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Virtual Reality Training: Reduce Training Cost, Eliminate Risk Factor & Enhance Field Operations

Virtual Reality In Training:

Tuesday November 06, 2018,

5 min Read

The benefit of Virtual Reality has led to many possibilities in the different industry. Due to the ultimate feature of this technology, it gives the reason for its use in every sense. Its ability of immersive visualization and rendered images has always been a valued ability in a high-risk occupation.

Whether it is military, aviation, construction or energy VR is offering benefit from the new breakthroughs and content that is being developed for specific industries. With time VR headsets become more affordable, it is becoming increasingly common in industries for training purpose. Thus, VR training offers fewer mistakes we are likely to make earlier, as a result, the more lives get saved while giving the live training.

 Benefits of VR training

The use of virtual reality as a training purpose is getting renounced in every sector. Giant businesses have adopted this technology as a way of educating the new generation of the trainee. Thus, the uses of virtual reality are covered in more detail training session.

The major sector of the industry has adopted this technology for training purposes that include education, armed forces, construction, healthcare, and business.

Here are some benefits of virtual reality training in these sectors and many others?

•   Little/no risk

•   Safe, controlled area

•   Realistic scenarios

•   Can be done remotely saving time and money

•   Improves retention and recall

•   Simplifies complex problems/situations

•   Suitable for different learning styles

•   Innovative and enjoyable


The military uses VR simulations that can help to train the cadets so that they can be repeated and make mistakes risk free while learning.

In military VR simulation provides an immersive way to train recruits and optimize tough operations. Apart from that augmented reality helps military officials with 3D vision technology that help in the maintenance and repair of equipment.

When it comes about the mapping and topo sheets practice in the military, officials are looking for VR solutions that could help them at the time of timing crisis while training.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Virtual Reality App has the potential to take manufacturing and logistics to the next level. It can be especially useful for training the trainees at the time training. It skills them according to the trade requirements.

With the help of the overlay holographic 3D images, VR can portray the realistic situations for an individual with a real-world perspective. The immersive environment instructs the candidate which can be enormously valuable for educating staff.

It creates a risk-free environment while instructing staff about large machinery or specialized devices those are really risky in real life.

Oil & Gas

As we are aware that oil refineries and plants are some of the most complex pieces of machinery in the world.

There are many drilling platforms that are managed by highly trained professionals. And the working environment of this industry is mostly tough. Therefore, the workers have to work in such conditions. Hence, the importance of proper training plays a vital role that should not be full of stress.

Therefore, through VR headset trainee can experience the virtual replica of a rig without allowing students to feel worried about the risky environment.

Virtual experience is as good as the real thing when it comes about working on skills. Therefore, students can grasp their skills on better plan management, personnel-deployment, and crisis management strategy.


When it comes about the automotive sector VR potential is taking the user experience to the next level. Giants like Ford and Audi are working on VR solutions headsets that are helping to rapidly design, prototype, and evaluate vehicles in a virtual setting.

By using Oculus Rift headsets users can go through the high definition renderings of the interiors and exteriors of cars. This benefit company to customize the car model according to the users need.

VR offers the ability to customize not just colors, but electronics systems, inlays, and even the interior leather of the specific car models.

Apart from that, there are some institutions that are using to VR training solutions to educate teenagers about how to avoid reckless driving. These VR solutions have sensors that translates what the user was doing with the pedals or steering wheel into the simulation. VR can be fruitful for immersive car tours and experiential test drives for the fresher.

Space Exploration

VR featured solutions in the field of the Astronauts is helping to explore space without taking the effort to visit space. Through VR, the creation of the virtual surface of another planet can be developed for training and learning purposes. Thus, the NASA team is trying to use VR is increasing effectiveness in space exploration.

Researchers and scientist find it two times more accurate when it comes about training before actually entering into space. Thus, VR in the space field is helping to determine distances and angles more accurate during training.

VR helps astronauts to closely feel the virtual surface and the environment of the specific planet. Apart from that, it helps to know better about the conditions of the planet before starting the space mission.

Wrapping Up

Over the last few years’ industries are implementing virtual reality (VR) training solutions for various utilities. It is transforming the way people get to educate and learn with the immersive. Therefore, in a small span of time, this immersive technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Thus, this new technology results in a more impactful outputs.

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