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What can one learn from Gully Boy?

Apna Time Aayega!!

What can one learn from Gully Boy?

Friday March 01, 2019,

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"Gully Boy" has been the most happening/talked about Indian movie in recent times. It is definitely inspirational and results in an adrenaline rush among the viewers. As I headed home after the show and sat down, I was trying to join the dots and the learnings from the movie.

The characters, the setting, the environment, it was pretty intense. In a fast-paced generation where time is running faster than light and data is everything, I tried to think of how such a narrative impacts our daily lives.

Here are my learnings from this movie and how we can put them to use in our day-to-day life. 

Apna Time Aayega...

Courtesy: TOI

Let's begin our Rap journey to w'rap' our hands around "Gully Boy" and embrace the good learnings. Will be using the character names here, so this read makes more sense only if you watched the flick.


1.Always Show Up

Yes, make sure you are part of meetups and events that are close to your passion or interest, at least participate as audience. It will help you learn from peers and in networking. You never know what's in store for you if you do not turn up. Had Murad not showed up at the meetup, he might have been studying or working in the routine job(Not that it is wrong but it wasn't his cup of tea) and wouldn't have got the chance to live his dream. Remember that Murad shows up for a meetup where he meets MC Sher(His mentor and friend) and the rest is history. So, make sure you Always Show Up.


2.Have a Mentor

Make sure you always have someone whom you can look up to. A friend, philosopher and guide. (Need not be your direct manager, boss, parents or siblings) A mentor who guides you in the right direction, picks you up when you are down, makes sure you are doing something that makes you happy. Someone who makes your success their success; Someone who lends you a shoulder if need be and provides constructive criticism. Recollect, MC Sher guiding Murad once he sees his talent and Murad follows MC Sher as well. MC Sher is the happiest guy when Murad makes it into the top 5 of the competition. I understand its hard to find someone who isn't so selfish as well ; But, yes always Have a Mentor.

3. Keep Learning

There is always scope for improvement and learning. With so many resources available make sure you leverage the opportunity and time to learn and become a better version of yourself. Remember, Murad was a good writer initially and not a perfect rapper. That's when he learns what is rap and blends his writing skills with rapping skills to carve a perfect output. So make sure you always Keep Learning.

4. Leverage Technology

Technology is the biggest boon of our generation and use it wisely. You have the world at your finger tips, make the best use of it and keep learning new skills and adding feathers to your cap. Murad started it all by using iPad as a microphone to record, speaker to listen and rehearse. Use smartphone to network rather than for chitchat or time pass."Roti, Kapda, Makaan and Internet", as his picture from the night he sneaks out with his newly made high-class friends speaks in high volume. Maslov's hierarchy of needs definitely needs a re-calibration to include internet and technology. Thus, whenever feasible Leverage Technology.

5. Take care of Family and have Few Good Friends

And stand up for what is right even if you have resistance from friends or family. Make sure to spend some time with them and share your likes and dislikes with them. Murad makes sure that his mother is taken care of when there are issues with his father. He warns his friend Moeen who is treading the wrong path; he fights back multiple times in spite of getting a push back from Moeen and never leaves him, even when he is behind the bars.

6. Inspiration is Everywhere

You don't need to go anywhere for inspiration it is everywhere and within you. Make sure you respect the person(yourself) you see in the mirror everyday and do what you love the most. Sometimes the nature conspires to grant you the much deserved success. Murad thinks about what to write when is lectured by MC Sher to think about his roots and inspiration is everywhere. He guides him to start thinking about his surroundings and start writing further. Even at his lowest moment, while working as a makeshift driver, he starts writing what comes to his mind and this becomes his life changing rap song. Irrespective of the surroundings and situations try to stay calm and focus on your aspirations. Yes, Inspiration is Everywhere.


Once you start believing in yourself and keep steering in the direction you love and desire, nature will conspire to get things done. "Believe you can and you are half way there", so buckle-up and start living. Apna time Aayega! Sab ka time aayega.