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Web Design Mistakes Designers Must be Aware of in 2020

Web Design Mistakes Designers Must be Aware of in 2020

Saturday July 11, 2020,

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Designers have always impressed the users with appealing web designs, ravishing logos, animations, and whatnot. A designer’s job is not at all an interesting job as it seems to us, but it accompanies a lot of insights, great planning, expertise, and use of the right skillset in order to meet the customer demands. This is the reason why a UI design company also focuses on hiring designers who are not experienced but creative too who have the industry exposure too.

Common Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

No matter how experienced a designer is, there are always a few things that you must be unaware of. The reason being the web design industry is a wide segment that has a lot of trends to learn and implement. And while the designers emphasize on improving the animation and design elements, they usually commit mistakes unknowingly.

It further results in disappointing the customers, which is just intolerable in today’s time. So, in this competitive age, designers simply can’t afford to commit mistakes. In this post, I am sharing the most common web design mistakes that every designer must be aware of and try avoiding it in 2020. So, let’s get started!

Poor Navigation

Designers spend a lot of time and effort while they decide the positioning of design elements, web pages, and other animations throughout the website. And during this, they end up designing an appealing web design, which sometimes results in making the customer’s journey complicated. Users will no doubt get attracted to your website with its appealing design, but what’s the point if they fail to locate the services or web pages they have been looking for. So, try keeping the navigation easy throughout the website so that the users can easily locate what they are looking for on your website.

Countless CTAs

Call to Action (CTA) is a powerful tool to convert a visitor into a customer. It is helpful only if you are using a definite number of CTAs on your website, otherwise, excessive CTAs are going to irritate the user and they will definitely start looking for some other alternative websites. So, just don’t flood your website with CTAs all over, just focus on a few relevant CTAs on the web page in order to ensure a rich customer experience.

Too Much Animation

Animations in undoubtedly a great tool to draw the customer’s attention right away only if it is done in a limit. Designers often use excessive animations over a website page and forget that there is no breathing space on the website. So, you need to ensure that you leave enough blank spaces too and focus on limited animations only so that the customers get a great experience over the website rather than getting distracted with the too many animated elements lying everywhere on the website.

Non Mobile-friendly Websites

Designers focus on design and design. During this, their prime focus is on delivering a perfect representation of the website on a perfect device but forget that different users are using a different device. Your website needs to look great on all screen sizes so that the customers don’t have to zoom in and struggle while browsing through a website, which only was made only for PC views. So, designers need to ensure that the view is perfect for displaying and operates well on multiple devices such as PC, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and so on.

Auto-playing Videos

From a user’s perspective, auto-playing videos is a big NO. You simply can’t force a user to watch a video if he doesn’t want to do so. Believe me, doing this has always irritated the customers and the next step is that they leave your website. So, this is not at all a great idea, but it will definitely backfire. Every UX design company must ensure that its designers avoid using auto-play videos on the websites.

Every designer who wishes for successful projects and business growth in 2020, must ensure that they must not commit the above mistakes at any cost as it will ruin the customer’s experience and take them away from your business forever.