdiaper is a trendy cover that works both with a disposable biosoaker. 

Being the Healthiest Diaper in India, these come with cute matching tops and accessories making them complete clothing for your baby. So now you can care for the health of your baby and your planet. Their goal is to make the diapering years healthy (rash free) convenient and fun.

Founded by: Amrita Vaswani