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What is a Multi-level IVR?

What is a Multi-level IVR?

Wednesday June 19, 2019,

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With increasing automation and advancements in technology, it has become essential for businesses to move towards IVR. A multilevel IVR is an automated call response system that acts as an auto-receptionist with several self-help features in it. This sophisticated system gives your business a competitive edge in the current business market. IVR comes out to be beneficial for both the business and the customer.

Decades ago, only the profit of the company decided its success, value and growth. Today, a business cannot run successfully without product quality, large customer base and customer satisfaction. It is troublesome for a business enterprise, be it small or big, to concentrate on each factor with the limited resources. Having a recorded automated voice responding to the customers makes your business sound more professional. The use of an automated system makes customers believe that you are continually updating your system with emerging technology. The multilevel IVR system is a boon to the businesses in many ways.

Benefits of using the multilevel IVR system

·   Time-saver:

The IVR system saves the time of customer as well as business concerned. With just a few taps on the phone, the customer gets his/her queries solved. The company need not recruit a receptionist as everything is automated. It just requires support teams of various departments who will respond to the customers when the automated IVR system cannot solve their queries.

·   Customer satisfaction:

As the popular business saying goes, ‘Customer is the king’, satisfying the customer is the supreme goal of any business. Customer satisfaction need not be based on the quality of the product alone. The quality of the customer support that businesses provide also creates an impact on them. Customers generally get annoyed due to the long waiting hours and miscommunications that occur while responding to the customer queries. IVR system resolves this issue by providing the customer with a varied set of option to tackle their queries.

·   24*7 Customer support24:

 Providing round the clock customer service assures the customer that they can contact the business at any point of time. In the case of non-business hours or during festival holidays, the IVR system can be incorporated with an announcement. It will indicate non-availability of the business at that time along with callback option so that the customer queries can be solved as soon as the business resumes.

·   Flexible voice menus:

 The business can play with several menu options while creating the IVR system. The voice menus are crucial in easing up the customer service. For instance, the availability of options for each of the department helps to direct the calls to the respective department, thereby decreasing the crowding of calls and enabling better and quicker response to the customers.

·   Customized welcome greeting call:

 The business can also set welcome note, giving the customer a positive impression on the company. This greeting can be customized with dynamic information, including the name of the customers. The IVR system gives varied options and freedom to allow the business to customize the system based on their needs and the requirements of the customers.

·   Intelligent advertising:

The call holding time can be replaced with an automated voice explaining the recent offers and new products or services offered by the business. This tends to be an innovative marketing strategy as the probability of customers listening to the advertisement is higher when compared to the other marketing strategies.

·   Self-help options

The IVR system can be designed in such a way that most of the general queries of the customers can be solved through the automated response instead of handing it over to the technical support team. For instance, queries like the address of the company, contact details, business hours, a customer visiting hours and upcoming events can be announced over IVR, saving your valuable time and resources.

·   Enhance customer experience:

 The customer experience while contacting the business through the IVR system can be enhanced with the inclusion of on-hold music while the call is put on hold to direct it to the other departments. Certain surveys carried out on customer experience have indicated that the customer feels that he or she is waiting for more than a minute in the absence of on-hold music while the real holding time is a minute whereas customers who have had on-hold music experience haven’t felt the length of the time as a measure of testing their patience.

·   Easy installation and setup:

The installation of the IVR system is quick and relatively easy if the business opts for a cloud telephony service provider. The IVR system has text to speech integration option wherein the business personnel can type their call messages to be converted to audio rather than recording the audio messages. The installation does not require experts as anyone with minimum technical knowledge can install it and enjoy the perks seamlessly.

·    Affordable price:

The most enticing part of the system is its affordability. Today, the IVR system is no longer a luxury; rather, it has become a necessity for a business to grow, expand and gain profits. Even small businesses and startups can incorporate this efficient system in their professional interaction with the customers. IVR system comes at very affordable prices if you choose cloud telephony service providers like Servetel.


When innovation and advancement, like the IVR system can help mitigate the problems faced by the company and facilitate the business to overcome the obstacles on its way to success. Why wouldn’t one try installing it for his/her business? Installing the IVR system is a win-win situation for both the customer and the business.

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