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Unfolding the untold story of the tech genius specialists

Unfolding the untold story of the tech genius specialists

Thursday October 31, 2019,

8 min Read

From initial investment into such a big name on the market, Sabyasachi Mishra and Vinod Gupta has come a long way in making the name of Leatherclue.

With an aim to provide superior quality leather goods in India and across the world at economical prices, Leatherclue was founded in the year 2015 by Sabyasachi Mishra and Vinod Gupta in Mumbai. The business is great in manufacturing all types of custom leather products like jackets, bags, belts, wallets, gloves, t-shirts and varieties of other leather products.

With the objective of making their company number one in the market, they are focussed on supplying quality products with creative and innovative layouts. Both of them belonging to the tech sector were open in venturing towards new thoughts.

"We are always open to hearing new ideas to execute them in our industry which helps both in the company and customer satisfaction," says Vinod.

Let's read out the journey of the tech genius specialists to know how they began from nothing and reached up establishing one of the finest leather brands in Mumbai.

How Did You Come With The Idea?

Initially, the notion of starting Leatherclue struck when we watched how costs of leather goods are excessively expensive in the marketplace. And even after costing so much price the goods people receiving were not original, rather made of bad or duplicate quality materials. Seeing this we stuck with the notion to begin our own venture in the leather industry as a solution.

No matter how small requirements you have, the price in which leather products are sold in the market is overly expensive. Seeing such demanding needs and people’s engagement towards leather in the market we started Leatherclue. 

The ideology behind Leatherclue was to launch a platform that would enable shoppers to buy genuine leather products at affordable rates. The leather products that we deal in include custom leather jackets, leather bags, leather belts, leather wallets, leather gloves, leather t-shirts and a lot more. With such a vast range of merchandise, the internet marketplace caters to the requirements of each client. Leatherclue aims to offer the best-customized leather products to its shoppers.

Our high-end leather jackets are such that they are quality tested for all the needed factors. Our merchandise owning quality attributes undergo all evaluations to make it into the branded product segment. 

Including a wide range of products our team of craftsman also provides their customers

  • Convenient buying experience.
  • On-time delivery of products.
  • Faster resolution of any concern
  • Good quality products
  • Long-lasting materials

When and How Did You Begin?

After working in the field of IT and Biotechnology for long years we possessed a common feeling to start our own business. Mishra and me personally, both carrying more than ten decades of experience in IT from the largest organizations of the country founded a common passion for starting our own company.

While growing up with the studies we both always wanted to do something brand new. Something which can deliver a change, which not only benefits our enterprise but should also help people around us. 

But, leaving everything behind and taking a whole new street of business wasn't at all simple. Originally driven by the thought of establishing an independent goal, we started a business called in 2014. The idea was to take care of the work of second-hand cars and bikes. However, this business idea did not work out as we both thought and because of some legalities shortly we had to close it down.

Just like everyone around us even we thought it as our biggest failure. But instead of keeping this failure for the lifetime we took it as a lesson and decided to start a new journey. 

Making a list of all of the pros and cons along with their consequences once again we placed our steps in the market. In 2015 we began our journey of Leatherclue and now after four years of hardship, today we can proudly say we did it. Although the journey was full of hurdles and obstacles we did not stop trying.


Jumping from one business idea to an entirely new industry of garments and e-commerce brought its own set of challenges. One of the most difficult challenges for the team was to combat the heavy financial load that we carried on our backs, particularly because it was our second venture. 

However, carrying a positive attitude towards everything we kept working towards improving our product quality, client experience and enlarging our customer reach. Believing the idea 'sometimes you need to risk it, to create it' we committed all our days and nights to boost our company. When businessmen run from a mindset of working towards their goals, regardless of the reverses, they are bound to succeed.

Our Performance

After a continuous and incessant performance, Leatherclue is dedicated to supplying 100% pure leather grade products. Meeting good quality standards and providing delight to our recipients we take special care in packaging and providing gifts for you and your loved ones.

Till date, we've sold thousands of leather products to our customers all over the globe. Began from dwindling funds to extremely well-performing sales figures, we have successfully sold leather jackets online in India, a marketplace that is relatively reluctant to online purchasing.

Our Approach 

Today Leatherclue has happy customers all over the country, the platform is full of positive reviews about the leather products that attract the youth crowd. Our customer support is also friendly and valuable to all. Anyone who buys products from Leatherclue will no doubt will be happy and completely satisfied with the products they need.

The logistics team makes certain that the goods are optimally packed and delivered to the customer in record time so that the clients do not keep waiting for the products to arrive

In this world where there are cut-throat competitions and stiff resistance in the e-commerce world, a firm like Leatherclue is trying hard to provide quality products to clients at the rate of budget-friendly prices. Our goods are all backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee which the clients can enjoy. Any sort of materials that are shown to be faulty is replaced with quality ones without the hassle of making the customers wait for their turn to return the items. 

Along with delivering quality shopping experience to our customers we also provide a vast selection of products for the clients to select. We understand how customer service is of utmost significance and therefore we supply a splendid experience to each client who is seeking to buy their merchandise at reasonable and affordable prices.

If the customer service is done properly it helps companies like Leatherclue to spread words amongst the general public and assist themselves to generate the business. Having a team of energetic and young people with experienced management our people ensure they provide delight each time you order with us. At Leatherclue, we do our best to give our customers quality products at the best prices possible. We place all our efforts in a level of service that they will never forget, which makes them want to return for more.

What Message Do You Want To Share?

Leaving a routine job and starting your own business as an entrepreneur is almost always a challenging choice. Everyone will point you out for leaving what's already set and venturing into something new that is filled with danger. When we started our journey we had been having zero experience in business as it was our first time to enter into this environment.

The series of failures had been many, even getting a single order was tough. It took plenty of time, efforts and disappointments to determine what exactly we were needed to perform and finally, after confronting all the hurdles we reached the stage we dream.

The one thing which made us adhere to our dream was our will power and commitment towards our work. We promised ourselves no matter what happens we will not quit at any price. We have faced many troubles but still, we managed and lasted and that's how each entrepreneur is made up of.


It is very important that customer service provided to users is of top-notch quality which helps the enterprise to spread the word. A happy client ensures a happy enterprise. The vision of Leatherclue is simple however extraordinary, to provide quality leather products to customers and help them to get what they want. Leatherclue helps customers bridge the gap as well as provide the advantage that is located in offline shopping to the customers and supply them with quality products that they have always believed about and wanted for. The website is filled with a number of favorable reviews from customers for the products which they sell.

Concluding their roller-coaster journey of ups and downs, I want to say entrepreneurs like Mishra and Sharma push the youth of today by putting forth exemplary small business ideas by turning legitimate market issues into effective solutions.

Who would have ever thought that a simple leather jacket company in India, would be the next big business idea? 

As they say, a businessman's mind starts to think where the ordinary vision ends.

Vinod Gupta - Co Founder

Vinod Gupta ( Co-Founder, LeatherClue)

Sabyasachi Mishra - Founder

Sabyasachi Mishra( Founder - LeatherClue)