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Understanding On-Demand Apps - The Next Generation Technology

Understanding On-Demand Apps - The Next Generation Technology

Tuesday March 05, 2019,

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 “Presently, On-demand solutions are helping numerous clients develop sustainable compliance processes that will reduce risks and increase accounting efficiencies across their organizations. We expect that number to grow significantly as other businesses choose to leverage the power of the Web to reduce time, costs and the risks associated with implementing application software.” – John Harte

Uber, Airbnb, Booking.com, Peapod, Zomato, Swiggy, Instacart, Rinse, Postmates, HomeAway …..

What do all of these have in common?

These are all globally well-known on-demand platforms. Today, the world is demand oriented. You need it, you get it. Technology is moving towards an on-demand model wherein everything you ask for is converted into an actual accomplishment.

On-demand apps are the face of the future. You can now demand what you want through these on-demand apps, and it will be done. Unbelievable, as it may sound, there are many unseen areas that have now leveraged the potential of this innovative technology and are garnering popularity and profits both. On-demand apps are experiencing exponential growth in acceptance and so is the need for hiring such app developers. It is the latest jargon in the corporate industry today, with mobility as the biggest driving factor and maximizing sales as the prime motive. These apps enable enterprises to meet customer expectations by matching their demands, timely and precisely, as needed.

As you experience and see the two front runners in this arena - Uber using location-based apps to offer on-demand taxi services in a secure and cost-effective way and Airbnb offering on-demand hospitality services across the globe, you can perceive the power of on-demand app development that is gaining momentum today. The very fact that on-demand apps offer customers the convenience, satisfaction and flexibility to do anything, anywhere and anytime is the key to its success.

What are On-Demand Applications and Why Are They So Popular?

On-demand applications act as a platform between suppliers and customers, by offering a product or service, with ease, as and when your customer needs it. Call it the ‘on-demand economy’ or ‘on-demand service’, as per the latest business terminologies, on-demand mobile app development has increased in demand.

Some of the obvious advantages of using an on-demand application and the reasons why they are so popular among business owners, entrepreneurs and enterprises are:

  • On-demand apps possess easy access and are convenient to use from anywhere
  • Makes our life convenient by simplifying many of our daily needs
  • Save big time on time and resources with reduced wastage of energy
  • Information availability at the tap of a finger
  • Instant availability of a product or service
  • Enables business owners to bring their ground-breaking ideas to client’s fingertips
  • Offers better prospects to exploit the markets that have been untouched
  • An appropriate way to expand your market reach, boost sales and convert your brand into a renowned one
  • Customers gain instant fulfillment and swift delivery

“The on-demand delivery model is more than capable of handling mission critical functions.” – Greg Gianforte

Latest Facts and Statistics on On-Demand Apps

  • More than 85 Million Americans are using on-demand services.
  • 40+ Million Americans are offering services in on-demand service.
  • More than 50% of people who offered services in on-demand economy admitted that their financial situation has improved in past year.
  • 51% of people offering services for startups in the on-demand economy

What Are the Key Categories / Industry Segments That Leverage On-Demand Apps, World Over?

There are certain service areas of on-demand apps that have been increasingly popular, across the globe:

Package Delivery Apps

  • Facilitate delivery of any type
  • Connects persons with different items be it enterprise, small segments or individuals

Food Delivery / Hospitality Apps

  • Delivering food to customers at their doorstep
  • Be it any time of the day, service is feasible
  • Offers a diverse range of cuisines in stipulated time and budget
  • E.g. Swiggy, Uber Eats, Zomato etc.

Person to Person Apps

  • Delivery apps that facilitate an individual requesting items from another individual

Business to Person Apps

  • This is most common among companies offering their products and services to end clients
  • Food products is one big area that falls under this category
  • Other areas could be house cleaning, laundry, beauty services, health care units etc.

Business to Business Apps

  • Usually leveraged in business to business talks with respect to delivery of items

Personal Transportation Apps

  • Leveraged by commuters
  • Uber is one highly popular app
  • Turned out economical as compared to normal taxi service
  • Offers a range of services – budget driven and luxury rides

Outsourcing Apps

  • Getting widely popular after the need for outsourcing has increased all over
  • Helps customers with their daily tasks through apps

Educational Apps

  • Makes learning easier with apps that helps tutoring any topic needed be it academic, music, cooking etc.

Housekeeping Apps

  • Catering to on-demand services like dish-washing, house cleaning etc.
  • Helps people find agencies that help do such odd jobs

Healthcare Apps

  • Getting doctors and nursing care on demand
  • Booking medical examinations and getting medicines through apps

Freelancer Apps

  • Getting freelancers belonging to different fraternities
  • Getting a basic profile introduction and their rates etc. before dealing with them

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How Can On-Demand Apps Offer a Feature Rich Experience, Through the Eyes of the Software Solution Provider?

If we look at on-demand apps through the eyes of the developers and solution providers, there are certain key factors that need to be ensured in the applications, in order to offer a user-friendly, seamless, feature rich and memorable experience to customers. Here are they:

  • Simplicity of Use

The on-demand apps need to be easy to operate for the customers. That acts as a basic requirement for the app to be accepted more by customers and to garner increased usage and satisfaction. All basic processes that are involved in the app, should be represented in a simple and easily understandable manner.

  • Flawless & Flexible Performance

A safe, secure, undisturbed and appealing performance by the app is necessary to garner increased usage and customer loyalty. There are certain apps that offer free service and some that get paid for. Hence, offering a seamless and flexible experience becomes necessary.

  • Scalability

There is much information and data transfer involved. Hence, the app must be competent enough to handle multiple transactions every second. Traffic handling and management is a key area that needs to be ascertained. The app must be designed in such a way that it can manage numerous users at a single instance.

  • Quality and Speed of Services

After all, it is the customer who is directly affected by the quality and speed of the app. Better the quality, more is the trust factor ensured by the clients. And with so much competition around, the performance also needs to be quick and instant.

  • Cost Effectiveness

In this competitive world, end users have many options to choose from and hence unnecessary cost factors are sure to make you lose your business. There must be proper and budgeted costing associated.

  • Customized and Fresh UI/UX

A successful on-demand app must be made as per the domain it belongs to and has to offer a fresh, novel and easily understandable look. It should depict the industry that it belongs to, to ensure more relativity. A good UI/UX is vital since it enhances how a user can easily get what is needed.

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What Are the Key Aspects That Are Necessary in An Effective On-Demand App?

Above were the key features that need to be a part of the on-demand apps, in terms of development and design needs, from the software solution provider’s perspective. Apart from that, be it any business segment or size of industry, there are certain aspects that need to be a part of any on-demand app, to make it likable and usable by customers.

Push Notifications

  • Inform customers about the new services or offers
  • Can act as a reminder and a marketing instrument
  • Real-time status of orders can be sent through push notifications
  • Any change in pipeline can be intimated

Booking Module

  • Catering to booking any kind of service
  • Listing preferences by customers in the last few visits to speed up selection
  • Seamless integration with other modules and payment information

Geo Location Tracking and Integration

  • GPS integration is a must to track orders
  • Can inform users about progress of orders
  • Keeps the entire order progress updated with all stakeholders

Wish List

  • Maintains a list of services / products which may be needed by customers in future
  • Helps customers avail them faster in upcoming visits

Online Payment Facility

  • Easy, secure, online and fast payment methods are a must
  • Needs safe transaction facilities with enough payment options

Review, Feedback and Rating

  • Client testimonials and reviews help in getting actual user feedback
  • Having this feature ensures a sense of contact with the customer
  • Getting real-time feedback from clients instantly

Catering to Cancellation / Revision

  • No customer would get bound to any order if there is no provision of cancellation or revision of order
  • This acts as a sigh of relief to the customers prior to committing to any order

Activity Log Maintenance

  • The app must provide a log of orders, search results and all relevant information so that the end user does not have to remember all these together
  • It acts as a good memory brusher for the clients

Store User Details for Multiple Activities

Sometimes, users may opt for multiple bookings at a time. At such times, the app should be able to recall basic information about the customer like address, phone number etc. to avoid hassles

On Demand App Guide

Courtesy: https://theninehertz.com/blog/comprehensive-guide-on-demand-apps/

Why Should You Hire On-Demand App Developers for Your Business?

A very popular service area for IT solution providers today is ‘Hire On-Demand Developers’. The hiring service has proven to be an efficient and effective mechanism to smart software development. Delving further into it, hiring on-demand app developers can cater to technology specific areas based on requirement and expertise.

Certain key benefits of hiring on-demand app developers are:

  • Cost Effective and Affordable
  • Enriched Quality Output
  • Faster Turnaround Time
  • Skilled Pool of Technical and Process Driven Expertise
  • Excellent Support Mechanism
  • Secured Project Development
  • Flexibility in Hiring Models
  • Round-the-clock availability

The Closing Views

Overall, on-demand app development is seeing a bright today and tomorrow since there is no looking back as it comes to online activities around the globe. It is a smart move lauded well by the clients, be it individuals, small segment industries or enterprises. An easy interaction of customers with products / services is what is the key highlight of these apps, and that too, instantly, as and when needed. What more would the customer want! It would be interesting to see how this arena blossoms and what revolutionary advancements are observed in the time to come.