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What is Amazon Web Services and Benefits of Cloud Services?

A basic intro to AWS cloud services

What is Amazon Web Services and Benefits of Cloud Services?

Thursday April 25, 2019,

4 min Read

Introduction to Amazon Web Services

Amazon web services launched in 2006, it offers on-demand cloud aids to the IT landscape to businesses, to companies & individual on pay-as-you consume basis.

AWS cloud services

cloud service with AWS

Basic of Aws cloud computing

With the help of cloud computing it is possible to share photos to million of the mobile user within a click or operating your business with rapid access & at low cost IT resources, it saves lots of your money & time from investing in costly hardware tools & server.

The best thing about is that you can access as many resources as you need to power your bright idea or get exactly the right type & size with complete assignments and information.

The next question which comes in your mind is about how CC works.

Let's dive into the working of cloud computing

AWS cloud computing has 3 main types of service model

  • Infrastructure as a service(IaaS)
  • Platform as Service(PaaS)
  • Software as Service(Saas)
application of cloud computing sevices

Cloud computing provides easy access to your server, storage, and database & a broad range of services over the internet.

In cloud platform(as virtual space) that connect user from the globe to share software,information, and resources, via the network(like the internet).

in cloud network information stored on physical server assist by the cloud provider. By using it, you don't have to store the info on your hard drive .you can access from any location and any device including your choice.

Advantage and Benefit of cloud services

1-  Encrypted and powerful data tools-

It provides complete controlling, auditing, configuration & managing identity for your IT landscape.These all capabilities built into the platform helping you meet your regulatory requirements.

2-  Multipurpose platform-

Over 50 services are available form development tools to deployment tools to content delivery in just a few clicks away with AWS.

3-   Hybrid [combinational] capabilities tools-

Moving from your old existing large investing hardware to Aws services is a worthy decision. Identity Federation and integrated tools & dedicated features allow the user to run a hybrid application on-premise and cloud services.

4-   Hi-Tech Security-

Broad security certification & acceleration, data encryption & strong hardware security, all contribute to a more secure way to manage your IT business.

5-   Be Global within a minute-

Amazon web service easily allows deploying your application in multi-reason with just a few clicks. their services span in 61 Availability zones within 20 geographic regions around the world.so you easily globe your business.

6-   Only pay for what you use-

Instead of having invested heavily in the data center, services & hardware tools before you know how you're going to use them, you have to pay only when you consume & how much

You consume. According to your need.

List of services

  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Database storage
  • Mobile/web development
  • Game development
  • IOT (internet of things) solution
  • Security
  • Enterprise application
  •  Developer tools
  •  Analytics
  •  Management tool
  • Networking

Aws also provide a solution to solve your problem to help you solve your difficulties, these solutions come with detailed deployment guide, architecture & well-versed instruction for both manual and automated formatting.

So that's is a basic guide about AWS cloud computing and basic of this trending computing services.

Final Words

As per of most of companies today's requirement developer suggest that AWS is most efficient and easy way to manage your project and business.your can get most of the benefit from this trendy service which doesn't cost you much and keeps you away from the tricky architecture of on-premises hardware tools and algorithm.just go with it end easily manage your portal.

 It's advisable to hire AWS service provider from reputed IT corporation to make your business stand out best among the crowd.