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Top Sports Betting Mobile App Development Companies

Top Sports Betting Mobile App Development Companies

Monday September 17, 2018,

11 min Read

Betting has always been active and looked upon as a fun way to earn some bucks from a field of your interest. There are people who like different types of sports and they tend to try their luck in the betting arena from a long time back. But with the advancement of technology, betting too has grown in stature and style.

Betting has come online and can be accessed from your mobile phones having an internet connection. It has become very advanced, so advanced that you can bet in your favorite or player just by sitting at home and enjoying your drink. It was in 2002 that this business went online and people were circumspect that could ruin their huge investments and companies but it turned out to be just the opposite.

Now is the time when online has almost become immune to failure. Earlier, people used to manage their betting business via websites but now it has become even more comfortable, just with the introduction of iOS and Android betting apps.

What aspects to keep in mind while creating a Sports betting app?

  • Functionality: Users like it smooth and fast. Therefore, the proper and smooth functioning of an app will become a hit among its users.
  • Design: Amazing aesthetics are very important if you are trying to attract someone from the outside look. The app should have that sharp and bold design that can lure viewers for best betting app development.
  • Services: The services that you provide to the users will play a key part in your uprising in the market and your longevity of stay of betting app production competition.
  • Developing Team: They are the heart and soul behind all the functions that have to be carried in order to create a masterclass app. So, they should be experienced professionals that can provide desired results.

Basic features associated with sports betting app:

  • Instant mode of payment: Paying for any bill or anything you are interested in has become so quick and fast in today's world. So giving your users this leisure of quick instant payments will surely make give you an edge over other apps in the market.
  • Reviews: It is an option that has been provided in apps via which customers can provide their feedback, opinions, information regarding their experience with the app. By getting that feedback and information, app developers can work on the things they lack in and also improve on the already existing features.
  • Strong Security: Being a risky and costly operation, betting has always been a headache for most of the users, plus their app owners. So providing that unbreakable security to their users that can help them trust the app with their money can be sure attacker. Money operations should be easy and simple in nature.
  • Betting trends: Promoting an event that is in trend can help you attract customers. Presenting something different from the others will help you in the long run. Just get in touch with the organizers of the event that has been trending in that particular time period. You can choose to promote it through your app by giving your users that benefit and information.
  • Live games: Providing the option of watching live games can really turn your app into a go-to app for the users out there. It will be convenient for the users and is very essential for an app to have this feature in order to be successful. It will be helpful in the app engagement as well. Providing the real-time scores is great in their own sense but best experience can only be delivered by providing live games.
  • Betting odds: Betting is not just a flash in the pan. You need to have the correct information about the team you are betting on or the player you are betting on. The recent form and performance of a team or player should be provided within the app so that betters can get all the needed information before placing their bets. This source of information should be provided by the proven and experienced professionals related to this gambling industry.
  • Multi-language: Betting is a trend all around the globe and people of countries with various languages indulge in gambling. So, in order to reach the users all around the world, multi-language is an option that has to be involved in your app. More the languages supported by the app, more your get supported among worldwide betting lovers.

Which are the top companies in the Betting Mobile App Development arena?

In case, you are keen on getting a Betting mobile app developed for your business, then these are the companies you can hire for the betting mobile app development process.

Octal IT Solution

It is a top-notch sports betting app development company. They have a team of skilled and experienced developers who are highly-skilled in development of betting app for any kind of sport, be it Cricket, Soccer, Football, Baseball, and Horse racing, etc. With the help of their brilliant team, they create high-quality apps that will help you to have an upper hand and an impressive run in the industry with your product. The apps created by them are highly secure to execute monetary transactions related to bets and prize money. You can bet on live events and also have a live schedule for an upcoming event. The one-touch procedure provided by them is a treat to use.


A high quality and one of the best sports betting app development company out there. It is a company that has its roots in India but with a global presence all over the USA and also Chile, definitely the first-rate option for the clients all across the globe. Having a team highly experienced and dedicated professionals they develop highly intriguing apps for betting purpose. Keeping customer satisfaction in mind, they create apps with great designs and excellent functionality. They have been in this business for quite a long time and serve their customers whatever they demand. Apps for all kinds of betting sports are created by them.

You can easily check the score of the opponent that you are playing against live and track down the required statistics to calculate the scores on the home screen of your handset.


They have a churned team of skilled developers who have a plenty of years of experience on their side and with the help of latest technology provided to them, they create apps of the highest quality. Their apps allow you to virtually bet on real matches and play with virtual currency. They develop apps that are only compatible with the app store. They create apps for betting on sports like Rugby, Tennis, Football, Basketball and many others.

Dream Codesign

All the betting app creation related to sports they create or discuss are custom in nature. They consult about the project, design the best they can, develop it up and can also lend a hand in marketing your app in the best professional method. They create the betting apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android. The apps created by them can be published or launched at both google play store and app store. Whatever sports betting app you are interested in getting developed, you can contact them and they will provide you with your dream design.


They work on a blockchain system that is not provided by any other sports betting app development company in the market. They combine the blockchain process in their system that ensures transparency and trust among the people associated with the app. With a team of skilled professionals and some business industries, their blockchain type betting platform serves according to the need of users who are looking for a comfortable and convenient virtual platform to place out their bets. They create a risk management module that will caution you in case of any suspicious activity. Bookies are also allowed to edit odds, improvise the risk limits and if want to adjust the threshold limit.


They focus on betting app development strategy that will allow its users to have a genuine and satisfying experience of a Sportsbook, all types of betting offers real-time professional sports of all kind. They provide betting offers even for college sports in addition to International leagues and sports fixtures all around the world. They keep you the updated with numerous types of game bets along with the best winning odds. The game lines get updated and refreshed along with every minute of action in the real time. They develop apps for all quality sports like Rugby, Football, Formula1 etc.


This company was created to allow the leisure of online betting for all the live games to their users by panning out virtual and also real leagues. Users of their apps have the option of viewing the leagues that are created by keeping the public in mind. Real money play is also provided for the users. Users can also create their own leagues in a minute and get their friends involved and see who wins this friendly rivalry. Future games schedules can also be viewed on the apps. For the amateurs, there is a "how to play" video which will guide you through the playing procedure of their app.

BR Softech

They develop apps that provide the feature of completely secure service after you register for them and the registered details are totally compatible and anonymous to any other person. This feature is controlled by an app administrator which provide users with the option of great features and play. The app process is easy to use and also user-friendly. BR Softech has created high functional, fast, convenient, brilliant and features packed betting apps for sports like horse racing, football, cricket, tennis, rugby, baseball etc. If a person has an idea related to an app, you can contact them about it and they help you develop it into a benefiting reality.

Hornet Dynamics:

Hornet Dynamics is one of the leading betting app developing company that guarantees quick and high-quality development services for both mobile and website. They take pride in developing apps for Cricket Betting, Poker, Teen Patti, Online Casino, and sports betting solution. They have a team of over 50 engineers with high number years of experience alongside them. They provide its users with trustworthy betting services in sports and gamble in the real-time games with the help of features provided through their app. They keep you updated all the upcoming fixtures details and you can place a bet on your favorite team with the favorable odds provided by them. Their apps are provided with one touch feature that makes the processing for the users very smooth.


Gropse is one of the leading mobile sports betting app development company who has been in this business for a long time now. They have been providing their customers with the service they dream of. They turn their ideas of an app or website into reality with the help of an experienced and well-groomed team which work up to their potential to deliver the goods for the company. They develop betting apps those are compatible with both Android and iOS systems. Betting apps for sports like Football, Cricket, Rugby, Baseball, Tennis are developed by them with their quality view of creation. Their apps are high on aesthetics and functionality with no hindrances during their running time.

So, this was the list of top sports betting app development enterprises. As you can notice, we talked about some big multinational betting corporations who take pride in their functioning and working procedure to bring out the best product for their customers. The sport betting apps developed by all of them are unique in a specific way and they cannot be compared. So, if you are looking for an app to be developed you can read about all of them separately and decide out who suits your requirements the best.

Next, let's find out about the cost to develop a sports betting mobile app.

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What is the Cost and Time involved in the development of a Sports Betting mobile app?

According to the reports, building an average betting app cost a company about $30,000 - $35,000. But if you are developing a more advanced app than it will cost you more money and time. Usually, it is a $50 per hour rate in order to calculate the overall cost as the average rate all over Western Europe. This will lead up to 1825 hours overall but it could be said as a rough estimate.

Choosing a reliable mobile app development company that provides value to cost per hour rate is also very important. For a development of very advanced betting app like William Hill at a medium-sized company will cost you around $60,000 on an average and if you order it from a high profile company than it will cost you around $250,000 or more. So it's up to you and your budget, which type of company you want to choose.