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Is your website suffering from any of these problems?

Is your website suffering from any of these problems?

Monday October 21, 2019,

4 min Read

The website is the face of your business. It’s important to own a website, it increases your digital presence and makes your business credible. But if your website is gaining no traffic, leads and growth to your business then you are not utilizing your website properly. 

Either you agree or not, the objective of a website is to add value to your business in terms of growth and money. If you aren’t achieving this benefit then you must be lacking somewhere. But how to figure out your common website mistakes?

In this blog, I’ll share a few common mistakes that block your website traffic and resist from generating leads. So, if your business website suffers problems like these, then it’s time to run a quality check on your website.

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Website Traffic

  • Search Engine Optimization: Without SEO, you can’t expect your website to grow. It’s beneficial in increasing the SERP rankings and also helpful in generating leads for your business. A website allows several features for optimization. But if your website exists without SEO, then it can fall short of the performance. Point No. 1 - SEO

  • Content: If your content isn’t worthy enough, Google might grant you a low rank. Content is important for the SERP ranking. It should have a focus keyword, increased readability, and compelling words. If the content on the home page doesn’t click your customers, they can replace you with other websites soon. So, pay close detail to content.

  • Blog Section: Having a blog section entails traffic on your website and also boost your SEO. When Google sees that your website is posting blogs regularly then there are more chances to uplift the ranking. 

Marketing Problems

  • Social Media: If your business doesn’t have a social media presence then you’re missing a golden opportunity to success. Plus, when users come on your website, they look for the social platforms to see your followings on these networks. Apart from that, an active social media presence is also good for lead generation.

  • Inconsistency: Do you know your huge marketing campaigns can fall out if you don’t show consistency on your social forums and websites? Consistency is the key to show your audience that you’re worth to hire for their services and you won’t take a break frequently. So, inconsistency is a big mistake that can hurt your brand.

Website Layout

  • Customization: With the existence of millions of websites, you can’t expect your general design to bring ROI for your business. A good design is tailored to the customer experience and follow the minimalism approach.

  • Negative Spaces: It’s also called White Spaces and it plays a good role in increasing the readability of your website. It creates a balance between content and design. Including no white spaces in your design is also a mistake that can hurt your design.

  • Too Much Design: Businesses make a mistake when they overwhelm the layout with so many design elements. It affects your website and decreases your design worth. Plus it doesn’t attract customers as well. 

Insufficient Branding

  • Not focusing on your Brand Values: From day 1 of your business, you should focus on creating value for your business. From the logo to the campaigns, everything you choose should reminiscence your brand.

  • Unique Selling Proposition: Your website should be able to communicate your USP of the business. If your audience doesn't know what’s your specialty is about, they will have a problem creating your image in the mind.


  • Content Quality: Content is the backbone of your content. You can’t entice your audience unless you engage them through appropriate words. Even your social media followers.


These are the important factors of a website that makes it ahead of other businesses. If your website is having anyone issue out of these common ones then considering the above, it’s time to correct the flaws. If possible, try consulting a professional digital marketing company to take you out of these flaws.

Remember, the objective of your website is to generate leads for your business. If you don’t focus on these parameters, you’ll be left behind in the competition. 

As long as you’re ditching these common problems, you will see the results in the form of traffic, leads generation and quality mentions of your site.